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It's usually in .net that a delegate declaration is a part of a namespace and not of a class.

I use EA to generate a source code from the model. Is it possible to define a delegate out of a model class, as part of a package?


Simon, thank you!

There are three MDG add-ins for EA and MS Visual Studio integration:
  • VSIntegrate.exe - Visual Studio Integration (available under Downloads/MDG Add-ins/MDG Integration/Visual Studio);
  • VSBridge.exe - Visual Studio .NET MDG Link (available under Downloads/MDG Add-ins/MDG LINK/Visual Studio .NET);
  • VS_Link_Beta_2_45.exe - Visual Studio .NET MDG Link (available to download from here)
What is a difference between? Is there a matrix comparision of these add-ins available?

Thx  :)

I want to generate RTF documentation from Use Case model. The model contains some use case with structured scenarios. An activity diagram is generated (Use Case properties/Scenarios/Generate Diagram) from this scenario; such diagram is placed by EA under specially project node with Activity type within other activities represent structured scenario steps.

I use a template derived from the standard (use case scenario template). My problem is a following: the diagram generated by EA and placed under intern Activity node does not appears in the RTF document because activity elements are excluded by default (“Generate documentation dialog / Options) for this template. If I include activity elements into report, they appear as “use case” :( . If I move the diagram from its activity project node, this diagram appears in the document but will not be automatically updated by EA from scenario editor. I tried some filters for activity items but unsuccessful. :(

Can anyone give a tip? Thx

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