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Appreciated. Many thanks to all. It works.

Appreciated. Many thanks.

I need to define requirement with highlevel stereotype and add it to requirements diagram defualt toolbox.
I think this requires MDG profile creation. I've explored its documentation but I couldn't make requirement as metaclass and add highlevel steroetype. Available metaclasses are only UML core elements. How to add meta class of a requierment to MDG profile?
Thanks in Advance.

Many thanks.. I'll try it out.

Thanks for the reply..
As per my tests, this event is not triggered unless user clicks on Apply or Ok buttons, which is after the changes happened and no way to get element attributes' values before updated by this event only.
Any ideas?
Thanks in Advance...

Thanks for the note..and sorry I didn't notice it..

I've register that event with EA-Matic and it works, but there is an issue when user wants to change to Approve this will automatically revert to Proposed
Code: [Select]
function EA_OnNotifyContextItemModified(GUID, ot)
Dim el
If ot = EA.ObjectType.otRequirement then
    Set el = Repository.GetElementByGuid(GUID)
if el.Status = "Approved" then
el.Status = "Proposed"
end if
end if
end function
Is there a way to know the updated attributes of the element?
Thanks a lot.

General Board / Re: Auto-numbering based on stereotype
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:25:57 pm »
@Helmut Ortmann, Thanks a lot. Great tool and works like a charm.

For Drag and Drop functionality it works only for default stereotypes defined in EA, for example NonFunctionalRequirements, but Drag and Drop will not work for non-default stereotype such as <HighLevel>Requirement because it stereotype is changed to HighLevel after element creation.

Using the Specs menu to apply for all model, it works but this require run it each time a new requirement with that specific stereotype is added.

Is there a way to handle this for example
- Define MDG for requirements with specific stereotype
- Set keyboard shortcut to run Spec Auto Name commands

Thanks a lot for great efforts

I'll check that event; It's wierd that it's under contextmenu.
Thanks you all.

General Board / Re: Auto-numbering based on stereotype
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:02:27 pm »
Thank you all

Thanks a lot.
I've checked all broadcast events documentation amd EA-Matics available events; but I couldn't figure out which event to use.
There are events for pre-posting/deleting element but none for modify element.

General Board / Auto-numbering based on stereotype
« on: January 30, 2018, 09:07:30 am »
Is there a add-in to define auto-numbering rules for elements based on their stereotypes?
Thanks in Advance

Is there a way/event to change status of an element after user change any attribute of an element?
For example, if element status is approved I need to revert it back proposed in case user change element name/description/tagvalue etc..
Thanks in Advance.

General Board / Re: Scenarios - exceptions/loops in an alternate path
« on: November 22, 2016, 10:57:40 pm »
There's another workaround to this:
- Create Basic Path
- Add its steps
- Add alternative 1 to any step
- Open that alternative 1
- Change its type to Basic Path | this makes the trick
- Save
- You can now add alternative to alternative 1

- Always specify the step in join box, don't leave it default End
- In last step in basic path that has been changed from alternative, manually mention join step to main basic path, as basic path in EA has no join field e.g. "Rejoin BF step 9". This to show it in generated document later on.

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