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Suggestions and Requests / Tracking changes to connectors
« on: May 07, 2009, 10:38:08 pm »
Unlike elements in EA, connectors don't have change attributes refelcting their creation date, last modification date resp. author.

Models are representing the problem domain, therefore connectors often reflect important semantic information, too. In my eyes, it would be a natural thing to have the same change attributes for connectors in order to be abel to do an equal level of change tracking (meaning: the informaiton about who is responsible for the current state of a particular modelled aspect).

Elements and Connectors should carry the attribute:
- Creator (creating author)
- Modifier (last modifing author)
- Created (creation date)
- Modified (modification date)

Please take this feature request into consideration for future extensions.

General Board / Conceptual: Users, Authors, People (Groups, Roles)
« on: March 20, 2009, 08:59:29 pm »
Hi all

I like to know, how the concepts of users, authors and people (resp. groups and roles) functionally relate to eachother.

I understand:
1) user (group) reates to access control
2) author property repesents the creator (or modifier?) of an element
3) people (project author, project role) relate to organisational aspects

What has to be defined for a human user, who uses a security enabled project? Are there functional relations inside EA between a user and a project author, which I (as a EA administrator) should be aware of?

I want to make sure that every element update reflects itself in the element's standard Author property.

Additional background information:
Using the C# API, I want to be able to set the element author using:
Code: [Select]
Element.Author = <string>;[/color]
which does not work for me until now. Which prerequisites do I have to asure?

Thanks for any enlightening links and hints


I'm just new to EA scripting, but already did quite some EA addin programming.

With EA addins, I especially liked the broadcast event feature to intercept user actions with additional logic, mostly in the field of model security. When reading now about workflow scripts as a means for finer grained user access control, I intuitively thought about the broadcast event feature, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any hints.

It would represent a vast benefit to me to e.g. get a hold on an EA_OnPreNewElement() event through a workflow script and place additional logic there (see VBScript sniplet below).

Code: [Select]
Public Function EA_OnPreNewElement(Repository, Info)
   if (...)   'logic goes here
      EA_OnPreNewElement = True
      EA_OnPreNewElement = False
End Function
The need of labor intense distribution of EA addins would be history for this kind of functionality. Any helpful thoughts on this issue?

Thx & cheers


does anyone have a solution approach for following problem?

Using the EA API, I want to add a connector, which is just visible to the diagram in my current context. All other diagrams (this might be many), which as well contain the same endpoint elements, shall not show this newly added connector automatically (meaning the diagramlink is by default 'hidden' in all other affected diagrams).

How would you approach this?

Thanks for sharing your ideas with me


anyone knows, how I can assure that an newly added embedded element (e.g. port) correctly snaps to the wanted border of its parent element. How does the code look like?

I tried:
Code: [Select]

if (app != null)
  dobj = (EA.DiagramObject)diagram.DiagramObjects.AddNew("l=50;r=200;t=400;b=500;", string.Empty);
  dobj.ElementID = app.ElementID;

  if (appPort != null)
    dobj = (EA.DiagramObject)diagram.DiagramObjects.AddNew("l=160;r=200;t=440;b=460;", string.Empty);
    dobj.ElementID = appPort.ElementID;

but the port's placement is just as told and does not snap to the nearest border.

Thx for any helping hints

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / How to hide connectors?
« on: August 21, 2009, 05:34:18 pm »

I ran into the problem that I'm not able to query visible connectors of an newly generated diagram (through Automation API).

I'd like to do:
Code: [Select]
               foreach (EA.DiagramLink dlink in diagram.DiagramLinks)
                    connector = repository.GetConnectorByID(dlink.ConnectorID);
                    if (!connector.Name.EndsWith("impact"))
                        dlink.IsHidden = true;
but whenever I call diagram.DiagramLinks, I get an empty collection, though connectors are clearly visible!

BTW, in the EA User Guide, I find the note on p. 1687:
"A DiagramLink is only created once a user modifies a connector in a
diagram in some way. Until this condition has been met default values
are used and the DiagramLink is not in use."

Maybe this leads to the solution?

Thx for any clues

Hi there

I have a base class element and I want to find all its instances. My idea is to use the ClassifierID attribute and match it against the base class ElementID. Yes, an easy thing with SQL, but in my addin I want to find a compatible solution to use it against *.eap or Oracle repositories.

BTW, I haven't found a way using the model search query builder, either. That way I would be able to get a compatible XML query usable in any addin, too.

Thanks for any helpful hints

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Connectors for attributes
« on: June 03, 2009, 11:21:25 pm »
EA 7.5 newly introduced the possibility to map attributes using connectors.

My questions is, how to access these connectors or how to trace an attribute mapping using the EA automation interface.

Thx for any hints

I want to use the Addin trigger method EA_OnStartValidation() as described in the EA User Guide, but I need the C# version of it. I tried:

Code: [Select]
public void EA_OnStartValidation(EA.Repository Repository, params object[] Args)

as a replacement for the documented VBA signature:

Code: [Select]
Sub EA_OnStartValidation(Repository As EA.Repository, ParamArray Args() as Variant)

but without success. I get the error message: "EA_OnStartValidation(): invalid parameter(s)". How does the correct C# method signature look like?


ref. EA User Guide "Create Search Definitions"


anyone to show me a working example for a C# addin implementation for a specific search? The user guide is too short on this topic.

Thanks in advance

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