Manage Page Counting | Enterprise Architect User Guide

Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Manage Page Counting

As you set up the document structure, especially if you divide the document up into sections, you can insert page counts, insert and reset page numbers, and repaginate the document to update the page number, page count and Table of Contents.

Access Select options from the menu bar at the top of the Document Editor window, or right-click within either:

  • The 'Content' panel of the Document Template Designer or
  • The text area of the document

Insert the page number

Position the cursor at the point at which to display the page number, and select the 'Insert | Page Number' menu option.

The page number is displayed in gray.

Insert the page count

Position the cursor at the point at which to display the total number of pages in the document, and select the 'Insert | Page Count' menu option.

The page count is displayed in gray.

Repaginate the document

Select the 'Edit | Repaginate' menu option.

The 'Page Number' and 'Page Count' fields and the Table of Contents are all updated.

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