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The SPARX answer:
This is a known issue which is yet to be resolved.


Thanks for the answer.

I'll file a bug report.

Best regards,



I try to auto name newly created  Requirements with the EA Broadcast Event 'EA_OnPostNewElement'. It mostly works as expected.

When I add requirements, e.g. Functional Requirments, with the Specification Manager EA don't send the Broadcast Event 'EA_OnPostNewElement'.

Any idea?

Thanks for your help!


General Board / Re: Autonumbering on stereotype level
« on: June 23, 2017, 07:58:15 am »
Hi mrblack12,

here are a lot of people who want their special solution - for a thank you - maybe.

Here are also a lot of engaged persons who invest their leisure time to answer questions, share their knowledge, develop scripts and presents useful Add-Ins. For nothing!

I think you are working for a company which will profit. If your company is really interested in a solution, get some money and make a little open source project.

In this Forum you'll find people to realize your dreams. Be aware: A general solution beyond "FR-" is some work and not just 10 lines of code.

Please appreciate the great help you get here for nothing. Personally, I don't like remarks like 'The only reply I got..'.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Publishing Add Ins
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:03:13 pm »

a good source is Geerts tutorial on the EA community:

Kind regards,


Uml Process / Re: How to use IBD and properties
« on: June 21, 2017, 10:22:17 pm »
Hi Mark,

I have just redone it. It works. I have done it this way:
0. Create Block Definition Diagram with:
1. Create Block 3
2. Create Block 1 + Block 2 as composite part of Block 3
3. Make Association between Block 1 and Block2
3. Name the Association 'MyAssociation'

4. Create Internal Block Diagram from Block 3
5. Drag Block 1 as Property into Diagram (new)
6. Drag Block 2 as Property into Diagram  (new)
7. Make Connector between Properties of Block1 and Block2
8. Right Click on Connector,  Advanced, Set Connector Type
    You can select an Association from BDD or 'none' for the connector in IBD

You may use multiple Associations and connectors. The usefulness is in your responsibility.

Kind regards,


Hi TheMintRubber,

I checked your Code. It works as expected if I add the below code.

Code: [Select]
public class EAAppInstance
public EA.App EaApp { get; }
public int ProcessId { get; }
public EAAppInstance(EA.App eaApp, int processId)
EaApp = eaApp;
ProcessId = processId;


I think the effect is similar to the EA DLL 'SparxSystems.Repository.dll'. This SPARX DLL get's the repository from the passed EA process id and was first released with EA 13. I think this DLL also works for older EA releases, but I'm not sure about.

Thanks a lot for sharing your code. It also gives me an inside how such things work.

Kind regards,



I doubt that EA is a good solution to simulate a business decision.

In my experiences, EA is top in understanding and discussing complex coherences. With this profound knowledge you gain from modeling and discussion, you can develop a simulation. Often it's a good idea to simply use Excel.

Maybe I have missed the point.

To get a quick understanding what you can achieve with EA you may have a look on the SPARX Webinars or whitepapers.

Kind regards,



the simplest way is just to change the C# template. Drawback C# means GO.

You can also create a new template with the Code Template Editor by:
- Click on New Language
- Click on Add product
- Insert something
EA adds a new language.

Then you can manually copy C# content to GO content. You may use Reference data for *.xml import/export of the changed templates.
See: for the basics.

You may slightly change the C# Templates, e.g.insert a dot, export to *.xml, tinker with *.xml and import as GO.
See: for the basics.

Maybe there is another possibility to easily copy a Code/Transformation template.

Kind regards,


If you just do it once make it by hand. It's half an hour and you are done.

Kind regards,


Hi Paolo,

The DiagramObject you can get by GetDiagramObjectByID (long ID, string DUID). See:

For DiagramLink you have to run through the collection DiagramLinks. I have made a function once and then call it.

Kind regards,


Suggestions and Requests / Re: Intellisense in the DB Builder Queries
« on: June 19, 2017, 01:06:55 am »
I support it. It's always a good idea to make entering text as easy as possible. 

Intellisense makes live a lot easier.

Kind regards,



if you develop C# according to EA Hybrid Scripting you can use the 'SparxSystems.Repository.dll'.

'SparxSystems.Repository.dll' has the possibility to load the EA Model according to the process-id of the EA Instance in a C# environment.

you see an Example for C#. In that case to call C# from VBscript in EA and get the correct Repository in C#.

Kind regards,



GO isn't supported out of the box by EA.

You can add a new language for forward generating with the Code Template Editor (see: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Sparx%20Systems/User%20Guide/model_domains/thecodetemplateeditor.html).
But be aware it only supports forward generating. For reverse engineering (from Code to Model) you have to stick to the EA supported languages or define your own languages with the Grammar Framework (see below).

Also be aware defining your own language is a lot of work and needs experience.

If you only want to forward generate Code from a Model, you have the two options
- Code Template Editor as mentioned before
- Make your own generator with an Add-In or Script (I would prefer Add-In)

You can use the grammar framework to define your language. I've no experiences with it.

Kind regards,


Hi Imunday,

in principle it's possible with:
- Addin
- Script

You have to modify the column  'Geometry'  in table  t_diagramLinks like (there is also an API, I think):

The crux is that the X and Y values are relative to the target and therefore you have to calculate them if you want to apply your scheme (source). No absolute value will do the job.

You can play with a diagram and the SQL Query:
  • select Geometry from t_diagramLinks
in a Project with just one control flow to see how it's working.

Kind regards,



with the open source hoTools you can change Style/Appearances/Compartments for:
- Diagrams
- Nodes on Diagrams
- Connectors
See WiKi:

You can configure your styles in Settings.json and apply it by Click to:
- Selected Package, Element, Diagram, Diagram-Elements + Connector
- Recursive from the selected package

Scaling a diagram to one page works for me with: ",, ScalePI=1"

The WiKi also shows a lot of possible configurations you can set by Script/Addin or hoTools.

Kind regards,


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