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Latest News / Version 4.51 - Beta Released For Registered Users
« on: January 30, 2005, 09:34:00 pm »
Sparx Systems are proud to advise that the first BETA of version 4.51 of Enterprise Architect is now available for download.

Registered users can access the BETA from the Registered User section of our website at  

Please take note that EA 4.51 BETA is provided for evaluation and informational purposes as BETA software, and should not be used with production models or on production machines.

Please report any bugs by using the page. Direct any suggestions and/or comments to
Highlights of Version 4.51
New dockable windows:
Instant Help window to help provide basic introduction and working information on EA
Project Management Window to manage resources, risks, metrics and effort
Output window for add-ins to log progress information and other items

Code Generation
C# 2.0 and Java 1.5 support
PHP 5 support
Changes to linker to avoid "Ambiguous Relationship" dialog and provide more accurate linking

MDG Technology
New "Build Technology" wizard to create MDG Files
New UML Pattern dialog to apply patterns with preview capability
UML Profile improvements

Document Generation
Added Glossary and System Issues/Tasks to RTF generator
Added metrics, risks and effort to RTF templates
New tree style "select items to output" control for RTF generation
Some minor HTML formatting updates

Plus many many more enhancements and fixes!

Latest News / Version 4.5 - Build 744 Released
« on: December 12, 2004, 07:50:04 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.50 Build 744
Fix for element copying for Composite Activities States and Classes to create new ones on Paste as New.
Enhanced the resolve ambiguous relationship dialog to show parent classes.
Added the parent elements to the select classifier dialog.
Shared dialog appears now when UMLDiagram Properties is clicked.

Latest News / Version 4.5 - Build 743 Released
« on: December 05, 2004, 08:47:11 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.50 Build 743
Fix issue with Oracle in countries using, as decimal separator - affected attribute and operation dialog
Fix for issue when deleting connectors that can occur in some models
Fix for issue where Matrix profiles saved with duplicate names would incorrectly be allowed to occur.
Fix package drawing where diagram shows package with requirements or other compartments - package could become very large
Fix for drawing behaviour of CallOperation Action
Modified behavior when dropping multiple Requirements from Project Browser to not create Realizations by default
Added check for duplicate GUIDs to Data Integrity dialog
Modified menus to show "Operation" instead of "Interface" for Component and Interface operations.
Changed behavior when pasting duplicated elements into diagrams which are owned by other elements. Pasted object now

Latest News / Version 4.5 - Build 742 Released
« on: December 01, 2004, 08:15:29 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.50 Build 742

Fix for critical issue with Oracle repository that could adversely affect a number of functions, particularly security and element features.
Fix for issue with Timeline labels not drawing correctly
Fix for Collaboration message direction indicator
Modify Toolbox to remove Profile folder if a Profile is deleted from Model
Some improvements to the speed of deleting large packages
Fix for Foreign Key dialog, which could occur when both a Unique Index and Primary key contained the same parameter

Latest News / Version 4.5 - Build 741 Released
« on: November 30, 2004, 08:37:47 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.50 Build 741
Fixed issues when using Ctrl + Arrow keys to move elements in the project tree up or down the order
Fixed issue with project tree not receiving focus when clicking in the background area - impacted scrolling with mouse wheel and similar actions
Adjusted F4 hot key and element context menu for "Appearance" to support multi-select appearance change in the same fashion as Ctrl+Shift+E already did
Fixed issue where Package Elements were not drawn correctly when the "Show Requirements" option was enabled on the diagram.
Fixed issue where some resource elements made visible in the toolbox, were incorrectly placed onto UML diagrams.
Fixes issue where the Resource Tree would not refresh when Reference Data was successfully imported.
Fixed bug on Oracle repository when saving changes to a class attribute.
Fixed Oracle date comparison in Resource and Tasking Details Report.
Modified "Create a New Model" command to create a writeable model from a read-only base model.
Added support for copying files linked to in diagrams for HTML documentation generation.
Ensure editable item selected in table attribute list when dialog opens.
Fixed error modifying test having apostrophe in name.
Fixed display of use case metrics, ecf and tcf values on Oracle and PostgreSQL.
Fixed issue with diagram when resizing class and Object option "Auto-Reize marks dirty" is set on
Fixed issue where drawing of movable labels could cause GDI leaks in Windows9x
Fixed issue where creating new elements using the Elements->New Element command could cause EA to crash
Modified EA to allow creation of an instance of an Artifact
Some improvement to load time of very large models
Fixed issue where EA would not load the last-used User Layout when starting.
Fixed issue where HTML document generation would not include line breaks in html note fields when the "Preserve White space in Notes" option was used.
C++ parser updated to:
- Ignore any comments that appeared before compiler directives.
- Ignore comments before method parameters.
- Handle bitfield size specifications.
VB.Net parser updated to allow bracketed keywords for function and variable names.
Fix for Java parser where a new line appears between the function name and opening brace.
C# Parser updated to handle qualified indexers.
Fixed bug where the attProperty macro only sometimes worked.
Allowed 'Create Package per Namespace' for Import Source Directory with Java.

Data Modelling:
- Fixed import of SQL Server table and column comments.
- Fixed DDL MySQL UNIQUE INDEX syntax.
- ODBC Schema Import: fixed bug importing/generating unconstrained Oracle NUMBER datatype.
- Fixed bug creating foreign key into a unique column of a table where that table also has a primary key.
- Added multiple stereotypessupport in XMI 1.2 export for objects.
- Added metamodel tag to XMI 1.2 header.

Latest News / Version 4.5 - Build 740 Released
« on: November 22, 2004, 08:15:18 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.50 Build 740

Updated application "look and feel" UI components.
Added "2005" Visual Style (from View Menu)
Added a number of additional default hot-key combinations for commonly used functions
Added ability to multi-select elements within the project view for dragging and dropping and/or deleting
Added option (Tools/Options dialog)to place diagram "tabs" at top instead of bottom of mainview (requires restart)
Added support for vertically aligning moveable element labels (eg. Port name).
Added ability to show UML Technologies and UML Profiles in the UML Toolbox as new pages. Set by right clicking on Technology or Profile in resource View
Improved application load times and overall stability on CXOffice Linux edition
Fixed issue where UML Toolbox scroll buttons may not activate when changing between diagram types
Added ability to have multiple Version Control configurations in the same model.
Added direct support for CVS in addition to existing SCC support.
Modified Interaction fragment dialog to allow larger drop list under Windows 2000/NT
Modified Sequence message to include "Set Label Visibility" context menu option
Extended Object Search on MySQL repository to include attributetags and operationtags.
Connection to repository dialog - replaced unused radio buttons with DBMS text information.
Correction to the Roles dialog to save changes to the Note and Description fields when modified
Corrected behavior where the notes docked window would lose its contents if an element, feature or connector is modified by one of the properties dialogs
Fixed problem with Connector when setting Source and Target thru the Connector Detail menu function. End point offsets are now set to zero when re-assigning source or target to ensure new end point is centred
Added ability to synchronise new class members with package visibility into a C++ class (with public visibility).
Fixed importing of inner interfaces in C#.
Modified Activity drawing to hide stereotype when Diagram "Hide Element Stereotype" option checked
Modified Attribute dialog to pick up default type on first entry
Fixed display of use case metrics, ecf and tcf values on Oracle, PostgreSQL and ASA repositories.
Added ability to "Set Font" on multiple selected elements in diagrams (element context menu)
Fixed issues with unwanted whitespace when importing C# comments.
Fixed bug with attProperty field substitution macro.
Allowed for unit qualified parameter types in Delphi import.
Fixed problem with java import when an empty comment (/**/) appears in the source.
Handle the declaration of multiple attribute in a single statement better in the Java parser.
Added support for tagged values on operation parameters
Updated dockable tag window to display tags for connector ends and operation parameters
Removed "Tagged Value" tab pages from Attribute, Operation, Connector, Object and Requirement dialogs
Added <memo> Tagged Value type - used for storing large and complex data in a tagged value.
Corrected behavior in EA where text on printed or clipboard-copied diagrams were incorrectly overlapped.
Modified drawing behavior to prevent element names overlapping the stereotype icons in Artifacts and Class Elements.
Fixed issue with using cursor keys to resize selected elements.
Fixed issue with attribute losing constraints when dragged and dropped between classes in the Project Browser
Fixed issue with dragging and dropping a parent element onto its child within a diagram causing a circular reference.
Added Requirements #TYPE# tag & updated default HTML templates to show Object requirements type in HTML documentation
Updated RTF document generator to include Diagram Note elements when the "Document All Elements" option is turned on
Fixed problem in Java parser where a comment on the same line as a inner class or function close break stopped the thing following from importing properly.
Added a prompt to confirm code template deletions.
Added a save prompt when closing the code template editor.
Removed "Set as Default" checkbox from the Language Datatypes dialog.
Made the help button for the Language Datatypes dialog go to right page of help
Fixed problems with association types not being correctly imported.
Improved XMI 1.2 export for class diagrams and state machines.
Fixed problem with root packages not importing correctly as root nodes.
Fixed issue with importing and stripping GUID values resulting in duplicate object ids.
Fixed issue with MDG Link for VS.Net and Eclipse when Merging/Generating View level packages (occurs in 738 and 739)
Fixed bug in Glossary report to take Language adjustments into account
Fixed bug in parser that caused it to fail when the following appeared in a string. "\\\""
Fixed bug where import statements where only generated from one end of an association with unspecified direction.
Fixed bug where the arrows on collaboration messages in communication diagrams would not update after moving the association connector
Added option to show line numbers in margin of source editor  
Added "Usage..." menu option in Project Tree context menu for any Element type. Provides list of diagrams element appears in.
Fixed bug where elements with movable labels would not apply the element's customised fonts.
Fixed bug where editing diagram notes in Notes window wasn't marking diagram as unsaved.
Fixed error with XMI import and export of connector color and thickness
Fixed bug where changing case of object test was not saving.
Creating a new VB.Net property with only Read or Write checked now sets the property to "ReadOnly" and "WriteOnly" respectively.
Added a subset of version control functions to the Project View "Rootnodes"
Modified "New Package" and "New View" functions when inserting at the Root level (ie a new view is being added) to prompt for Icon type (Use Case, Class etc.)
BrowseProject dialog (used in Set Project Template Package, Matrix and Move Requirement External) modified to match project package positions, instead of simple alphabetic
Fixed issue with diagram layout not working as expected when importing source code
Modified diagram view to hide grid when zoom level is below 40%
Fixed issue with automation interface - when using the DiagramLink.IsHidden property - depending on the calling convention of the client application
Fixed issue where Classes dropped onto a Sequence lifeline were incorrectly being dropped on as a composite element.

Data Modelling:
- Generate DDL - fixed bug where cascade constraints not generating for MySQL foreign key relationships.
- Added NOT FOR REPLICATION option to SQL Server data model table columns.
- Fixed setting of focus back to column name after saving column.
- Added option to generate a single DDL script for tables selected on a diagram.
- Fixed bug that truncated long check constraints.
- Added support for import of Adaptive Server Anywhere 7 schemas.
- Fixed bug where non-foreign key associations between tables were generated as foreign keys.
- Added support for MySQL ENUM and SET datatypes for generating DDL.
- Modified Foreign Key Dialog to sort foreign key parameters to match datatypes of primary key.
- Modified Foreign Key Dialog to allow moving position of foreign key and primary key columns.
 - Fixed import of foreign keys from MySQL on Windows.

Code Template Updates:
- Added checks for package visibility class members in the C++ Class Body template.

Latest News / MDG Link for Eclipse Released
« on: November 22, 2004, 08:12:30 pm »
MDG Link for Eclipse Released

A new plug-in from Sparx Systems, MDG Link for Eclipse creates a close coupling between EA and Eclipse. Now it is possible to generate and reverse engineer Java classes and see the results within Eclipse immediately. As MDG Link takes over the standard generate, reverse and view functions within EA, these functions become more tightly coupled with Eclipse making it possible to build, reverse and explore your Java code with increased simplicity and power.  

For more information please visit:

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 739 Released
« on: October 12, 2004, 11:08:32 pm »
Removed Tagged Values tab page from Element, Attribute, Operation and Connector dialogs. All tagged values should be added and edited using the dockable Tagged Values Window (View/Other Windows/Tagged Values)
Modified move algorithm to correctly preserve layout of complex objects with deeply nested Parts and Ports, States and other Embedded Elements, together with their Custom Connector routing
Modified display of Test docked window to ensure it is correctly refreshed with currently selected object information when first shown or made visible
Modified XMI export to exclude "Encoding" attribute of XML instruction when Encoding string is set to nothing in Tools/options/XML Encoding
Adjusted tabular RTF output to scale with the user-selected width of the output page.
RTF Report dialog now saves Page setup with the template and no longer overwrites the default values
Fixed Find Object search dialog (Ctrl+F) so that "Scenarios, Tags etc" option works on MySQL repository.
Fixed bug on PostgreSQL and Adaptive Server Anywhere repositories when importing Reference Data having a null field.
Fixed bug importing table from MySQL where table name includes spaces.
Option added to Tools/Options/Object page to always show State Compartment divider under State name
Foreign Key dialog - allow saving only if there's an update of an existing FK or source and destination columns have been selected.
Modified XMI import to allow for embedded models in other objects.
Modified XMI export to exclude all diagram information when 'Export Diagrams' is not checked.
Resolved some compatibility issues in XMI 1.2 export to support Netbeans MDR (using uml2mof).
Fixed bug where packages exported to XMI may not have had their stereotype preserved.
Added option to Tools/Options dialog, Colors page. Allow showing of Project Custom Colors in Format Toolbar color palettes. Provides an aid to modeling with defined color set.
Fixed various bugs in the VB.Net parser
Restrained Part when dropped from Project Tree on to diagram to require Parent container is on diagram already
Added option (true by default) to Tools/Options/Object dialog ... duplicates Inheritance and realization links for an Edit/Copy (Ctrl+Shift+V)
Added check when saving diagram for possibility of diagram being deleted or reloaded through XMI. EA will reload containing package and re-show diagram if it still exists
Added check for missing elements when selected in tree - may occur on XMI import/export or element deletede by another user. Containing package is reloaded.
Modified check on moving element in diagram to preserve current element parent for deeply embedded elements.
Added "Const" tag type to list of supported tagged value types defined in Configuration/UML/Tagged Values. Default value must be set also.
Fixed issue with image scaling of embedded images in RTF documents when viewing under Word 97 or Word 2000.
Fixed Package drawing in diagrams to use alias names for package elements if available and the relevant option is enabled in the diagram
Modified "Paste as Link" function to include all related connection geometries between elements included in the copy
Fixed issue where operation throws tag was not updated during reverse engineering.
Added diagram option to display operation parameters by name only

Latest News / MDG Link for Eclipse Beta Released
« on: October 04, 2004, 05:51:06 pm »
MDG Link for Eclipse Released

A new plug-in from Sparx Systems, MDG Link for Eclipse creates a close coupling between EA and Eclipse. Now it is possible to generate and reverse engineer Java classes and see the results within Eclipse immediately. As MDG Link takes over the standard generate, reverse and view functions within EA, these functions become more tightly coupled with Eclipse making it possible to build, reverse and explore your Java code with increased simplicity and power.  

For more information please visit:

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 738 Released
« on: October 03, 2004, 09:13:08 pm »
Enterprise Architect Version 4.10

Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 738
Further improvements and enhancements to docked tag values window
NOTE:       Tag Value dialogs and tab pages in object, operation and attribute properties dialogs will be deprecated and removed in a future build of EA.
     All tagged values will only be editable thru the docked tagged window.
Added ability to define custom Tagged Value "types" and display specific property editors for each in docked tagged window.
Currently structured tagged types include:
     Integer values with lower and upper bounds
     Float values (with bounds)
     Color value
     Bool value
     String value
     DateTime value
     Custom value - which includes ability to define edit Mask, input Template and Valid Characters for input
     Lists - use some inbuilt model lists as drop lists. Eg. Authors, Clients, Resources, Metrics,ObjectTypes
     See HELP file for full list of structured types
Inclusion of Interop.EA.dll file for .NET developers wishing to build 'strongly named' add-ins for EA. Deployed to EA install directory.                  
Suppressed popup dialog detailing DBMS connection information for data transfer and data compare between models.
Fixed bug on ASA repository where adding elements wasn't incrementing their names.
Changed button caption on Configuration | Database Datatypes dialog from Cancel to Close.
Fixed bug where focus was not given to the Search Project dialog when called by the "Search Tree" command on a package in the Project View
Set default to single output file for DDL generation of a package.
Fixed bug where table has foreign keys into > 1 other table - changing any FK operation name corrupted the FK links.
Fixed bug saving creation of FK relationship on Oracle repository.
Fixed creation of foreign key cascade constraints and corrected DDL generation of cascade constraints.
Fixed bug on MySQL repository where option "Show Linked Items in Package" selected and diagram containing linked packages was opened.
Fixed Save button behavior on operations dialog, enabling when pre- and post-condition types changed
Fixed RTF Report dialog box behavior to retain user selections that were incorrectly overwritten when user uses the file browser to select a file
Generate DDL for PostgreSQL - removed extra comma from last column when it has an inline comment.
Fixed behavior where the Project View failed to correctly display type changes for Exposed interfaces
Updated Code Template Editor to be non-modal.
Connectors now derive lock state from diagrams.
Added non case-sensitive check of primary keys when adding UML Stereotypes.
Fixed error creating foreign key on Oracle repository.
Fixed bug where moving Diagram Frames and elements in a multi-select would crash EA
Corrected double-move behavior on selected elements inside selected parent elements
Significantly improved diagram context menu behavior in very large models
Corrected HTML document output to omit trailing ", " characters in the "Goto:" section for an element
Rendered <title> tag for HTML document generation
Added password encryption for Oracle and SQL Server repository users.
Added replication information to About box.
Corrected Oracle DDL generation of table owner in 'alter table add foreign key' statements.
Fixed display issue with instances in Project Tree missing class name on first load
Corrected SQL Server DDL generation of delimiting characters '[]' around target table name in alter table..add  foreign key statement.
Corrected EA model behavior so that Realized elements no longer inherit stereotypes automatically
Added prompt to discard changes when user cancels Element properties dialog.
Fixed error that caused EA to crash on Applying Z-Order on elements with embedded elements
Modified Project View to return focus after XML or Source Code Control I/O operation
Modified Locking to prevent label editing of package under "Full Lock"
Fixed bug where VB.Net class comment was inserted after the class attributes.
Fixed bug in operations dialog when attempting to change between operations when there were unsaved changes.
Fix in PHP parser to allow Array default parameter values.
C++ importing now follows options in the C++ options page for where method comments should appear.
Upper bounds are no longer set when importing multidimentional arrays.
Allowed C++ comments to start with '///' as well as '//' in the one block.
Fixed saving of Registration user name and company.
Fixed saving of default version information for new EA Diagrams
Removed option from Tools | Options | Generation | Attributes/Operations page: "Generate Get/Set methods for associated attributes"
Fixed issue with Object Scenario tab page. After adding new Scenario, previously edited scenario could become the current item in the list.
Modified Element context menu to change Space Evenly Horizontally and Vertically with Across and Down respectively.
Corrected autosize behavior on Class parents, Expansion Regions and Timing to prevent the autosize occurring on zoom scales less than 60%
Fixed error with import of Stereotypes thru XML from .EAP file to SQL Server or Oracle
Added Tagged Values to the items copied from an element residing in the Project Template package
Modified package drawing code to allow resizing of package elements when some contents are hidden by their scope
Added 'Z' and 'X' as simple hotkeys to zoom in and out of diagram. 'C'=zoom to 100%, 'V' = zoom to fit
Fixed issue with visual modifications to element in diagram (font, border color etc.) being lost in some cases when property dialog invoked prior to full diagram save
Fixed issue with context item for notes, tagged values etc. not being set when scrolling thru elements in the "Report View" view of a diagram

Code Template Updates:
- Updated VB.Net templates to write 'Namespace' instead of 'namespace'
- Fixed bug in VB.Net templates that meant const attributes weren't generated properly.
- Changed 'Null' to 'Nothing' in the VB.Net Operation Body template

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 737 Released
« on: September 16, 2004, 12:19:18 am »
Enterprise Architect Version 4.10

Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 737

Added dockable Tagged Properties window. Provides the ability to quickly view and edit tagged values (custom properties) for:
     Elements: Including owned tagged values and inherited tagged values
     Object Instances: Show owned tags and those obtained from ther classifier
     Ports and Parts: Like objects - owned tags plus Port/Part "Type" instead of the classifier. Tags are included for all parents etc. of the Port's Type.
     Attributes: Including owned tagged values and those received from attribute type classifier (including inherited ones)
     Operations: Owned properties only
     Connectors: Owned properties only
     When over-riding an inherited property, EA copies down the tag to the child and sets the new value, leaving the original tag unchanged

Automation Interface changes:
     Element TaggedValuesEx gives a merged list of all tagged values owned or inherited by an element      
     Attribute TaggedValuesEx gives a merged list of Tags (EA.TaggedValue) obtained from the Classifier (and its parents) only. Owned Attribute Tags are not included. Tags with the same name as an Owned tag are not included in the merge list.
     Repository.GetCounts() has been added. This provides a very simplistic count of the number of elements in a selection of major tables.
           In this way you can detect additions and deletions (but not modifications). The returned string includes the following for each major area:
           ITEMNAME=<count of elements in table>:<sum of id's as checksum>;
     FlagUpdates property - read/write. Enable this flag to have EA update an internal flag everytime an update occurs. Query flag with the call below
     LastUpdate property - read only - <guid of instance>:<guid of update> Used from automation to determine if the model may have changed
     InstanceGUID property - read only: random ID assigned when an instance of EA starts up.
     Modified Project.ImportPackageXMI() to accept raw XML in place of a filename. Other options remain the same.

Added diagrams, attributes, operations and connectors to the dockable Notes window. Now it is possible to edit notes for these elements without invoking their property window
Fixed issue with code generation templates not being reloaded after being modified on another machine
Fixed reversed column order when importing tables from PostgreSQL.
Fixed errant DEFAULT keyword when generating PostgreSQL DDL.
Fixed enable/disable problems with Project Details dialog
Fixed "Zero length string" problems with Project Details dialog
Fixed issue with applying stereotypes dragged from Resource View
Fixed issue where the Relationship matrix would wrongly display as a dialog when a Matrix profile is double-clicked in the Resource View.
Fixed issue where emf / wmf diagrams in the RTF Report are not created to fit the width of the page.
Fixed issue where icons for elements drawn with stereotype icons were incorrectly drawn when printed or exported to the clipboard or as an image file.
Modified Attribute and Glossary dialog to prompt when "Add New" would overwrite pending changes to existing record
Modified TestDetails and Maintenance dialogs to prompt when "Add New" would overwrite pending changes to existing record
Modified Diagram::Save function to ensure Undo counter reset and main menu "Edit/Undo" greyed out accordingly
Added some speed enhancements to XMI export of large models
Added ability to create and execute custom templates for Class, Attribute, Method, Parameter and Import
Imports needed by inner classes and all classes after the first in a file will now be generated by the %fileImports% macro.
Fixed bug on Oracle repository involving European comma as decimal separator.
Added "F2" as shortcut key in Project View to begin edit of current item name
Added "Get All Latest" facility to Version Control.
Added Element.PropertyType property (r/w) to Element automation interface. Sets property type for Ports and Parts only
When adding a generalization link between elements, EA will now copy down the parent Stereotype (if one exists) to the child
When dropping a class as a Port or Part onto another element, the resultant Port or Part will have the Stereotype of the classifying type
Some enhancements to improve performance over slow (for example ADSL or ISDN) links
Added offer to save any unsaved changes on navigation away from combined fragment dialog.
Corrected behavior where elements in boundaries were not moved on multi-select moves.
Added language datatypes to base model : C# : string, C++ : bool, wchar_t
Added syntax highlighting for Visual Basic to Source Code Viewer
Updated Configuration menu item to display "Local Paths" instead of "Local Directories"
Fixed automation error for Attributes when loading with ClassifierID, but referenced Classifier is not in current model
Added ability to delete Linked External Requirement (dependency link) from Requirements tab page of Object properties dialog
Fixed FileOpen automation method so that subsequent calls do not error.
Fixed problem where EA Unicode on Win98 could start with project view 'locked'

New substitution macros available in code templates:
- %opReturnQualType%
- %paramQualType%
- %importClassName%
- %importFileName%
- %importFromAggregation%
- %importFromAssociation%
- %importFromAtt%
- %importFromDependency%
- %importFromGeneralization%
- %importFromMeth%
- %importFromParam%
- %importFromRealization%
- %importInFile%
- %importPackagePath%
New function macros available in code templates:
- %REMOVE_DUPLICATES(<source>, <separator>)%
- %TO_UPPER(<string>)%
%fileImports% macro now lists imports for classes needed by all classes in the file.

Code Template Updates:
- Java File template updated to remove extraneous white space after package statement

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 736 Released
« on: August 31, 2004, 10:52:50 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 736
Fixed bug with State elements when selected in diagram and having no inplace feature highlighted, could cause crash when accessing main Element menu
Modified state element drawing to better support shadow at large and small zoom sizes
Modified Metrics, Risk, Effort and Allocation dialogs (from element context menu/Project Information) to be readable when host element is locked
Fixed issue with creating images of diagrams containing elements with alternate images
Fixed issue with Objects in project view occasionally displaying blank name after editing properties
Fixed issue with "Return" key not working as expected in Notes window and SourceCode Editor

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 735 Released
« on: August 26, 2004, 11:08:32 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 735

Major update to EA diagram functionality to allow inplace editing and selection of many internal element features:

1. Element Name. Generally allow selection and editing of name within diagram element
2. Element stereotype. Generally allow selection and editing of stereotype within diagram element
3. Attributes. Allow selection, invocation of property dialog, in place editing, new, delete and modify from within diagram element
4. Operations. Allow selection, invocation of property dialog, in place editing, new, delete and modify from within diagram element
5. Tagged Values. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
6. Requirements & Constraints. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
7. Maintenance items (Defects, Changes, Issues, Tasks) Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
8. Test Scripts. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
9. Added ability to add Test and Maintenance items from a hot key on element in diagram
10. Operations and Attributes support insertion of new items at any point within the current ordered set
11. In place editing of operations and attributes supports context menu to allow quick entry of some keywords, and selection of classifier from current model
12. Ability to accept changes to attribute or operation and open up a slot for a new item immediately using Ctrl+Enter
13. New "Inline Features" submenu added to main menu Element section.
14. Added ability to navigate a diagram (move current selection) using Ctrl+Shift+ <arrow keys>. This will move current selected element across, down & etc.
15. Added hot key to toggle a selected element's highlighted editable feature on and off (Shift + Enter)
16. When an element is selected and in "highlighted feature" mode, arrow keys (up and down) can be used to move up and down the features.
17. For users of MDG Link to VS.Net and the upcoming MDG Link to Eclipse, Ctrl+E pressed on a selected operation or attribute will activate that feature in the other application

Hot keys modified for this build are:
F2 Edit Selected
Enter View/Edit Properties of selected
Ctrl+Shift+Insert Insert new after selected
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Add attribute
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Add operation
Ctrl+F11 Add other (test, maintenance item)
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Delete selected feature from model
Ctrl+Shift+<arrows> Navigate diagram selection
Shift+Enter Toggle element highlight mode on and off

Other keys while editing in place:
Enter Accept current changes
Ctrl+Enter Accept changes and open slot for new item
Esc Abort editing (no save)
Shift+F10 Context menu for inplace editing
Ctrl+Space Invoke Classifier dialog

Other changes:
Fixed support for Activity Partition elements in UML 2.0 Profiles
Fixed bug in automation method Resource.Update()
Fixed loading of connector foreign key info where unique index involved.
Fixed checking of columns selected for foreign key creation.
Fixed ODBC schema import from Oracle where user doesn't have sufficient permissions.
Fixed CSV Import/Export Specifications dialog to correct abnormal save behavior
Improvements to XMI export speed for EA format export
Allow Root node to be imported from XMI at Root level
Some minor fixes to RTF document generation to show method pre-condition notes
Fix import of connector association-end stereotype from XMI
Fix XMI import issue which could very rarely place import under wrong package
Changed Attribute/Operation dialog behavior to maintain list selection on deletion of an attribute or operation.
Fixed import of self referencing foreign keys from PostgreSQL.
Added support for multi-page printing for Diagrams.
Fixed SQL Server SQL Drop syntax where table owner included.
Added Status as a column in the Report view
Fixed MySQL DDL syntax for primary keys, indexes and comments.
Fixed Issue.Version on dual interface for automation.
Added ODBC DDL import of MySQL table types.
Fixed ODBC DDL import of MySQL PRIMARY index on primary keys.
Fixed issue with the VB parser concerning comments after a type declaration.
Fixed issue with the VB parser not correctly importing the first attribute of a type.
Fixed problem in the Java parser where it didn't import comments on a single line.
Fixed problem with delegate functions causing problems in the VB.Net parser.
New substitution macros available in code templates: %genOptVBVersion% and %eaVersion%
Renamed Collaboration diagram to Communication diagram in project view new child diagram context menu.
Fixed excess memory when importing large Oracle database through ODBC.
Corrected RTF document output behavior for both RTF Documentation and RTF Diagram only Documentation to fit large diagrams on the RTF output appropriately.
Improved MySQL ODBC schema import and DDL generation.
Fixed DDL generation of Oracle table comments and default values.
Fixed display of foreign keys where two columns from one table reference a single column of another table.
Fixed generation of duplicate foreign key names on a single table.
Fixed bug where deletion of table attribute did not also delete it as an operation parameter.
Fixed problem with name display of inner classes in tree after invoking property dialog via double click
Added option to set default DBMS on Configuration | Database Datatypes dialog.
Fixed XSD issue where attribute group references omitted the target namespace prefix tagged value
Fixed XSD issue where attribute group references omitted the target namespace prefix tagged value.
Updated Resolve Ambiguities dialogue to include full path of displayed packages during reverse engineering.
Fixed issue where Save as UML Profile command would not function when called from the Project View
Improved PostgreSQL ODBC schema import.
Fixed issue where setting End Source Activation in Sequence diagram could in some cases also set Extend Method Invocation
Modified Ctrl+L hotkey for Ports and Parts to invoke SetPropertyType function instead of SetClassifierD
Modified element Tagged Values tab on Property dialog. Synchronize button now works with Typed elements as well as classified ones (eg. Ports and Parts)
Fixed behavior where collaborations messages would mistakenly move when a diagram is reopened.
Fixed behavior where "'" characters in the RTF word substitution would be incorrectly processed by the RTFLanguage engine.
Fixed behavior where Actor elements were incorrectly unable to select alternate images

Code Template Updates:
- VB Class template updated to check for version to generate

Latest News / Zicom Mentor for EA - Version 2.5 Released
« on: August 18, 2004, 10:17:43 pm »
Version 2.5.0 - Released

Full support for the new UML 2.0 elements.
Approximately 100 new interactive diagrams added.
New shape categories added to improve looking up an element.
Over 100 new elements added including examples and explanations.
Integration with Enterprise Architect expanded to include UML 2.0 elements Over 30 new UML grammatical categories added improving understanding of the UML.
Each element now has a UML Meta model context, defining its location in the metal model Access to UML 1.0 and 2.0 is now available in separate books.
New UML 1.x to 2.0 learner's flags added helping users migrate to the new standard Introduction to Enterprise Architect updated to EA 4.1.
Free upgrade to all registered users of Zicom Mentor until September 15 2004 regardless of when purchased.
Detailed reworking of thumbnail images to add precision to an element's semantics.
Various small improvements to the product have been made including tree view changes, styles and errata.

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 734 Released
« on: August 08, 2004, 07:08:29 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 734

Fixed issue with saving diagram under SQL Server when set of selected diagram options exceeded 255 characters in length
Fixed issue with initialization of connectors imported from code and assigning attributes to connectors on import
Fixed issue with export of Method post conditions to XMI when no pre-conditions defined
Fixed issue with loading method pre- and post conditions in Method constraints collection via automation interface
Added automation interface for Resource.ActualHours
Fixed issue with non-unicode version initializing under Windows NT4 SP6
TestDetails, TestScenarioDetails and Maintenance dialogs made 'sizeable'
Modified Project/Generate DDL main menu item to generate for entire package if single element not selected

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