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EA can't reverse engineer a DB schema from a sql file.

General Board / Re: MDG on V12+++
« on: May 28, 2018, 03:25:49 pm »
Since the official release of 14 (build 1418) they've been rushing out bugfixes at the rate of one a week, so I'd let things quiet down a bit before I'd call it stable.
It's actually more like we've been actively trying to release a new build with any minor fixes that are available at a rate of one a week. The question isn't when it will stabilize, but how long we can keep it up.

Looks interesting, but that's in 14 and I wasn't planning on approaching the site until the cleanup crews have gone and the sirens have faded into the distance.
Fair enough, but I do want to encourage people to use the latest. Even if your request was implemented though, you would only see it in 14+.

That said, I can't see where in the user guide this functionality is described. There's no "Meaning" on the linked page (and read into that...), and the Special Attributes page just plays coy and breathes "and elsewhere" in a seductive whisper. That's not documentation, that's a teaser trailer.
Until it was used by the metamodel quicklinker function it was only used by the traceability window. I can say it's used by the metamodel derived quicklinkers now, I don't know where it will be used in the future.

Anyway, I take it that's a hard "no" on my suggestion.
I can't give a hard no. But you haven't managed to make me an advocate for the feature. Otherwise I look at it as unlikely.

Pretty much the only part of that I agree with is your spelling of colour.

Why would you write a captions of the form:
    "From" colour is prettier than "To" colour

When you can use the caption:
    "Prettier than

Of course, the recently added _MeaningForwards and _MeaningBackwards connector metaclass attributes could be used to good effect as well.
They already are if you define validation rules and quicklinker menus using metamodel constraints

trying to add a control flow between two Application Components?

Try using metamodel constraints for a profile.

Create a profile package.
Add the ControlFlow metaclass and ArchiMate3::ArchiMate_ApplicationComponent from the stereotypes page of the metaclass dialog.
Drag two metaconstraint connectors from the ControlFlow to the ApplicationComponent. Set the umlRole tags to source and target.
Import the profile directly into your model using Specialize > Technologies > Publish > Import UML Profile. (Alternatively, create the MDG technology file manually and distribute it as needed)

This will allow the UML Control Flow relationship between two application components. By default you still won't see it in your quicklinker because it filters to the current toolbox. Either pin the Activity Relationships page, or turn off the filter in the quicklinker menu.

saugup05, I recommend contacting sparx support directly through the links below.

You'll need to include your EA build number and the OS version/build.


You're just showing the user the same information that they have already selected. How does this vary between the different options shown by the quicklinker? I can't see it being anything except noise for an end user.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Pro Cloud Server Performance
« on: May 23, 2018, 08:45:58 am »
Not sure if it would help with Pro Cloud Server but there is a WAN optimiser for Sparx EA.
Pro Cloud Server is a replacement for the WAN optimizer.

It's in the docked element properties window (along with a lot of other things)

What qwerty suggests is basically running one version as zero config.

See our user guid for how to do this officially. Zero Config Client Support

As well as the metamodel it is explicated stated - outside of the appendices - that certain relationships can be derived.
Yes, I was looking at this yesterday to see if it could explain some of the additional relationship types in the table. If it was used that way it hasn't been applied consistently.

Thanks for your response, but neither comment  explains why the quick linker used to show all the normal available relations between the two object in v.13.5 regardless of whether 'Enforce Strict Syntax' is checked. A modeller doesn't want to have to keep going back and forth to the settings to turn on and off this setting just to get the linker to work. They should take responsibility for determining whether they need to enforce the correct relationships themselves.
Because the same metamodel that is being used to provide validation rules is being used to build the quicklinker. In some situations the new model is showing more valid connectors already. Unfortunately, I do concede that there are some glaring omissions that we need to correct.

The other suggestion that I'd make is that using valid xml attribute names will help if you're wanting to export xmi (although EA will round trip the name with itself)

Short summary, don't start with 'xml', or a number. Avoid punctuation except ':', '.', '-', '_'. Don't include spaces.

Bugs and Issues / Re: EA 14.0: Find in Browser odd behaviour
« on: May 18, 2018, 08:30:58 am »
when the advert-guys took over
Thank you for brightening my day. Every time I see a comment like this it makes me laugh.

ArchiMate is using new functionality to define its quicklinker from a metamodel specified in its profile. It is (or will be) simpler, easier to maintain and more reliable than specifying each quicklinker rule individually. It also allows EA to validate relationships against the ArchiMate metamodel. The fact that you can create the relationships from the toolbox says that you don't have strict connector syntax enabled. Finally, it's essential to the definition and use of User Defined View types.

Unfortunately, it is currently missing some relationships because of what I would describe as a less than rigorous definition of the metamodel within the ArchiMate specification. As an example, the validity of an Actor having an assignment to a Role is specified only1 in English in the description of a BusinessActor.

A business actor may be assigned to one or more business roles. It can then perform the behavior to which these business roles are assigned.

1 It's also in Appendix B Relationship tables, but that's not a specification of a metamodel and the content of the document should not require the appendices.

General Board / Re: Publish decision table
« on: May 17, 2018, 08:47:53 am »
The DMN support added in EA 14 is separate the DecisionTable editor that was previously available. I think some of the DMN types use tagged values to store their definition. Not sure if they all do.

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