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General Board / Stereotype display on diagrams
« on: October 11, 2002, 03:54:00 am »
I know this has been covered partially on a previous thread but on the newer versions of EA is it possible to have classes displayed in various forms.

e.g. boundary, entity etc.

I seem to be be able to have the class or stereotyped element as the icon or to have it as the 'box' with the stereotype in text within <<>> e.g. <<boundary>>.

I note however that the web page items - have symbols in the top right corner of 'box' - is there a way to extend this to boundary, entity, worker and other stereotypes.

I know Rose has this ability although I am not sure if it extends as far as having the very colourful icons for web pages, asp pages etc.

Do we have the ability to create these type of classes ourselves?

General Board / Import and Export EA files with Visio
« on: August 30, 2002, 05:32:03 pm »
Is it possible to export and import models between Visio and EA..
I am trying to influence the use of EA Professional with some colleagues at a leading IT company - as a improvement on Rose and Visio which they currently use.
I think that the ability to interchange information would be a key argument.
I must say I prefer EA to either of these other expensive or limited products.

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