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I am quite sure that it exists already.
I am looking for a script (VBScript), that replaces keyword (resp. appropriate search-statements) in MS Word with Sparx EA diagrams.
In other words, I write a document with Word and add keywords, which will be replaced by diagrams out of EA, as soon as I start the script.
Thank you very much in advance for your feedback, V.

General Board / Re: ARIS notation
« on: October 24, 2017, 08:09:32 pm »
Unfortunately, no. It was developed for a customer. But it was quite trivial. You might use the MDG from my tutorial and create your own shapes for <<process>> and what else you need for ARIS. You can do that even with almost no programming skills. Just remember that the shape is within a 100x100 dimension field. q.

For the sake of completeness: EPC EPK shapes are available as a profile under

It does not contain the shape for system landscape modeling.

I am not able to start EA as administrator. So this cannot be the reason.

Nobody has an idea?

Under 64-bit operating systems, the SSJavaCOM.dll file will need to be copied into C:\Windows\SysWOW64.

In a bit of confusing Microsoft logic under 64-bit versions of Windows, the "System32" directory is for 64-bit applications, and "SysWOW64" is for 32-bit applications.

Thank you, Aaron. I think this is the answer. To set a PATH was the wrong way. Because I am running a 64-bit OS, the dll would be exceuted as 64 bit. That's why it HAS TO be put in SysWOW64 to be executed as 32-bit.

Hello, I will get crazy (maybe it is already to late). Because I did not get the Eclipse / Java example to run, I tried Geert's Excel example. But the script says always that I may have forgotten to start EA or something else is wrong.

What I did is:
- "Install" Enterprise Architect Object Model or EA.tlb respectively via Excel References.
- "Install" Microsoft Word Object Library
- run "ea.exe /register".
- start EA.

Does anybody know if it is necessary to install EA.tlb via regtlibv12.exe?

Any other suggestions? Are any admin-rights required (e.g. to \Windows\System32)?

Is the reason that I use "GetObject(, "EA.App")? What if I start two EA's? Which one will be accessed?

Many thanks in advance, V.

I think we checked all alternatives now. We also checked it from DOS-box with JDK 32-bit. We always get the same error message.

It would have been nice to get feedback from Sparx in this forum. The forum is hosted by Sparx and it should be in the interest of this company to support its customers. Otherwise the EAAPI-"offer" should be shaped to what it is able to do. O.K., maybe the reason is that the library must be located in C:\Windows\System32. But that would contradict the readme.

If I understand 0x80040154 correctly SSJavaCOM.dll cannot link other required dlls. Which are these libraries and where are they? As a precaution I set the PATH to C:\Windows\System32 (because this path was mentioned in the readme), but it did not help.

Could you tell me a good address resp. a reliable supplier, please? I found only hgscc.
Sorry, no. You're looking at a couple weeks work there at least. I could do it but I'd have to charge. 8)
I'm not even sure it's possible. There's a reason Mercurial dropped it in the first place.

I am sorry. I do not understand. I asked if there are "suppliers for SSC for Mercurial" and you answered "many". Then I asked if you could tell me a reliable supplier and you answer that there would be a lot of work to do. I am just looking for a SSC interface which can be used for Mercurial.

So I need to get it from somewhere?

Could you tell me a good address resp. a reliable supplier, please? I found only hgscc.

I am still getting the 0x80040154 exception.

The environment is a follows:
- The code gets started inside Eclipse
- Eclipse is run with Java 64 bit.
- Eclipse runs Java code with 32 bit (it says "<terminated> Explore [Java Application] c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_112\bin.javaw.exe).
- I set the classpath via project > Properties > libaries > Add External JARs
- I set the dll path via adding it to "Native Library Location" of the classpath-enty.
- I left eaapi.jar and SSJavaCOM.dll in the sparx JAVA API directory.

The exceptions comes as soon as I call "new Repository".

Is the reason because the libraries are not located in windows\system32 ?

Many thanks in advance, V.

You would still need an SCC interface.
Incidentally, SCC is a generic "Generic VCS interface" as requested by the last post in that thread. It's a common API that developers can write to wrap their VCS.
Many thanks. Do I undestand you correctly that there is no SSC-compliant Mercurial-library coming with EA? So I need to get it from somewhere? Are there any addresses in the internet? I can only find the library linked in the thread mentioned above. V.

Hi, is there Mercurial support in the meantime? The only article I fould for this topic is from 2010 ( Many thanks in advance, V.

The dll needs to be on your PATH AND the eaapi.jar needs to be on your Java classpath. It looks like a config issue so check both are OK.
The dll is linked via the PATH and the eeapi.jar is imported and linked in Eclipse. Did yoo get the examples to run?

Does the code only work if the SSJavaCOM.dll file has been copied to C:\Windows\SysWOW64?

I used this:
Code: [Select]
package com.dbis.sparxea.explore;
import org.sparx.*;
import java.util.*;
public class Explore {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
tring connectionString = "EntArchDB_PROD --- DBType=1;Connect=Provider=SQLOLEDB;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=EntArchDB;Data Source=ldbisprd1,4042;LazyLoad=1;";
System.out.println("Start Connection!");
try {
[i][b]System.load("C:/Program Files (x86)/Sparx Systems/EA/Java API/SSJavaCOM.dll");[/b][/i]
        java.lang.reflect.Field LIBRARIES;
            LIBRARIES = ClassLoader.class.getDeclaredField("loadedLibraryNames");
            System.out.println("Libraries: " + LIBRARIES.get(ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader()));
    catch (UnsatisfiedLinkError e) {
      System.err.println("Native code library failed to load.\n" + e);
        catch (NoSuchFieldException nsf) {
        System.err.println("Native code library failed to load.\n" + nsf);
        catch (IllegalAccessException iae) {
          System.err.println("Native code library failed to load.\n" + iae);
    Repository rep = new org.sparx.Repository();
System.out.println("Repository" + rep);
// rep.ActivateDiagram(0);

Any suggestions? V.

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