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I'm getting via  SQL query the t_connectortag.NOTES content that I need to copy to other records via a SQL update. I'm getting issues in the result as the Carriage Returns are not properly maintained.
I have a variable newNotes = node.selectSingleNode("./NOTES").Text that I use in
updateSQL = "update t_connectortag set notes = '"&newNotes&"' ....

Any idea on how to sort this out?


I have 20 tagged values in a stereotype separated by Tag Groups.
The order you move a tag to a group defines the resulting order in the stereotyped elements.

I found the _tagGroupings attribute on the extended metaclass (Class for instance) with this list as the initial value. So I thought I could edit the order with the ; separated list. Unfortunately this list reverts back to where it was as soon as I open the Profile Helper.

I was wondering if there's an easier way to update the order of the tags under each group.



I need to define a default colour via an MDG with a UML profile on my stereotypes + default UML elements: Enumerations & Data types (see UML class toolbox -> Enumeration, Data Type)
The UML Types options makes it possible to define a colour for a stereotyped class e.g. datatype stereotyped class. However it doesn't let me change an Enumeration colour. Furthermore I'd like this to be set in the MDG instead of the EA clients options.

Is there any way to do that?

I hope it makes sense


I use the MDG Integration for Office to import elements and connectors. With a connector profile, I can create an association that is stereotyped with my UML profile e.g. MyProfile::CustomAssociation.
When I map the Excel columns with the stereotyped association tagged values, I get tagged values that are not linked with my stereotype.
-> when opening the connector Tags tab, I see the list of tagged valued with the header "Association" instead of "MyProfile::CustomAssociation"
I tried to set the mapping with my stereotype e.g. CustomAssociation::tag1 but it is ignored.

Is there a way to have connectors tagged values linked with my profile's stereotype? It works fine when I import stereotype elements.

Note: when mapping Excel columns to a stereotyped connector's tagged values, I found that empty cells lead to deleted tagged values so I have to set a "-" to keep all tagged values (seems like a bug)

I created a stereotype on a SysML block to manage blocks that type my system's blocks ports (e.g. have them shown in a chosen colour).
When I create a port on a block, EA doesn't recognize the "port type" stereotyped blocks to set the port's type.

I checked the "port type" stereotyped blocks and they are SysML Blocks with the additional stereotype from my MDG.

I use SysML 1.4 and EA 13.5 build 1352.

Is there a solution to this?

Bugs and Issues / Diagram element Align keyboard shortcut don't work
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:39:32 pm »

I got a question during an EA training on the Align keyboard shortcuts e.g. Ctrl Alt Left doesn't work as it rotates the screen.
Hence I wonder if these shortcuts actually work (I never used them)


I have a SysML activity with mixed parameters that include one of the following :
- Continuous stereotype set with a selected rate under the tagged values
- Stream property set

In EA14, the parameters tab is missing so I cannot access the Stream and other details there -> looks like a bug
In EA13.5, when I create a CallBehavior action that invokes the activity, the action pins matching the parameters are created, yet they're missing full properties like Stream, Continuous, rate, etc.

I created a SysML BDD with SysML Activities with compositions.
You can actually get an example from EA14 Model Pattern > SysML 1.5 > Activity with Actions and Control Flows

Where this pattern has all actions on the activity diagram matching the BDD links and role names, this could be handled via the Synchronize structural elements, similarly to the IBD and BDD behaviour.
EA provides access to the Synchronize command, somehow it attempts to create "parts" instead of actions.
Is there a plan to create/update actions under an activity when composition to other activity elements are found?

For reference, see a post from Tim W here:

I'm trying to use SysML activity diagrams specific definitions on action pins.
Except Stream pins that are rendered in Grey, the following is not visible on the diagram:
-continuous or discrete stereotype
-rate (managed as a tagged value linking to an object)
The Feature/Compartment Visibility does not change anything.

When one reads the diagram, such information should be available. Is there any plan to show such details in the future?
At the moment I have to create annotations linked to the rate tag and manually add "continuous" in the action pin name which is not ideal.

Note -> this is related with a message submitted 2 years ago :,30958.msg224570.html#msg224570


I'd like to use state invariants on sequence diagrams that are binded with a state from an STM. So if I rename StateA in the STM to StateA2, it will be automatically updated in the sequence diagram.
I need to use the same state several times on the sequence diagram so I don't want to use a State element itself, but rather an "instance" of it.

Is there something to achieve that or does it need to be submitted as a feature request?

Bugs and Issues / Copy / paste a port from a block to another
« on: July 05, 2018, 08:12:26 pm »
Working on a diagram, I have a port on a SysML Block that I'd like to copy/paste on another Block.
I select the port from the diagram -> Ctrl + C
I select the target block and press Ctrl + Maj + V

I get the following error: Error: When pasting embedded elements, the parent element must first exist in the same diagram.   

General Board / Port isService property (SysML)
« on: July 05, 2018, 05:24:31 pm »

In my SysML BDD, I define the block's port by setting a block as the port's type. When the port has flow properties (according to the block definition), it can be useful to revert it via the Conjugated property set to true (open the port properties > Advanced tab).
I noticed there is a isService property that can be set to true/false. I don't see any rendering difference changing the value. Is that supposed to be doing anything?
Currently when a port provides features, I manually add a Provided Interface so we know it provides services (since SysML 1.3)

Suggestions and Requests / Navigation Cells custom images
« on: July 05, 2018, 04:51:58 pm »
It would be useful if we could define our own set of Image Lists when using the Navigation Cells.

General Board / {unique} in SysML 1.4 Parts compartment
« on: July 03, 2018, 08:07:51 pm »

I use EA 13.5 + SysML 1.4. On a BDD, I can see the block's parts in the compartment  e.g. role1: BlockB [1] ({unique})
Is there any way to remove this unique info?

I noticed that it only appears when you enter  value e.g. a custom multiplicity e.g. 2 on the composition link to the block (instead of a selection from the drop down list).
The OMG specs show that {unique} for the references compartment only.

General Board / SysML 1.4 units & quantitykind
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:00:00 pm »
Using SysML 1.4 with EA 13.5, I noticed a change in the way units & quantitykind work.
Before then, both were stereotyped objects with RefGuid tagged values e.g. to define the quantity kind of a unit.

In SysML 1.4, units & quantitykind are instances of a hidden class and they display "attributes empty values". So to fill the quantity kind of a unit, I use Ctrl+Shift+R. This is no longer a link to an existing quantity kind.
This is somehow in line with Tim blog post here:

So am I right to understand that to use Value Types, Units and Quantity Kinds, you do the following:
- Create new Quantity Kind objects and provide the values if needed (Ctrl+Shift+R) e.g. Time
- Create new Unit objects and provide the values if needed (Ctrl+Shift+R) + create a link to the Quantity Kind e.g. Hour to Time
- Create Value Types and select when needed the quantity kind and/or unit via the tagged values


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