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Hello Everyone,

It appears that our restore to the general board was incomplete.  Until now we were unaware of the problem.  We are currently investigating how we can restore the lost posts from our backups.

This will be done with as little further disruption to the forum as possible.

We will provide updates when we can.

Until then, sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Simon McNeilly

Yes, from any language that can access COM.  (Plus Java through our wrapper.)

Have a look at

And the html report can be called from Project.RunHTMLReport.

This can be done by a combination of a diagram option (Diagram Properties | Diagram Tab | Document Each Contained Element in RTF) and a template change.

For more details please see

Please contact Sparx Systems support directly, and you should be put in contact with the relevant developers.  I noted recently that there is ADA support in the RealTime UML add-in,  (See so there must be a chance.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Custom icons on treeview
« on: April 23, 2008, 08:29:59 am »
As David said, what you want currently isn't possible.  The closest is the custom overlay for MDG add-in packages.

I would recommend sending in a feature request.

Yes, you can run MDG Link for Eclipse connecting to Eclipse running under Ubuntu.  You should not have eclipse installed in your crossover bottle.

Here are the steps that I was told.  I've been assured that this will be clarified.

  • Install EA under Crossover.
  • Instal MDG Link for Eclipse under Crossover.
  • As an administrator on your linux computer copy the mdg link jar files from where they were installed in the crossover bottle to the plugins directory of your eclipse installation under linux.
It's that last step that I think you missed.

I think GetLinkedDocument was around then, but other than that I can't offer any suggestions.

Element.GetLinkedDocument ()

Element.LoadLinkedDocument (String Filename)

Element.SaveLinkedDocument (String Filename)


You beat me to looking up and suggesting that.

No, it's not possible.

Even the Sparx Systems addins use tagged values.

The solution is to manually delete the transformed class.  It can't be done automatically because EA doesn't assume that all classes need to be transformed at once.

I really can't say anything more than it's not one of my immediate priorities.

The code and transformation templates do not currently determine the difference between an association class and a completely seperate class and association.

Handling of this is on our to-do list.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: DDL Transformation
« on: April 03, 2008, 08:02:58 am »
The built in DDL transformation uses the model default database.

You can also set this from Settings | Database Datatypes | Set as Default, or the code generation toolbar (View | Toolbars | Code Generation)

Of course it is also possible to create duplicate transformations that target different (specific) database targets if that is what you want to do.

If your shape script works when you select <all> then the problem isn't with your shape script.

It appears that the Base Class of Transition isn't recognised and as a result EA is thinking that your stereotype doesn't apply to the target.  If you can't use the shape script when applying it to a profile, then send a bug report to sparx systems support.

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