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Suggestions and Requests / Information Architecture Blueprints
« on: March 13, 2008, 07:20:14 am »

I am suggesting Sparxsystem provide the capability below. This is normally used to develop a high level blueprint for an Enterprise Information Architecture. This is the format favoured by the Business sponsors who are not into UML.

Visio is the favourite tool for producing this blueprint at the moment. I would prefer to use EA.

Barkerís notation shows sub-types as boxes inside super-type boxes. This has the advantage of taking up much less room on the diagram, and it emphasizes the fact that an occurrence of a sub-type is an occurrence of the super-type. The super- and sub-types are not simply related to each other.

In Barkerís notation, sub-types are mutually exclusive, meaning that overlapping sub-types are not allowed. Subtypes are also complete, meaning that sub-types are supposed to account for all occurrences of a super-type, although in practice, this latter rule is often bent by adding the sub-type other . . . In Figure 4, person and organization are sub-types of party.

Suggestions and Requests / Accessing a UML Profile from the Toolbox
« on: March 30, 2008, 04:33:28 am »
I used o be able to import a UML profile from the Resource view and from a right-click make it available in the Toolbox for easy access.

I could not do this in the release 827. Am I missing something? :-[


I purchased a couple of MDG Technologies including that for Zachman, Eclipse, SysML & DDS. Following the announcement of new versions, there is no indication on how to obtain upgrades within the existing licences purchased. The announcements leads to a page that suggests that a new licence purchase is necessary. I dont think this is correct as I may not have to pay for a minor upgrade (from version 1.0 to 1.1)

Please, kindly align the upgrade of the MDG Technologies to that currently used for the core product.

kind regards


Suggestions and Requests / Sample EA Models with XML Standards
« on: March 27, 2008, 12:51:23 am »
As part of its efforts to support standardisation efforts and deliver convenience to its tool users, I am suggesting that Sparxsystem supply in addition to the example model file, other model files already populated with XML schema libraries from OAGIS, UBL and other Information standards organisations.

The tool now has the capability to import linked schema and it affords Sparxsystem the opportunity to test its too's capabilities.


A core objective of an Enterprise Information Architect is managing metadata (information about data) and aligning these to the business direction.

We achieve this objective by developing models which drive the organisation of enterprise data and content.

I have been developing an Enterprise Taxonomy (metadata) in EA which I would like to drive the implementation of information management solutions like MS Sharepoint Server, Documentum and FileNet.

I have three options:

1. Purchase products like Schemalogic with an in-built metadata definition (data modeling) product which connects to Sharepoint to populate the metadata repository. This means a redundancy in storage of metadata which adds to my headache.

2. Document my metadata in Enterprise Architect and connect directly to Sharepoint Server to populate the metadata repository. This centralises metadata master in EA and adds value to Sharepoint implementation.

3. Document my metadata in Enterprise Architect and connect to another suppliers product like iBox that lacks data modelling functionality but can connect direcly to Sharepoint Server to populate the metadata repository.This enables the use of iBox that has other metadata management features but EA is still holds the master record.

Option 2 is the ideal scenario but could be achieved in a staged process by going through option 3.

Over 80% enterprise data is held in unstructured format. This key enterprise resource need be managed efficiently for business improvement. In the information age, this is a key opportunity for which Sparxsystems needs to think about how it may best support the Enterprise Information Architects.


Suggestions and Requests / Batch Import of Multiple XML Schema
« on: July 09, 2007, 11:31:10 am »
I currently import w3c XML Schema (XSD) via the import utility which imports one XSD at a time. This is tedious when working with large XML vocabularies from Standard organisations as for example, the OAGIS and others.

I would like to open a directory containing multiple XSDs and select all or a subset and import my selection.

Suggestions and Requests / OWL RDF Technology Integration for EA
« on: July 10, 2007, 04:54:43 am »
It would be useful if Sparx could develop an Integration Add-In for Semantic Net(OWL RDF) Technology workbenches like Protege

Suggestions and Requests / BPMN Model Simulation & BPEL Generation
« on: July 10, 2007, 04:45:29 am »
Good news BPMN is integrated into the core of v7.0.

BPEL generation will enable EA catch up with some competition.

Model Element simulation is required ;).

Suggestions and Requests / BPMN Simulation & XPDL
« on: June 30, 2007, 12:37:10 pm »
I would like to see model simulation for BPMN models and the generation of XPDL (based on the WFMC XPDL specification) from the model

Suggestions and Requests / Attribute Mapping
« on: June 30, 2007, 12:58:15 pm »
I use a top down approach to developing an XML vocabulary from logical class models.

Each attribute in a class is remodelled in a separate package (XSDChema) as a global element.

Different persons working in a team update the diferent models and there is a requirement to ensure that every global element defined has a corresponding arribute defined in the class models.

There are three potential solutions to this problem:

1. Visual Check. This is unworkable as the schema grows in size
2. Use the Matrix Facility to map the global elements against the attributes defined in classes. The matrix does not currently support attributes.
3. Enable attributes to be tagged as global classes and this should facilitate direct generation of eleements from this model. This is the better solution.

Suggestions and Requests / SOA Data Services (CRUD Matrix)
« on: June 30, 2007, 12:43:23 pm »
I have partitioned an enterprise into a number of business domains. These domains contribute to life cycle changes of Business Objects.

A feature is required to enable the use of the Matrix facility to visually show which domain Create, Reference, Update and Delist a Business Object.

Suggestions and Requests / Extensible Form for Class Attributes
« on: April 11, 2007, 11:20:33 am »
I am working to develop an enterprise business object model (conceptual data model) as a basis for the business glossary (data semantics standardisation for systems interoperability).

For each data element (an attribute), I want to record the name of the business concept and other properties as specified in the ISO 11179-3 standard for data naming.

To achieve this, I need to be able to entend the fields for my attributes. This means an extension to the product metamodel or some other mechanism like the dynamic loading of user-defined metamodel file at the start of execution of EA.

I apreciate all ideas.

The format of a  static business rule is <<statement subject>> relationship or verb << statement object>>.

When documented in a CASE tool, there are two rules, the forward rule and the reverse.

The forward rule is <<Class 1>> relationship X<<Class 2>>
The reverse is <<Class 2>> relationship Y<<Class 1>>

Sometimes where the forward rule is true, the reverse may not be true. hence the need to articulate the two rules explicitly.

The subject and objects are Nouns modelled as classes in Class diagrams.

To verify the quality of a data model, we often have to generate these business rules from the data model documentation which are presented to the business domain experts for verification. These models validate the conceptual correctness of the data model and is often used as a user acceptance criteria on projects.

Old data modeling tools like Erwin enable this representation and the IE notation in EA should support this feature.

I need to create these statements from using EA document generator. Is there any RTF Document generator expert out there who can help.

Please, help me.

Suggestions and Requests / Data Quality Management IP-UML
« on: March 07, 2007, 01:34:53 pm »
The Area of Total Quality Management is a pain point for most organisations. Work has been done bt researchers at MIT (Richard Wang et al)to develop a process (Information Product Map, IP-MAP)for managing data as a manufactured product. Recent work was done to align this framework to UML metamodel by suggesting a profile(IP-UML).

This is a great opportunity for Information Analysts, Data Strategy Managers, Data Architects and anyone else interested in data quality/data harmonization to apply the same notation (UML) used for data modeling for data quality requirements modeling.

I am suggesting that SparxSystems consider developing Add-Ins to support this work as it is such support that further separates drawing tools from CASE tools.

I also want to add that Sparxsystems should promote the Add-In developed by researchers at the University of Austria to support UMM (an ISO variant of RUP). UMM is increasingly becoming important for the analysis and modeling of collaborative B-2-B systems for International Trade (UN/CEFACT). There are actually few tools that support this important area.

Segun Alayande
Data Architect
British Airports Authority

General Board / How may I debug this VBScript in EA
« on: December 27, 2009, 10:37:44 am »
Dear all,

I started experimenting with the scripts and created one below but it is not doing what I want.

How may I get and use a debugger to correct this script. Can anyone suggest what I have done wrong on this script. Any help is appreciated.

kind regards

Option explicit
sub ChangeElementStereotype()

dim thePackage as EA.Package
set thePackage = Repository.GetTreeSelectedPackage("Test Model")
      if not thePackage is nothing and thePackage.ParentID <> 0 then
      dim i
            Session.Output( "Working on package " & EA.Package.Name)
      'get elements
      dim elements as EA.Collection
      dim currentElement as EA.Element
      set elements = thePackage.Elements
            for i = 0 to elements.Count - 1
                  'get each element
                  set currentElement = elements.GetAt(i)
                  'change stereotype
                  set currentElement.Stereotype = "BusinessEntity"
                  'update element stereotype
            'refresh elements
            'report element updated
            Session.Output( "Done!" )
            ' No package selected in the tree
            MsgBox( "This script requires a package to be selected in the Project Browser.")
      end if      
End sub

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