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What I tend to do if extending ArchiMate as you intend with objective is  to extend the new stereo type from the base UML type instead of ArchiMate. For example for instead of extending ArchiMate  Goal which is based on Class I create a stereo type and extend it from Class to create an Objective. the Stereotype has its own shapescript. That way you don't have the the base ArchiMate  element shapescript being drawn.

Look at DDL Transformation built in to Sparx EA.
You can tweak the transformation if it doesn't suit you exact needs too.

General Board / Re: Where is the now?
« on: July 19, 2018, 06:43:04 am »
Yes the new site looks very pretty. Unfortunately I can't find dictionary either nor the image library

General Board / Re: Changes in XSD export with EA 14?
« on: July 19, 2018, 06:37:38 am »
Not aware of anything in Sparx EA to address your problem.
If nobody else comes up with a better way to resolve your problem then you could try using XSLT to change the order of the elements.

The built-in template editor always perplexes me with styles and list numbers so I usually use MS Word to get styles and number levels working and then import the MS word document into the template.

General Board / Re: Swim lane header font changing
« on: July 18, 2018, 08:22:43 pm »
Interesting I just tried this in version 14 build 1422 and I get the same result. But weird in the sense the in the diagram it looks bigger than 8 point more like 12 point. However the dialog does say 8 point after following these steps
1) setting it to 18 point and saving swimlane change,
2) save the diagram,
2) closing the diagram and
3) re-opening it again to observe it resetting back to 8 point that looks like 12 point

You should raise this as bug with Sparx Systems.

Interesting I'm using V14 B 1422 but when I edit a CSV Import/ Export Specifications it works as expected and the specification is modified and not deleted like you are experiencing
I'm using it on a SQL Server repository on a Windows 10 Pro Platform.

Would you care to share
a) the steps you take when experiencing the deletion
b) your environment and repository technologies

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Archimate connector stereotype labels
« on: July 15, 2018, 10:29:22 am »
Having used ArchiMate for the last 11 years here are my humble opinions on your suggestion

To be clear - I'm after the Archimate relationship stereotype to be displayed, not anything related to UML types or stereotypes.  For example to have a connector display (optionally, controlled by the existing property) a text label "<<ArchiMate_Access>>", or even better "<<Access>>" to match the toolbox text.
Whilst section 15.2 of the ArchiMateŽ 3.0.1 Specification does suggestion using stereotypes on specialisations of elements and relationships I've not seen anything in the literature to show stereotypes of the standard elements and relationships so you are asking for a deviation which is not necessarily better.

I take your point that Archimate is a new language, although I can't see anything that precludes relationships from being labelled with stereotypes (the Archimate stereotypes). In fact the language explicitly includes the ability to specialize the base (Archimate) element and relationship types and explicitly specifies the use of the UML style guillemet notation for this.
ArchiMate has been around for a while now and I started using it in 2007. The standard was published by the open group in 2009 but ArchiMate was around since 2004. So its not really new is it? This is evident by the fact that most books on the subject are in there 3rd or 4th Edition.

I don't see how this would impact any users of Archimate negatively - assuming it would be controlled by the existing 'show stereotype labels' diagram property.  With that property turned off the behaviour would be the same as it currently is. However I also take your point that it is unlikely that this will be changed if I raise a feature request (ie I shouldn't waste my time doing that).
I for one would be annoyed if I had to go and turn that off in every diagram as I have a model with over 1,000 diagrams.
If your really want that type of feature I suggest you create your own ArchiMate based MDG and put as many deviations as you like in it with shape scripts.

I noticed this too when upgrading to V14 B1422 so raised a bug report and got this reply

This was deliberately introduced into v14.0 build 1400.
From the readme.txt:
"Diagram Legends now appear in the Project Browser"

Not sure about the logic but the legend is a diagram object of type text and other diagram object such as Text does not show in browser neither does boundary nor Note. I've asked about the logic behind showing the the legend in the project browser and awaiting a response.

The users in my organisation don't like it as it clutters the project browser view.
Anyone else thinks the logic in showing the diagram legend in the project browser is flawed?

General Board / Re: EA 14 Tagged values // Convert eapx to eap
« on: July 12, 2018, 07:08:33 am »
Hello guys, I have two questions..
First one --- how to extract tagged values to cvs, but tagged values have same name so when I creat CVS file I only got one Type of tagged values like in one component i have 5 tagged values with same name and when i exctract svc file, excel show me only one tagged values, how to represent all 5  ?

And secound --- how to convert eapx to eap ?
Your not a member of the Opus Dei priesthood are you?
If not take then easy route.
Change the tag names. You should be able to change the tag names using MS Access.
Don't change eapx to eap files as its a backward step.

Here is some info that may help.
An eap file is basically an MS Access 97 database which has a limit around 1GB
If using V14 of Sparx EA then you could use an eapx file which is MS Access DB 2003/7 and later which has a limit of 2GB.
Rough rule is to only have around 5  concurrent users using MS Access but you'll find variations.
Slow networks can be problematic as Sparx EA is quite a chatty app.
There is a WAN optimiser that you could try but no experience with that
You can create an eapx file then transfer from your current file.
Being MS Access you should do the following on a regular basis (weekly)
a) project integrity check
b) compact

If your number of users increases or the file size gets close to 1GB or above then consider using MS SQL. Avoid Oracle it has performance issues with Sparx EA.

Not sure about feap files as haven't used them but you could try those as its basically firebird db which has a larger limit.

Open options dialog in the template and change the order for package and element to "name" rather than "tree order".
Failing that you will have to write a customer SQL script that sorts the order.

General Board / Re: Advice on creating Arcimate reports from diagrams
« on: July 06, 2018, 06:17:57 am »
Yes the doc generation takes some time and effort to get working. Most of that in which you ask should be possible
To achieve what you ask create a  template and in the sections tick the following

Between the tags (yellow items) in the template right click and select insert field and then select name, notes, type etc  what ever you want.

If you want to filter out certain elements then that can be achieved by opening the document options and either selecting exclude filters or select element filters.

Not sure how to get the  matrix as I've not tried that.

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