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It's actually remarkable how quickly Archimate becomes semantically void when trying to work at this level.
Its all about choosing the right tool for the job. ArchiMate is fine for the high level architectural models to link strategy, motivation, business, applications, infrastructure and migration. However you do need to switch modelling language when more details are needed. I can remember the days gone by before UML and I would see people trying to use notations from Booch, Rumbaugh, Jacobson, Yourdon etc. out of the intended purpose for which they were meant. Nothing seems to change. Kind of like my 9 year old daughter using a screw driver to hammer in a nail because that's what was in her hand at the time. That was a few years ago and she has since learnt when to use a hammer and a screw driver now.

So does that mean that you can fully simulate drawnativeshape()?  That is, generate a full rectangular form? 
Yes I have the following code to separate the shape for rectangular notation
Code: [Select]
Like you, we allow features (attributes and operations) to be allowed for any ArchiMate element.  But it seemed too hard to do it without drawnativeshape().  Also, are there performance issues

The attributes I add are via the MDG so they end up as tagged values. Don't add operations though not found a need whilst modelling in ArchiMate. No noticeable performance hit with a model of around 750MB and 42,000 elements, 2,300 Diagrams.

Only use ArchiMate for Enterprise Architecture level work. Integrate UML for detailed solution work and BPMN for modelling detailed processes in similar fashion mentioned in BizzDesigns blog

The reason I mentioned it is that I've seen a few architects try to use ArchiMate for detailed level design and end up struggling because the language was never meant for that level.

General Board / Re: Visibility of attributes for Node
« on: June 08, 2017, 06:22:10 am »
Try checking the diagram properties on the element and ensure that attributes box is ticked. That seemed to work for me

There is, however, no such solution for drawnativeshape(); is there?
Yeah I feel your pain. I've given up using drawnativeshape(); now as it just doesn't provide enough control. The point you make above is just one example. Many years ago I did create an archimate based MDG before it was available in sparx EA. When the Sparx EA archimate MDG came out I converted mine to using drawnativeshape() as all I wanted to do was add attributes. But then I found over the years I've converted them all back to having full shapescripts to provide the level of customisation needed. Kind of full circle.
Now Geert has provided all the shapescripts in Git you have a wide selection to choose from.

General Board / Re: Re-using standard shapescripts
« on: June 06, 2017, 09:49:47 pm »
There are some interesting work done by Cognit Solution, thay have made som extension to Archimate 2.1 to define a IML (Infrasteucture Modeling Language) with some nice shapes.

I don't actually see the point of what they've done.  It wasn't hard to use pure Archimate for what they're modelling.

I have to agree I struggle to see the value of IML. Yes you could use standard ArchiMate or if you want something similar you could use UML and stereotype nodes with server, computer, storage etc  in Sparx EA anyway as its built in. Plus you can create attributes in the Node and set state values in the instances of the nodes for IP addresses, CPU, RAM etc.  ::)

As they say here in NZ - "Yeah Nah". IML is not for me.

General Board / Re: Input XML for EA
« on: June 06, 2017, 09:23:50 pm »
Not sure if this is what is wanted but you can create an example diagram in Sparx EA then export the package it is in to XMI. If you have an MDG you can add a reference to that XMI with the example diagram and use the wizard feature to create a copy of the example in a similar fashion to Core modelling use case. I did something similar with all the ArchiMate Viewpoints and the entry in MDG was something like this

Code: [Select]
<Model name="Viewpoints" description="Examples of viewpoints for Enterprise Architecture" location="Viewpoints.xml" default="yes" icon="34" filter=""/>

General Board / Re: Where are diagram themes stored
« on: June 06, 2017, 09:02:19 pm »
Make sure you've saved it as a theme, not just configured the various settings to look the way you like.

Once you have, you'll find the themes in AppData/Roaming/Sparx System/diagram_themes.xml

Thanks Simon I had saved the theme but just didn't know what file the theme was being saved in. Kind of obvious now I see it but couldn't see the the wood for the trees. That path you gave was close but I actually found it in this path for V13 Build 1310. Not sure if the path differs according to version.

C:\Users\Sunshine\AppData\Roaming\Sparx Systems\EA\diagram_themes.xml

It was easier to find once I knew the file name.  :)

General Board / Re: Where are diagram themes stored
« on: June 06, 2017, 08:51:08 pm »
Can you describe, in broad terms, what aspects of the diagram you modified to "brand" the diagrams?  We might want to do something similar.
Sure thing, here goes;
1) From the ribbon Layout>Diagram>Appearance>Theme and Appearance options
2) In the preferences dialog select standard colours and set the element fill, line, text etc to those required by  organisations web colour palette or logo.
3) Select themes and tick font, colour, line thickness etc then click on save button and save as new style such as "Corporate"
4) Providing your diagrams have default line and fill colour you can then apply the style to all diagrams and the meet the corporate colours.

For my org we used mid grey for connectors and a light orange for fill and line on the elements with mid grey for font names. Gives the diagrams a softer and less technical look.

General Board / Where are diagram themes stored
« on: June 06, 2017, 06:55:31 am »
I've created a diagram Theme to align with our corporate brand but can't seem to find where they are stored. Initially I assumed they were stored in the repository but alas that was wrong as none of my colleagues can see the new theme in our central repository. I've looked in the AppData/Roaming/Sparx Systems and Program Files(x86)/Sparx Systems but can't find anything. Does any one know?

General Board / Re: Pro Cloud Server versus SPARX Cloud Service
« on: May 24, 2017, 06:54:43 am »
My simple understanding is that the cloud services provides a http/s connection to the database whereas the pro cloud server is providing a web application presentation layer in PHP so that folks can see the model without the need to install Sparx EA.
There is a tech overview diagram that might help visualise how these fit together.
Hope that helps  :)

General Board / Re: Question regarding uploading a new profile
« on: May 21, 2017, 08:09:10 am »
1. You can synch the stereotypes one at a time by right clicking in the tool box on the element and selecting synchronise stereotype.

2. Renamed tags will be added as new tags to existing stereotypes. The old tags will remain. You'll need to write your own script to copy the values and delete the old tags.

General Board / Re: Snap Lines - Allow overlay?
« on: May 19, 2017, 07:23:18 am »
Maybe those features might come after they have finished on pro cloud. V13.5 beta is out but no supporting material to say whats in it so may be, just maybe its in V13.5

General Board / Sparx EA V13.5 Beta
« on: May 19, 2017, 07:19:56 am »
Great news - I received an email from Sparx Systems about pro cloud release and Sparx EA V13.5 Beta.

- Build web and mobile friendly navigation diagrams for web ea users to navigate your model easier
- create formal reviews and manage review process from EA
- specify the elements in a review
- join colleagues in the discussion
Lots more ...

I've down loaded the V13.5 beta and I've looked on line to find out more about "lots more..." but can't find anything. 
I guess the supporting material is not ready yet. Not even a mention on the forum

General Board / Re: Project Styles - where are they?
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:18:10 pm »
Even Libre Office has a ribbon
Think you'll find thats a tool bar not a ribbon - no tabs. Sparx has toolbars too and a ribbon.

General Board / Re: Apple Mac, ODBC to SQL Server under Crossover
« on: May 13, 2017, 07:18:44 am »
Sounds like  you on top of it. Interesting to hear what crossover say.

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