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General Board / Re: Displaying A Banner When Accessing A Model
« on: May 01, 2018, 05:47:13 am »
Lock the diagram with user lock, so they will not be able to modify it.

Thanks Geert, it worked!

Is your automation running with an .exe file? a .bat file? a windows scheduled task? Please tell us about the environment you created for you automation in order to clarify.

So I've just got some clarification that to fix this problem with SQL Server you need to apply an additional patch to the schema (EASchema_1220_SQLServer_Update1.sql). This update was just recently made available on our website (April 2018). In particular, please note that it requires all users to have EA 14 and is not backwards compatible. For more details, see:

Excelent news!! I will test it when version 14 officialy available (cause it works in a production environment)

General Board / Re: Querying multiple optional tag values in SQLServer
« on: April 13, 2018, 08:55:57 am »
Not sure whats returned, but this may also be an option,
Code: [Select]
SELECT t_object.ea_guid AS CLASSGUID,
       t_object.Object_Type AS CLASSTYPE,
       t_objectproperties.Value As TAGVALUE
FROM t_object, t_objectproperties
WHERE t_object.Object_ID = t_objectProperties.Object_ID and t_objectproperties.Property in ('TV Name1', 'TV Name2')

The problem with this option is that there is only one column (in the results) with the value of all tag values and for each element you have multiple rows (one for each tag value).

The idea is to have a single row per element and the tag values as columns, even with bull values if they don't exist.

General Board / Re: Querying multiple optional tag values in SQLServer
« on: April 13, 2018, 08:51:58 am »
Aliases are wrong?

tv1.Value AS tv1,
tv2.Value AS tv1,
tv3.Value AS tv1,

should be...
tv1.Value AS tv1,
tv2.Value AS tv2,
tv3.Value AS tv3,

Sure, just a typo when copy-pasting and editing.

General Board / Querying multiple optional tag values in SQLServer
« on: April 13, 2018, 05:50:34 am »
We are implementing a custom search in SQL (for a model stored in SQLServer) trying to get a list of elements and their optional 'n' tagged values.

In our scenary, there are some elements without tagged values, other with some (< 'n') tagged values and other with all the 'n' tagged values.

We are trying a query structured like that:
Code: [Select]
       o.Object_Type AS CLASSTYPE,
       tv1.Value AS tv1,
       tv2.Value AS tv1,
       tv3.Value AS tv1,
       tvn.Value AS tvn
FROM t_object o
     LEFT JOIN t_objectproperties tv1 ON tv1.Object_ID = o.Object_ID
     LEFT JOIN t_objectproperties tv2 ON tv2.Object_ID = o.Object_ID
     LEFT JOIN t_objectproperties tv3 ON tv3.Object_ID = o.Object_ID
     LEFT JOIN t_objectproperties tvn ON tvn.Object_ID = o.Object_ID
WHERE tv1.Property = 'TVName1'
  AND tv2.Property = 'TVName2'
  AND tv3.Property = 'TVName3'
  AND tvn.Property = 'TVNameN'

But it does not returns the expected results (all the elements and the values of the tags if they are present).

Any idea in how to structure this query? What's wrong?

The schema we used had been created with 20-Jun-2016 version. EASchema_1220_SQLServer.sql
There is not a new version of the schema since our database creation.

Thanks Geert. Actually I was thinking the same, but I just asked in case somebody had a better idea. So I will use one of them. Thanks.

I'm planning to develop an automation app that send emails to model users based on business rules on model data.

Where do you think is the best place to store the users email having in mind the model uses Windows authentication?

Still not possible in version 14 Beta  :(

This is a very serious bug which still exists in 12.1. Can't quite believe this has not been fixed as it can result in data corruption ad IMHO put into question whether EA can be regarded as fit for Enterprise. All of the below seem to happen to all team members almost daily

- script execution runs older version of the script
- script execution runs script form another tab
- script execution stops half way through without any error or warning

Closing project alone will not fix this only a restart of the client will.

My team experienced the same behavior frequently. We use a sqlserver repository, multiple users and version 13.5 (build 1352).

General Board / Tag groupping in extended stereotypes?
« on: March 07, 2018, 08:09:37 am »
I created a profile with stereotypes includig tag groups. Then, I created a new (child) stereotype extending (with a Generalization) the stereotype with tag groups. But the child stereotype, when using the profile, doesn't include the tag groups. The tags are plain-shown, not in groups as the father stereotype.

Any idea or suggestion? is this possible to do?

General Board / Latest version date on registered users section wrong
« on: January 03, 2018, 05:30:52 am »
When you log in into the registered users section, it says the lastest version is "Enterprise Architect 13.5, Build 1352. Posted 05-July-2017" but build 1352 was released in december.

For me it is ok, but as reseller, my clients feels the application has not been updated since july, which is not attractive when they pay for the subscription renewal.

Please fix it. Thanks.

As tested in a real environment (and confirmed via Sparx support), ALTER permission is not enough to make it works properly. Not found yet a solution.

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