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Bugs and Issues / EA13 copy/paste image using an Image Asset
« on: June 13, 2017, 06:09:37 pm »

I started building an image library in my model with Image Assets. Very handy to organize the images via packages as an alternative to the built-in Image Manager.
When I create an Image from the toolbox, I can associate it with an existing image asset -> as an enhancement, I think we should be able to create this image by drag/dropping the image asset from the Project Browser and select e.g. Image in the drop down list.

When I copy elements from a diagram into another diagram, and paste all elements as new, the new image is not associated with the asset as expected ; could it be fixed?

Finally I noticed that I can no longer check the diagrams using an image asset (Find in all diagrams produces an empty result). This is possible in the Image Library with the View Usage.


General Board / Re: Extending Archimate 3
« on: June 12, 2017, 08:22:27 pm »
You can create Archimate custom stereotypes e.g. by extending the Archimate 3 capability + Class metaclass in your UML Profile.
The only known issue is that the Quicklinker can be broken (identified as a bug to be fixed by Sparx).

Suggestions and Requests / Custom package visibility
« on: June 09, 2017, 12:30:22 am »
I have a diagram with a couple of packages where I can see the classes they contain.
I would like to hide some classes similarly to the classes where I can hide selected attributes.

Feature & Compartment Visibility let me filter out classes based on the Public/Protected/Private visibility, but the Custom button does not let me choose elements to hide.
Note that I want to have several diagrams with different filtered lists of elements for the same packages.
Would it be feasible to implement this in a future build?

I found the issue ! I'm testing the DBType value in the connection string so when I detect a Postgres DB, I'm running a Postgres specific SQL function.
When I use the Cloud Service, the returned connection string is ea--- ;Connect=Cloud=protocol:http,address:A.B.C.D,port:804;Data Source=EA;DSN=EA;

Hence I have no way of finding out the DBMS running behind the Cloud Service...

My workaround for the current project is to set DBType = 4 for all Cloud accesses as my client only uses Postgres behind the Cloud. However for addin solutions, I can't see a solution unless sparx can amend the Cloud Service to return the DBType in the connectionstring.


I have a custom VB Script in EA that exports selected data in an Excel file within several tabs (e.g. classes, attributes, connectors...)
It uses SQL queries that work fine via the ODBC link to the DB. When using the Cloud Service, the script fails exporting some of the data.

I have yet to investigate into details what's going on, but I was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar issue. Does the Cloud Service introduce issues in such scenario?


General Board / Re: Question regarding uploading a new profile
« on: May 22, 2017, 11:19:07 pm »
I noticed that EA does not take into account renamed stereotypes so I had to define a script that lets the user enter the old & new stereotype name.
Once done, Geert's script can be run to update all stereotypes.

I didn't put a script to update tags as I left the users handle that, but it sounds sensible to write one.


General Board / DB Reverse with views - SQL query
« on: April 28, 2017, 05:33:09 pm »

When I import DB views , I can access the associated SQL query which is useful, but not in all cases.
For some DBs, the content is empty.

I mainly use Postgres and Oracle.
Any explanations on why the content is sometimes empty?

Note that I'm planning to define a script that creates columns in the view matching the SELECT clause from the embedded query. I think it would be nice to have this built-in EA as an option.

General Board / Re: A simple question about Models & Views
« on: April 14, 2017, 05:31:19 pm »
Hi Sylvain,

I agree with Peter, models or "project roots", views, and packages are just ways to organize your EA modelling project.
Sparx built-in wizards can be useful to see or use such examples of models.
Once EA projects are deployed to a team in a collaborative/shared mode, they're often amended to have a model structure that fits the current context.
There is a number of factors that can change the structure such as the team size, the number of projects/teams, a framework or pivot model, remote access, backup, versioning, etc.

Please feel free to contact me directly on to discuss further.


It fixed it, thanks !  :)


In C#, I run the following           
eaproj.DoBaselineMerge(packageGUID, packageBaselineGUID, "<Merge><MergeItem guid=\"RestoreAll\" changed=\"true\" baselineOnly=\"true\" modelOnly=\"true\" moved=\"true\" fullRestore=\"true\" /></Merge>", null);

It works but I get the following error: the currently selected package doesn't exist in the comparing document.

The odd thing is that packageGUID matches the Package against which the baseline was created.

Any clue?



I have a package baseline GUID and the associated EA.Package in my addin class.
I checked how the information is stored in the DB as a zip base64 coded content from previous post.

However it doesn't seem to be possible from Sparx EA API or SQL queries to load the XMI content e.g. via an XMI import?

Submitted as a feature request

General Board / Re: Set Default Line Style?
« on: April 07, 2017, 11:35:41 pm »
I recommend EA-Matic. It's easy to set up and it does the job :)

Thanks Geert!

I confirm that the Reload button doesn't always work (it didn't yesterday)

I noticed in some occasions that EA no longer takes into account updated VBScripts and runs a "cached" previous version of it.
This can happen when I often change a number of scripts, or when I often re-run Reference Data imports, containing my scripts.

It's only when EA is restarted that the right code is run.

Is there any way to prevent that?

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