Entry and Exit Points (Connection Point References)

Enterprise Architect provides support for Entry/Exit points, and connection point references. In the below example, State1 has two triggers, TRIGGER_BY_INITIAL and TRIGGER_BY_ENTRYPOINT leading to State2 and it's EntryPoint1.

State2 is typed by another StateMachine (StateMachine2) using Ctrl+L when State2 is selected. StateMachine2 is as follows:

To link EntryPoint1 with EntryPoint2, and ExitPoint1 with ExitPoint2, double click on EntryPoint1 and tick EntryPoint2 and the same for the exit point:

If we ran this example and triggered TRIGGER_BY_INITIAL, Region A will activate and hit Initial -> State4 -> State5 -> ExitPoint2.

If we ran this example and triggered TRIGGER_BY_ENTRYPOINT, both Region A and B will activate and hit all States (3 to 10).