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Sparx Systems' world leading modelling tool enables you to effectively innovate, collaborate and deliver on processes, software, systems and architecture.

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Entry level UML modeling for individuals and workgroups


Richly featured, robust team based modeling and design platform for the enterprise


Advanced modeling, design, simulation and frameworks for multiple domains


Fully featured with many extras. Delivers the ultimate experience

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WebEA opens your enterprise to your modeling efforts. Involve all your stakeholders

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect is the best, most complete tool I've ever used.

    Richard Halter
    Global Retail Technology Advisors, LLC
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Open your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enable stakeholders secure access for discussion and review - More

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your creative vision
Version 14.0 build 1422
Product Details Version 14.0 Product Family

your creative vision

Version 14.0 build 1422

Enterprise Architect

Modeling and Design

Make your vision a reality by capturing it in Enterprise Architect ‐ your perfect enterprise wide solution to visualise, analyse, model, test and maintain all of your systems, software, processes and architectures. Enterprise Architect is the ideal platform to help you to stay in control of your workspace, support your colleagues and team, enable collaboration and build confidence within your most complex projects.

Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect
81% of the Fortune 100 Global firms own licenses of Enterprise Architect
There are over 210 American government departments who have Enterprise Architect at the County, State and Federal level
Each of the 'Big 4 Consultancies' have deployments of Enterprise Architect on the medium to large scale
CapGemini have chosen Enterprise Architect as their modeling tool of choice both internally and on customer engagements
Enterprise Architect is used as the modeling core of HP's Enterprise Maps
Many of the worlds leading banks have significant deployments of EA
Sparx Systems is represented on the OMG Board of Directors, and is an OMG contributing member.
Over 60 industry standards are developed in Enterprise Architect, ranging from Defence, Retail, Software, Health, Aviation and many more
From requirements to implementation and beyond, Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect is a fully featured tool suite that lets you model, design, simulate, prototype, build, test, manage and trace from vision to solution.
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Empower Your Team
Business, Software, Systems
Highly Scalable Repository
Team Based Modeling
A Unified Vision
740,000+ Users Worldwide
Open Standards UML
Full Lifecycle Modeling

  • Requirements Management
  • BPMN
  • BPEL
  • BPSim
  • Business Rules
  • Traceability: Design to Deployment

Enterprise Architect is the ideal platform for building and sharing business based models that can be fully integrated into an overall enterprise or system level architecture. Development support extends from the complexity of strategic models, to simple mind maps, process modeling, requirements management, BPMN models and more.

  • TOGAF, ArchiMate
  • Zachman Framework
  • Business Capability Modelling
  • Heat Maps & Roadmapping
  • Charting and Dashboards

Enterprise Architect has a wide range of tools and features to assist the Requirements Analyst. The centerpiece for requirements development is the Specification Manager, through which requirements can be entered, viewed and managed in a spreadsheet style, textual form.



  • Engineer Software
  • Database Engineering
  • Profile Debug Record
  • Design XSD and WSDL
  • Analyze legacy code bases
  • Full support for UML 2.5

Enterprise Architect provides comprehensive support for all the elements, relationships and diagrams specified in UML 2.5. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard is governed by the Object Management Group (OMG) and Sparx Systems is an active member and contributor to the process of managing and improving the standard.

  • SysML
  • State Chart Modelling
  • State Machine code generation
  • Parametrics
  • DDS
  • HDLs, ADA

Enterprise Architect provides a platform for the Systems Engineer, which is based on the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and model based development for engineering models with additional support for Project and Process Management.

Enterprise Architect 14

  • Focus

  • Diagramming

  • Interface

  • Collaboration

  • Integrations
    & Frameworks

  • Process
    & Simulation

  • Perspectives

    New capability that helps you focus on individual modeling tasks, cutting out noise and refining the modeling palette.
  • Context Browser

    Focus on a single branch of the repository. It's a "mini-me" Project Browser giving a key-hole view of the model.
  • Enhanced Context Menus

    Significantly reworked, simplified and trimmed context menus that focus primarily on modeling and model construction. Other commands are now accessible from the Ribbon.
  • Workspaces

    Dozens of new workspaces have been crafted to combine tools you need for a particular modeling context. User Workspaces can also be created.
  • New View UI in the Model Wizard

    Getting started with a particular modeling view or task is now so simplified and focused that it's much easier to get the right tools in place to quickly and effectively understand how to best maximize the value of a particular pattern.

  • New Patterns

    A suite of over 1,000 custom built model patterns across multiple technologies will help kick start your new project. Included with each pattern is a helpful guide to the patterns structure and usage.
  • Meta-model Views System

    New and flexible meta-model based rules engine to help tighten up your models and improve conformance, including model validation. User created meta-models are also supported.
  • Editable Document View for Diagrams

    New Diagram based "split view" enables an inline, editable document view of a diagram's elements, facilitating rapid editing and review of the "words behind the picture".
  • New Construction Diagram

    Automatically display Requirements, Constraints, Tests, Changes, Defects, Resource Allocations, Decisions and more. Visually track development through all stages.
  • Roadmap Diagrams

    Roadmap diagrams and patterns for various domains and scenarios.
New Patterns
Meta Mode View
Editable Document View
New Construction
Roadmap Diagram

  • Improved Properties and Config Windows

    Significant and far reaching changes to enable context driven docked tools and property sets targeting the current context item.
  • Docked Properties Windows

    For Diagrams, Relationships, Responsibilities, Construction, Attributes, Operations, Receptions, Ports, Internal Transitions and many more.
  • Reworked and enhanced Ribbons

    Improving usability and provide a rich, intuitive and accessible experience.
  • Dark Themes

    Stylish new diagram themes for those who like to do their modeling by moonlight!
Improved Properties
Docked Properties
Enhanced Ribbons
Dark Themes

  • Discuss

    Stay on top of the model as it develops. Talk about specific model elements, raise issues, suggest refinements, highlight important impacts.
  • Review

    Get everyone on board to review and formally discuss the model. Involve your stakeholders, involve WebEA users, involve customers, get feedback and ensure your project is on track and moving forward.
  • Chat

    An informal and relaxed way to raise issues, discuss general points and communicate with team members concerning issues not directly related to specific model items.
  • New Journal Capability

    Privately record thoughts and comments on a daily basis. A great way to keep momentum flowing day to day.
  • New Team Library

    Replaces the Team Forum and includes enhanced capabilities and the ability to store and retrieve binary files - such as PDF files, documents, guidelines and other shared material.

  • New Integrations

    A suite of integrations with various industry standard tools such as Jira, Service Now, TFS - and even with other Enterprise Architect models. NB: Requires Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server as the enabling middleware.
  • New and enhanced Technologies

    Including SysML 1.5 updates, UML 2.5 updates, DMN 1.1, NIEM 4, CMMN, IFML and more.
  • Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML)

    Support for the Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML). Designed for expressing the content, user interaction and control behaviour of the front-end of software applications.
  • Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN)

    Model unpredictable work flows in situations where the events evolve differently each time a process is invoked. It can be used as a companion to BPMN and DMN.
  • Huge improvements to Systems Engineering/ SysML capabilities

    Wide ranging changes to diagrams, element compartments, meta-models, new patterns and MBSE based frameworks.
New and Ehanced
Huge Improvements SysML

  • New and improved Simulation Capabilities

    With major updates to the BPSim, Modelica and Executable State Machine tools, helping to bring your model to life.
  • DMN Support

    All new and very deep support for the Decision Modeling Notation (DMN) language. Includes highly effective tools for defining and working with DMN constructs.
  • DMN Model Simulation

    Model Simulation based on DMN is also supported with tools to configure and step through executing rule sets. Code generation is also possible for various languages.
  • Integrated BPSim and DMN Simulation

    Providing an incredibly powerful and exciting tool suite for dynamically executing and exploring behavioral models.
DMN Model Simulation
DMN Model Simulation
DMN Moldel Code Gen

detailed reference material

Accessible resources

User Guide PDF Library

An essential repository of knowledge, a rich collection of guides curated from 4000+ help pages and packaged in a convenient format.

Other resources available:


Discover the many options on offer to help you on your way - from short video demos to in-depth technical papers and everything in between.

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Case Studies: Real World Examples

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Help: Enterprise Architect User Guide

global community

  • effective users world wide
  • 81% of the Fortune 100 Global firms own licenses of Enterprise Architect
  • There are over 210 American government departments who have Enterprise Architect at the County, State and Federal level
  • Each of the 'Big 4 Consultancies' have deployments of Enterprise Architect on the medium to large scale
  • CapGemini have written an add-in for Enterprise Architect to support their IAF framework globally
  • Enterprise Architect is used as the Modeling core of HP's Enterprise Maps
  • Many of the worlds leading banks have significant deployments of EA
  • Sparx Systems is represented on the OMG Board of Directors, and is an OMG contributing member.
  • Over 60 industry standards developed in Enterprise Architect, ranging from Defence, Retail, Software, Health, Aviation and many more


Community Author Spotlight
Guillaume Finance
Guillaume Finance
Business & Systems Analyst
VISEO - Consulting & Training Partner
Guillaume has many years of project experience in the Oil & Gas as well as Banking & Finance sectors.

Guillaume also publishes many articles and operates the popular UML Channel Blog (

Latest Article from Guillaume:

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How one American state implemented successful health-insurance reform
Enterprise Architect helped build a health insurance exchange.
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Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)
Modeling location based service delivery systems
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Embedded Systems Development using SysML
A practical guide for systems engineers using SysML, by Doug Rosenberg
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  • Sparx Enterprise Architect is the best, most complete tool I've ever used.

    - Richard Halter
  • To be honest, EA is a fantastic product... the price you charge is way below what it is worth!

    - Matt Ellis
    Solutions Reality
  • I love this tool. I've been more productive within the first 30 minutes of installing than I ever have with Visio.

    - Phil Boyd
    Sr. Sys. Consultant
  • I've used Enterprise Architect for years, and recommend it to my clients considering for UML modeling tools.

    - Keith McMillan
  • EA lets you describe the parts and pieces of what you want to build, and how they are interrelated.

    - Davide Marney
    Software Architect
  • I bought EA a few weeks ago after looking around for a UML tool and EA seemed to have it all - great functionality, rock bottom price.

    - Peter M Jones
    Systems Engineer
  • I would have to say that EA has one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive feature sets of any UML lifecycle tool at any price. The performance is fast and everything is conveniently located in a single interface.

    - Greg Hoover
    Technical Lead

Trusted tools

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has won numerous accolades since its release in 2000, including eight
consecutive SD Times 100 awards as well as multiple Visual Studio Magazine and Jolt awards.

Download the trial version today to see what all the excitement is about!

A truly global, multi-award winning platform that has been translated into many languages
(including Chinese, Japanese, German, French and Spanish) and is the preference of international
governments, global and local industries, and individuals alike.

  • jolt 2009
  • programmers 2010
  • jolt 2010
  • visual studio magazine 2010
  • techxtend 2011
  • sdtimes 2011
  • sdtimes 2012
  • iaward 2012
  • sdtimes 2013
  • sdtimes 2014
  • sdtimes 2015
  • Visual Studio Readers Choice Awards 2015
  • SD Times 100 2016
  • Visual Studio Readers Choice Awards 2016
  • SD Times 100 2016
  • DDS
  • OMG
  • MDA
  • SysML
  • UML

Multi-Award Winning Platform

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