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Element.Tests is a collection of EA.Test

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Then have a look at Repository.GetTreeSelectedItem.  However I think it only handles one item.

From that you can get an object and cast it appropriately depending on the return value.

As has been said twice here, a diagram ID is incompatible with an element ID.  Your code may appear to do something right just because there happens to be an object with the same ID as the diagram.  But really the behavior will be undefined.

From what I read, Dermot is probably correct that you want to iterate over the elements on a diagram.

Are you wanting Project.DoBaselineCompare()?

User-defined Code Templates can be imported and exported as Reference Data (see Import and Export Reference Data in the Enterprise Architect User Guide). The templates defined for each language appear in a list of tables with the language name suffixed with _Code_Templates.

You could also embed them in an MDG technology.  (

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Thanks David,

I didn't think I'd made a mistake, but did appreciate that are more lengthy and formal description could remove possible ambiguities from what I said.

Thank you for the quote about keywords from the specification.  I think that the first part of that particuarly expresses what I was trying to say much more clearly.  (Either that or I have become too used to "specification talk".)

I suspect that realize is not a stereotype, but a keyword.

Although they look the same, a keyword is goes with the base class (in this case realization) and can't be modified.  However, I think that there is still a potential problem here because if it is in the stereotype field it should also be in the stereotypeex field.

Yes, there are other examples of this.  The only one I can think of at the moment is interface.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Add-in thread safety.
« on: June 19, 2008, 08:53:26 am »
I don't believe that the EA automation interface is thread safe.  Although you may be able to use some classes (eg. Element, Connector) I wouldn't attempt it for Repository and Project.

Another possible solution is that until relatively recently (7.1?) the java API didn't like being called from a different thread within a program that had already used it.

That used to produce a similar error.

CA is correct, (in my understanding) that function adds a window where you find diagrams.

EA doesn't currently support docked windows from add-ins.

ImportPackageBuildScripts is the wrong function.

You need Project.ImportPackageXMI.

Code: [Select]
Repository rep = new Repository();
Collection<Package> packs = rep.GetModels();
Collection<Package> elems = packs.GetPackages();
Package importPack = elems.GetByName("test");

What have you put in your file template?

If you put plain text in does it generate that to a file?

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