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Model Transformation (MDA) Submenu

Whilst you might develop your model to reflect a particular domain, you can transform the model elements and model fragments to reflect a different domain or, typically, convert generic Platform -Independent Model (PIM) elements to Platform- Specific Model (PSM) elements, using Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Transformations. You can perform a transformation on elements either in a diagram or in a Package.

Access Package | Model Transformation (MDA)

Model Transformation Options



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Transform Selected Elements

Perform an MDA-style transformation on the currently selected elements in a diagram.

Shortcut: Ctrl+H

Transform Elements

Transform Current Package

Perform an MDA-style transformation on the currently selected Package.

Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+H

MDA Transformation Templates

Modify the templates used in Model Transformations, using the Transformation Template Editor.

Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+H

Edit Transformation Templates