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Bugs and Issues / EA crashes when saving a constraint in a class
« on: January 16, 2009, 02:22:51 am »
I'm often encountering the issue that EA crashes when saving a an invariant constraint within a class.
It especially happens when the length of the constraint is fairly long.


PS: Below is some data I got from Windows if it's useful:

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:      APPCRASH
  Application Name:      EA.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:      486d5bb6
  Fault Module Name:      EA.exe
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:      486d5bb6
  Exception Code:      c0000005
  Exception Offset:      001bfa72
  OS Version:      6.0.6001.
  Locale ID:      2057


I have a few activity diagrams which use swimlanes.
When I copy this diagram to a word document by generating an image (Ctrl-A + Ctrl-C, or Copy Diagram), the swimlanes don't appear on this image.

Since the diagram is rather large, a screenshot will not sort the issue.

Is this something that can be fixed?

(i use EA v7.1 build 828)

Bugs and Issues / Conflict in interfaces - wrong operation displayed
« on: March 27, 2008, 09:14:45 pm »
I've defined in separate packages a couple of interfaces, each with a set of operations.

I then created a Sequence Diagram using one of these interfaces and I'm getting an odd behaviour:
- when creating the message, I can select the operation I want to use
- the SD displays the operation from another interface but the correct returned value !!
- when opening the message again, the correct operation is displayed and eventually updates properly the diagram
- closing & opening the SD creates again the problem...

I eventually managed to sort it out by deleting one of the interface and creating it again.

Note that I created a template package with the interface definition + operation, which I then exported to XMI.
This way I can easily create new copies of this package, including the strip GUIDs option, and rename the package, interface and operations.

I'm not sure whether this is where the problem comes from...

Bugs and Issues / Cannot create a diagram within an operation
« on: March 20, 2008, 04:13:57 am »

I'm using EA v7.0 and I need to add a sequence diagram under an interface's operation, but EA doesn't allow this.

This is possible in rational rose and giving the flexiblity of EA, I'm quite surprised that I cannot do that.

I tried on a class operation and it is not allowed either.
Is there a workaround to this? (i.e. through UML profile or specific setting in EA)

Thanks !


I cannot get a Quicklinker definition to be taken into account in my MDG.
My MDG contains a UML Profile with stereotypes that extend built-in Archimate 2.

I'm trying to replace the ArchiMate's quicklinker options with my own definition so I can create an ArchiMate_BusinessActor_Bis element with an ArchiMate_BusinessRole_Bis one via an Archimate Composition (standard one).
Taking the existing QL definitions in ArchiMate 2 MDG, I started a QuickLink document with the following:
Class,ArchiMate_BusinessActor_Bis,Class,ArchiMate_BusinessActor_Bis,,Class,ArchiMate_BusinessActor_Bis,Composition,ArchiMate_Composition,from,Composed of,Composed of,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,,,TRUE,TRUE,,,,

However this is never picked up by EA, even when I restart EA.
Am I missing something?


I'm creating an UML Profile to define a custom colour scheme for ArchiMate 2.0 built-in MDG.

I created my stereotypes extending the MetaClass e.g. Class, and generalizing the ArchiMate Stereotype.

First attempt, I changed the default fill colour -> the colour is applied but I lose the rendering/element drawing defined in ArchiMate.
Second attempt, I defined a ShapeScript DrawNativeShape(); and left the default colour -> I get a mixed rendering with the chosen colour (ArchiMate rendering is altered).
Third attempt, I used DrawParentShape and SetFillColour in my shapescript -> the element is colourless (I also tried the default colour).

I'm out of options...


I imported an MDG Technology on a shared EA project with security enabled, hosted on a central DB.
One user always get the following error when opening the projet:
Load Error: Imported MDG Technology with id ...

I access the EA project with a guest account to check this wasn't due to any permission settings.

Any idea why it doesn't work for this user, whilst it works for the other ones?


I defined a UML profile for requirements so I can show the alias, priority, status and title in various compartments.
I used the addsubshape("header",100,15), addsubshape("main",100,70), addsubshape("footer",100,15)... in the main shape.
I have a header and footer compartments that become too small when I resize the item. Is there any way to set a minimum height on these compartments?



I'm working on a script that updates elements from a package. I need to process only those that are visible in the projet browser.
I don't think there is any property that defines this against each object type.
t_objecttypes table has a DesignObject column which value doesn't match.

So I've identified in the following list the elements that are hidden from the Project Browser: Note, Boundary, Comment, Text, Constraint.

Am I missing any?



I'm working on an add'in that carries recursive updates on a package or element and its subelements.
Having the Security and/or Version Control configured on the opened project, I need to prevent the recursive job if an element is locked.
I test the Locked property on a selected element so that can be prevented for a selected element, if it is locked.
However is there an easy and efficient way to test if a package/element or one of its subelements is locked, in which case we don't process anything.
I could run a foreach element / package in package until an element is locked, but this doesn't sound like an efficient way to go...

I guess a SQL query might be better? Surely this must be a recurring issue to sort for add'ins.



I've got a script in EA written in VB that runs a number of updates throughout the project.
I'm looking for a way to prevent users from accessing the models whilst the script is running (e.g. prevent from opening a diagram, element, etc.)
This could be notified via a simple popup window or progress bar.

Have you got any suggestion in achieving this with VBScript?



I'm writing an add'in which requires storing and using parameter values. These values are specific to each EA project, across all its users.

Hence I cannot store them within a config file on each client's PC.
I'm looking for a table to store these values ; usys_system stores key/value pairs which looks suitable to me. Is there any risk in using this? Would you recommend an alternative table or approach?


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / RunHTMLReport API
« on: June 13, 2014, 08:42:46 pm »

I'm generating the HTML report from a Windows app using EA API's RunHTMLReport method (Project class).
Method's signature :
RunHTMLReport (string PackageGUID,  string ExportPath, string ImageFormat, string Style, string Extension)

I need to define the default diagram to be used which is not available via the API (e.g by setting the diagram's GUID).
Could this be added to the API?



I looked for some information from the EA help on using shapescripts in UML profiles and managed to get some stereotypes to work ok.
I need to define a couple of stereotypes with an image rendered in my object. Having been given these images by the client, I'm looking for some information on the dimensions and other properties (save as emf?) to create compatible images that will render well as defined in a stereotype using shapescript.

Have you got any recommendation on achieving this? Would inkscape or gimp tool good enough to update and generate compatible images?
To some extent, an EA user will have to perform these tasks to maintain the MDG.



I'm creating a stereotype that includes some shapescript calling DrawNativeShape and displaying a label.
This stereotype is applied on the BPMN2 DataObject definition (itself a stereotype).

When I apply a fill colour on the stereotype in the UML profile diagram, this colour is not applied to the stereotyped elements when using my UML profile.
Does the DrawNativeShape prevents from the fill & border colours to be customised? Or is it due to the fact that my stereotype has a generalisation link with another stereotype (i.e. does the BPMN2 stereotype overwrite this information?)


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