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Your problem is your table alias.

From my experience for safety across the different databases EA supports: When using aliases in a query you need to use 'AS' for column aliases, and you can't use 'AS' for table aliases.

The toolbar buttons are still there and they still work for me at least.

5824 gives the list of valid values for _defaultDiagramType.

From that I believe you want 'UML Behavioral::State Machine' without the quotes.

It may be related to lazy load options, which I have found can cause problems.  A fix for this is scheduled for the next patch release.


The ExtraOptions string for ImportDirectory currently accepts a string such as "recurse=1;" to specify that it should recurse subdirectories.  No other options are currently handled.

The ExtraOptions string for ImportFile currently is only there for future expansion.

Import Source Directory can't be executed on root packages.  (As with the User Interface)

An easier way to do as Paolo suggested (via GUI) is clear selection on the clipboard. Press Ctrl+C.
Then go to another diagram and select Edit | Paste Element(s) | Paste Image from Clipboard (Ctrl + Shift + Insert)
If you have an element selected when performing that last step it will apply the image to that element, otherwise it creates a new boundary.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Custom Code Generator
« on: April 20, 2010, 08:52:07 am »
The automation interface works under WINE, however I believe you need to program for it directly under COM because .Net still has issues under WINE.

I'm afraid I just use VBScript if I need an ActiveX object.

Looks like EA compares tab names via "==" comparision instead of "equals(...)"?
That would of be making assumptions about the language/framework EA is implemented in, which I won't comment on.

Well, the 1899 date comes from the beginning of the epoch for COM dates.  Meaning it's a date with the value of zero.  You're probably getting that from the system because the date itself is null.

If I was in your situation I would detect that date and set it to something a little more useful.  (Or possibly detect it and not set the DateRun in that situation)

What language are you using?

Yes you do.  No, I don't know why you put it on the metaclass.

The link I gave is the closest you can get in EA currently.

The «metaclass» denotes a known UML metaclass.  To do what you want have a look at

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