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Don't know how to send attachment or paste XML into this tool.

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
-<MDG.Technology version="1.0"><Documentation version="0" notes="RISC-V" name="RISC-V" id="RISC-V"/>-<UMLProfiles>+<UMLProfile profiletype="uml2">---------------</UMLProfiles>-<UMLPatterns>-<UMLPattern>-<XMI timestamp="2016-10-03 20:13:08" xmlns:UML="" xmi.version="1.1">+<XMI.header>--<XMI.content>-<UML:Model name="EA Model""MX_EAID_EB91BB1F_965E_4180_96B6_983A85D53E0A">-<UML:Namespace.ownedElement>-<UML:Class name="R-Type""EAID_92E22597_1970_4db6_903D_5D49EDABABE0" isActive="false" isAbstract="false" isLeaf="false" isRoot="false" namespace="EAPK_EB91BB1F_965E_4180_96B6_983A85D53E0A" visibility="public">-<UML:ModelElement.stereotype><UML:Stereotype name="Instruction"/></UML:ModelElement.stereotype>+<UML:ModelElement.taggedValue>+<UML:Classifier.feature>-----------------------</UML:Class></UML:Namespace.ownedElement></UML:Model><UML:TaggedValue"EAID_5870EE46_4501_f145_B554_C49465EDD7A2" tag="Function" modelElement="EAID_92E22597_1970_4db6_903D_5D49EDABABE0"/><UML:TaggedValue value="R-type#NOTES#Values: R-type,I-type,S-type,SB-type,U-type,UJ-type ""EAID_81FBE1CB_0A26_730a_934D_F9E4C1591F9C" tag="Instruction Format" modelElement="EAID_92E22597_1970_4db6_903D_5D49EDABABE0"/><UML:TaggedValue"EAID_18F47F6E_2E49_a72e_A4AF_23A437402F50" tag="InstructionSet" modelElement="EAID_92E22597_1970_4db6_903D_5D49EDABABE0"/><UML:TaggedValue"EAID_034EE602_51FD_c451_9E84_7890EDF68DC5" tag="Length" modelElement="EAID_92E22597_1970_4db6_903D_5D49EDABABE0"/><UML:TaggedValue"EAID_0B0F853A_6515_7365_B239_5CC84651A175" tag="OpCode" modelElement="EAID_92E22597_1970_4db6_903D_5D49EDABABE0"/>-<UML:Diagram name="RISC-V MDG""EAID_5AE55109_A5EE_4aa0_85B8_139C76326F32" toolName="Enterprise Architect 2.5" owner="EAPK_5AE55109_A5EE_4aa0_85B8_139C76326F32" diagramType="ClassDiagram">+<UML:ModelElement.taggedValue>-<UML:Diagram.element><UML:DiagramElement style="HideIcon=0;DUID=6A3DF6E5;ImageID=0;" seqno="1" subject="EAID_92E22597_1970_4db6_903D_5D49EDABABE0" geometry="Left=470;Top=159;Right=672;Bottom=299;imgL=5;imgT=5;imgR=207;imgB=145;"/></UML:Diagram.element></UML:Diagram></XMI.content><XMI.difference/>+<XMI.extensions xmi.extender="Enterprise Architect 2.5">--</XMI></UMLPattern></UMLPatterns>-<UIToolboxes>-<UMLProfile profiletype="uml2"><Documentation version="1.0" notes="RISC_V_Toolbox" name="RISC_V_Toolbox" id="45E1CDED-3"/>-<Content>-<Stereotypes>-<Stereotype notes="" name="RISC-V Elements" hideicon="0" borderwidth="-1" bordercolor="-1" fontcolor="-1" bgcolor="-1" cy="70" cx="306">+<AppliesTo>--<TaggedValues><Tag name="RISC_V_Primitives::Instruction(UML::Class)" type="int" default="Instruction" values="" unit="" description=""/><Tag name="RISC-V::RISC-V(UMLPatternSilent)" type="int" default="R-Type" values="" unit="" description=""/></TaggedValues></Stereotype></Stereotypes><TaggedValueTypes/></Content></UMLProfile></UIToolboxes></MDG.Technology>

that works, thanks

haven't quite slept on it ... did inspect the .xml file generated by the wizard ... i'd attach it if i could

in the xml the data structure is

    ---- from the pattern file ...named after the drawing
    ---- from the MDG generation wizard ... name = MyName

in the toolbox, i tried both names ... drawing name in first UMLPattern tag and name in second tag ... both give same error when i drag it from toolbox onto a drawing.

didn't work

so this thread (,30878.msg224230.html#msg224230 ) refers to putting stuff in this directory ... C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\ModelPatterns

will give that a try

Can you tell me how to modify the procedure supplied earlier in this thread?  Does the fact that I can't appear to import patterns cause an issue?

<copied from above>

Create a profile with your stereotype. Save it.
Create an MDG Technology that includes your profile. Let the Technology Wizard create a .MTS file so you can rebuild the technology later.
Deploy the MDG Technology.
Create a stereotyped element on a diagram. Give it all the attributes and operations you want it to be created with.
Save the diagram as a Pattern.
Create a toolbox profile. One of the toolbox commands will be "MyTechnology::MyPattern(UMLPatternSilent)". Save the toolbox profile.
Rebuild your technology, including the Pattern and the Toolbox Profile.
Re-deploy your technology.

Just got around to it and haven't been able to get it working.

When I drag the pattern onto the diagram, it says 'Pattern not found in model's resources.'

I am definitely including the pattern in the MDG build wizard.

In the toolbox ... I'm naming the attribute TechName::PatternName(UMLPatternSilent) where
- TechName is the name I enter in the first line "Technology" in the MDG wizard and
- PatternName is what i call the pattern in the save as  UML pattern dialog.

BTW, if i right click on 'Pattern' in the model resources box, i do not get an option to import a pattern.  I don't think importing is necessary if it is included in the MDG build dialog.

Using EA v11

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: adding attributes in profiles
« on: September 28, 2016, 12:09:01 pm »
thanks ... it wasn't obvious

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / adding attributes in profiles
« on: September 27, 2016, 01:34:33 pm »
I want to create a class stereotytpe that when I pull it into a diagram, it has the attributes and methods already attached.  The documentation only shows how to add tags to a  stereotype (I have no idea what good tags are BTW ... would love to be enlightened).

The behaviour i want is found in the ArcGIS toolkit .

When a <<CodedValueDomain>> is added to a diagram, it has attributes ... 3 of which have nothing to do with the Profile.

General Board / Re: Support for nested ports ... SysML1.3
« on: May 29, 2014, 05:16:35 pm »
you have got it indeed  ;D... i don't feel  :-[ about that one ... thanks a lot for your help ...  :)

General Board / Re: Support for nested ports ... SysML1.3
« on: May 29, 2014, 04:23:10 pm »
I set the tag that appears in the SysML1.3 properties GUI that comes up when I edit the properties of the flow property part.

I'll report the bug as you recommend.  I predict  :-[

General Board / Re: Support for nested ports ... SysML1.3
« on: May 29, 2014, 03:13:22 pm »
The deprecated feature works as expected.  Beautiful  :)... no idea why it was deprecated.

My 8 step description was my interpretation of how to follow the link you provided.  Either one or more of my 8 steps is wrong or the description in the link does not work. :-/

UML needs a 'smiley' element

General Board / Re: Support for nested ports ... SysML1.3
« on: May 29, 2014, 12:58:21 pm »
I don't think that is the problem.  The property added in step two show up in the project browser as owned by the block.  When I move the block around, the property follows along.  The port added in step 5 remains unchanged visibly.

Side question, should I be able to inspect either the flowproperty or the block to tell that the former is owned by the latter?

General Board / Re: Support for nested ports ... SysML1.3
« on: May 28, 2014, 11:03:01 pm »
Ok, so I am still demonstrating general ignorance on how the tool works.  This time, I tried to create a port with a flow direction indicated.
1. create a block
2. add a flow property to block [newchildelement->flowproperty]
3. set the flowproperty to out
4. added another block
5. added a port to the block
6. selected the port and [advanced->set property type]
7. selected the block created in step 1.
8. nothing happens

General Board / Re: Support for nested ports ... SysML1.3
« on: May 27, 2014, 03:34:12 pm »

very clear explanation ... this is not easy to grasp (for me at least)

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