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Have you tried the save as shortcut functionality?

You can create a shortcut like this for any model.  And if you set EA up with the views you want opened when you open the shortcut it will fill the dialog appropriately.

Sorry, I have no idea.

It's an entirely different situation from the existing work on the Java API.  (EA calling querying and calling Java instead of Java calling EA)  Although I have a good idea what needs to be done, it's not something I've had a chance to look at yet.

Actually you can't write add-ins.  See the readme.txt in the Java API directory.

Limitations and known issues:

1. You cannot currently use thie API to write plug-ins for EA. It is only suitable for accessing the automation server API. Plug-in capability is currently being planned.

2. Due to the nature of Java interacting with native methods and COM, garbage collection is not be optimal. Native COM classes and memory allocated for these is not seen by the Java garbage collector, so you should explicitly invoke a garbage collection from time to time when working with many objects using the Java API. This will ensure native memory is freed in a timely fashion.

When you call Update(), the changes are written to the database.

The running instance of EA goes to the database for different things on a regular basis.

There is no connection to the running instance of EA.  Only shared data.

The Java API doesn't provide any means to access an already running version of EA, so you've come as close as you're going to get from Java.

If you are connected using an encrypted connection string EA will give you the encrypted connection string.  Other than that, I don't think there is.

The notes fields in EA are stored in a HTML like syntax.  So, if you wanted to get the RTF for Element.Notes, you would call Repository.GetFormatFromField("RTF", Element.Notes)

I can confirm that EA doesn't load add-ins when opened from automation.  You'd have to submit a feature request for it.

David, that's an impressively out of date opinion.  That function was available in EA 3.51.619 (I can't easily check back further than that).  ;)  Or maybe it's just one of those features that can be a little hard to find.

To reset the language within EA:

1. Select the package containing all of your classes.
2a. Click the arrow next to the second icon above the project browser.
3a. Select 'Reset source code language'.


2b. Right click on package.
3b. Select 'Code Engineering' | 'Reset Options for this Package'

You could look at tranformations.  You'll have to write one yourself, but it would do the job.

So ignore my comment about labels if that's not pertinent to your situation.  The link that I posted is to a shape script for a connector drawn as a dotted line with a generalization shape at one end, and a composite (filled) diamond at the other.

Then, if you like the connector except that you have to apply a stereotype to get it, and you don't want the stereotype label shown.  Create an empty shape middlebottomlabel.

For what it's worth, I agree with nearly all of what's being said here.  It's just not a priority at the moment.  But feel free to send in feature requests, and encourage everyone who cares about this at all to do the same.

5. Allow us to control the *whole* connector, not just the line.
How much does this thread help?  You can also control connector labels with shape leftbottomLabel etc.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Requirement Types
« on: July 25, 2008, 08:42:33 am »
I think you can get the Requirement types by calling Repository.GetReferenceList(Requirement), but even with that I can't see any way to add to it.

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