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Using the Filter Panel

The 'Filter' panel helps in emphasizing aspects of the currently-open diagram, quickly filtering out elements outside a context so that only the relevant or important elements are clearly visible whilst the other elements are muted. The context can be derived from a variety of element properties, some of which can be set to an exact match, the presence of text strings or a date range. The tool is invaluable for quickly locating and visualizing particular elements in a diagram.


The three fields are unlabelled and are referred to by their position on the panel.



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Top Left

This field identifies the type of filter to apply. It defaults to the value 'Filtering Off'. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the filter type.

To expose the full list of filter types, either use the vertical scroll bar or drag the 'dotted line' bar down as far as is necessary.

For some filter types, one or both of the remaining two fields might not be required and they will be grayed out.

Top Right

This field defines the operator to apply to any property or value you define; that is, whether the element property or text contains, is equal to, or is not equal to the defined value, or is within a specified range of values.

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate operator.


In this field you type the value or range of values to be matched against the element property or text.

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