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General Board / Re: Azure Installation
« on: December 18, 2017, 09:05:47 am »
The keystore is still listed as coming soon.

It's currently available in the full pro cloud server, but the currently released versions of Enterprise Architect can't communicate with it because it only runs over https.

General Board / Re: How to word-wrap Diagram Notes
« on: December 14, 2017, 08:24:37 am »
Can you give an example? Normally a note will wrap at word boundaries.

The exception that I'm aware of is when non East-Asian languages combine multiple words without spaces.

I wouldn't aim for a full compatible EA file.

The tagged values and stereotypes won't come across on an EA import because EA isn't as restricted when dealing with tagged values than UML or XMI. Here's a sample, I hope that will do in lieu of formal documentation. I'd also recommend exporting a sample of what you're hoping to generate.

Code: [Select]
<xmi:Extension extender="Enterprise Architect" extenderID="6.5">
<element xmi:idref="EAID_534E1D3B_D1E1_4ebc_A7E3_AED22938B718" xmi:type="uml:Issue" name="x" >
<properties  sType="Issue" nType="0" stereotype="stereotype"/>
<tag xmi:id="EAID_88604871_F928_ebf9_B8D1_094CCDF06A1C" name="tag1" modelElement="EAID_534E1D3B_D1E1_4ebc_A7E3_AED22938B718"/>
<tag xmi:id="EAID_A0862D32_C049_20c0_943C_6486F19DF58C" name="tag2" value="a" modelElement="EAID_534E1D3B_D1E1_4ebc_A7E3_AED22938B718"/>
<xrefs value="$XREFPROP=$XID={CA995F80-D5F1-40ea-92AB-5AB2D6F44D65}$XID;$NAM=Stereotypes$NAM;$TYP=element property$TYP;$VIS=Public$VIS;$PAR=0$PAR;$DES=@STEREO;Name=stereotype;FQName=profile::stereotype;@ENDSTEREO;$DES;$CLT={534E1D3B-D1E1-4ebc-A7E3-AED22938B718}$CLT;$SUP=&lt;none&gt;$SUP;$ENDXREF;"/>

don't forget that a NULL value will also trigger type issues.
The query already has that check.

Yeah, XMI 2.1 is a lot easier to read.

I don't have any recommendations for producing XMI 1.1, but if you want to produce 2.1 that EA doesn't remove the guids from I can offer some suggestions.

Code: [Select]
<xmi:Documentation exporter="Enterprise Architect" exporterVersion="6.5"/>
<uml:Model xmi:type="uml:Model" name="EA_Model">

Packages, use a guid with the format:
EAPK_{8 hex digits}_{4 hex digits}_{4 hex digits}_{4 hex digits}_{12 hex digits}
Everything else:
EAID_{8 hex digits}_{4 hex digits}_{4 hex digits}_{4 hex digits}_{12 hex digits}

Bugs and Issues / Re: Virtual Connectors do not execute Shape Scripts
« on: December 13, 2017, 08:52:17 am »
If you're talking about Virtual Connector Ends...

It doesn't draw the shape script.
There's no way to make it draw the shape script.
No, it's not a bug.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Out of memory when starting
« on: December 13, 2017, 08:49:51 am »
There's a known issue that some installs of Windows 10 can give this issue.

If I remember correctly, we never managed to reproduce it or find the cause. The good news is that we did manage to isolate and correct the problem with the help of a customer who was experiencing the issue.

The fix is planned for inclusion in a 1352 patch release.

Next thing is the To_Number(t_connector.PDATA1) there's a good chance you have somewhere a text in a PDATA1
I guess you better cast both fields to string to compare them instead of trying to cast it to a number.
I'll agree that this is very likely the problem, it would also explain why it used to work but now doesn't.

The other option is to filter the t_connector table to the Connector_Type you're interested in. I'm guessing 'Association'.

General Board / Re: Is there support for R language in EA/code/import ?
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:39:46 am »
Nothing built in, but there is the possibility of writing your own grammar and templates if you are committed.

The biggest problem is that it looks like Object Oriented Programming isn't always used for R. That means you're unlikely to get much of use out of reverse engineering it if you did write a grammar.

PS. Your closing ')' is outside of the hyperlink address. Fortunately wikipedia offers a redirect to the right page.

When this file is imported, the UUIDs are ignored and EA generates new ones.
Maybe you could solve this problem instead.

If you generate XMI that pretends to be from Enterprise Architect and use guids that match our expected format they won't be recreated during import.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: GUID of a diagram
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:28:43 am »
Just to extend the idea of a guid search, here's an example of how that might look if you wanted to search across multiple tables.

Code: [Select]
select ea_guid AS CLASSGUID, Diagram_Type as CLASSTYPE, 't_diagram' as CLASSTABLE, Name, Author, CreatedDate, ModifiedDate, ea_guid as GUID from t_diagram where ea_guid like '*<Search Term>*'
select ea_guid AS CLASSGUID, Object_Type as CLASSTYPE, 't_object' as CLASSTABLE, Name, Author, CreatedDate, ModifiedDate, ea_guid as GUID from t_object where ea_guid like '*<Search Term>*'
select ea_guid AS CLASSGUID, 'Attribute' as CLASSTYPE, 't_attribute' as CLASSTABLE, Name, null, null, null, ea_guid as GUID from t_attribute where ea_guid like '*<Search Term>*'
select ea_guid AS CLASSGUID, 'Operation' as CLASSTYPE, 't_operation' as CLASSTABLE, Name, null, null, null, ea_guid as GUID from t_operation where ea_guid like '*<Search Term>*'
order by 4

General Board / Re: Don't update Crossover to v. 17 if you use MySQL
« on: December 08, 2017, 08:28:03 am »
I'd be curious if you have the same issue using Wine directly.

I don't have any recent experience using Crossover, but I know that if I update Wine I always need to run winetricks --force mdac28 before ODBC connections will work for me. (That's on the latest stable versions)

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: DiagramLink and Connectors
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:36:48 pm »
There are multiple levels in which a connector line color can be specified. Only two are available via the API.

Diagram legend auto colour - Colour specified in legend rule matching the connector

DiagramLink.LineColor - The colour for a single diagram only.
Connector.Color - Default for all places this connector appears on a diagram

Stereotype line colour - Default for all connectors with this stereotype applied.
User connector colour - Default for all connectors for the logged in user. (Can be altered using diagram themes)

It sounds like you're wondering why the default colour for a connector isn't applied unless you don't specify a diagram override for that colour.

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Relationship between/to Attributes
« on: December 04, 2017, 08:44:04 am »
This isn't an EA issue, but the way UML works: Attributes Do Not Have Relationships.
Not quite true. Dependency, some of its specializations and Information Flow all go between Named Elements, which includes Attributes.

On the other hand, UML doesn't define a notation for rendering relationships between the attributes of a class. (Although, it's not incorrect to render it as a Port or Part to show the relationships.)

Enterprise Architect believes you are trying to compare two unrelated packages because the unique id (guid) for the top level package in the XMI and the package you have selected are different.

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