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Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: C# Using Statements
« on: June 07, 2012, 01:29:15 am »
The current C# code generation doesnt provide using statements, is there any way those statements can be generated with the code?

You can select the item for which the code is to be generated (e.g., a class element) in the project browser, Press F11 (or local menu / Generate code...). In the dialog appeared there is "Import(s) / Header(s)" input field. Type into all statements that you need.

Also the Field naming format is not current, is there any thing to apply C# 4 naming conventions?

The same dialog, button Advanced?

It's usually in .net that a delegate declaration is a part of a namespace and not of a class.

I use EA to generate a source code from the model. Is it possible to define a delegate out of a model class, as part of a package?


Simon, thank you!

There are three MDG add-ins for EA and MS Visual Studio integration:
  • VSIntegrate.exe - Visual Studio Integration (available under Downloads/MDG Add-ins/MDG Integration/Visual Studio);
  • VSBridge.exe - Visual Studio .NET MDG Link (available under Downloads/MDG Add-ins/MDG LINK/Visual Studio .NET);
  • VS_Link_Beta_2_45.exe - Visual Studio .NET MDG Link (available to download from here)
What is a difference between? Is there a matrix comparision of these add-ins available?

Thx  :)

I want to generate RTF documentation from Use Case model. The model contains some use case with structured scenarios. An activity diagram is generated (Use Case properties/Scenarios/Generate Diagram) from this scenario; such diagram is placed by EA under specially project node with Activity type within other activities represent structured scenario steps.

I use a template derived from the standard (use case scenario template). My problem is a following: the diagram generated by EA and placed under intern Activity node does not appears in the RTF document because activity elements are excluded by default (“Generate documentation dialog / Options) for this template. If I include activity elements into report, they appear as “use case” :( . If I move the diagram from its activity project node, this diagram appears in the document but will not be automatically updated by EA from scenario editor. I tried some filters for activity items but unsuccessful. :(

Can anyone give a tip? Thx

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