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I'm with Peter in that I'd like to see that feature come back as its so much more convenient than trying to remember to press F2. If I want to be forced to remember shortcut keys I'd still be using Vi or Emacs.
At least it's consistent.  Editing of the name on a diagram - having selected the name field - with a double-click has also gone.  You need to use F[F2] to get at the name.

But I'm also finding that editing names in the Attribute dialog (where each attribute is listed) has gotten worse. It was always a bit problematic for me, but now it's quite stressful.  Double-click seems to misbehave.

Not using V14 at work just yet so not aware of all these "new features". However just tried editing name on diagram with double click and it worked okay for me.
Similarly only tried a creating a few attributes then updating and seemed to be fine although a little different.
Using build 1418 is that the same build you have having problems with Paolo?

Bugs and Issues / Re: V14 different browser order
« on: May 08, 2018, 05:09:37 pm »
Haven't tried on SQL repository. Order seems ok on eap file.
I did notice that the up and down arrows seem to be disabled in the project browser though.

I'm with Peter in that I'd like to see that feature come back as its so much more convenient than trying to remember to press F2. If I want to be forced to remember shortcut keys I'd still be using Vi or Emacs.

General Board / Re: Rule model toolbox
« on: May 05, 2018, 02:53:41 pm »
check out comparison of features page and search for "rule"
You'll see its not a feature of professional.

Good to see someone thinking about this prickly problem in Sparx EA. I remember having a conversation way back in 1997 with Popkin for System Architect to support such a feature - unfortunately it was too hard for them. It was the relationships between the elements that was the tricky part.  :(

I like your idea of using a GUID to link back to the original element with a tag value and in addition taking a leaf from Martin Fowlers work on temporal patterns you could add a date range of when its active. Here's the link to Martin Fowlers temporal patterns

I guess it would be possible to do the same thing with the connector too.

There was a time when Sparx was agile in the positive sense. But that was 2003 plus a few years later.

I remember those days. A new build every couple of weeks

Bugs and Issues / Re: HTML Report Not Working In Google Chrome
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:04:16 am »
Its a new security feature in modern browsers to stop running javascript from local file system. In chrome you can override with a command line flag --allow-file-access-from-files. For example run chrome from command line like so you can execute the javascript.
I usually create a short cut with the following in the command line.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files

Weird, I've had the opposite where an extra margin of space in the image of around 15% of diagram width is created on right hand side. Seemed to be random and could never find the cause.

What part is getting chopped in your diagram?

In the past to control the size of the diagram being created in docs I've added a boundary to the diagram, coloured it white and sized it to control the diagram width and height kind of like a frame.

I don't think the definition of System of Record above has much to do with the "of record" part.

From the descriptions (and they ARE descriptions - since they describe some properties, but you can't use the properties to classify) it may be that they were thinking of
"Recording Systems vs Differentiating Systems vs Innovating Systems", but just because you are a Recording System, it doesn't (ipso facto) make you a "System of Record".  Just as "an Officer of a Statutory Entity" is not necessarily a "Statutory Officer".
Agree with you 100% - was just pointing out how the term "System of Record" can be confused as  major consulting firms coin phrases which muddy the water.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: EU GDPR MDG Technology
« on: April 12, 2018, 10:22:59 am »
1. Is anyone using EA to model and document data flows for GDPR?
I use ArchiMate elements and Flow relationship. For presentations to management I use alternative images for the elements but underneath they are archimate.

Alternatively I've seen folk use old fashion Data Flow Diagrams and to make them more appealing I've seen people select alternative images to represent the processes and stores. That together with swimlanes would probably result in something looking like that GDPR link you provided below. You could import those images into the model to use the same images.

2. Anyone made or knows og MDG Technologies that can be used? I came on this one which is basically UML Activity.
Sorry don't know of any MDG that would replicate that. Its not hard to create your own MDG now so you could roll your own in a day or so.

FYI Gartner has something called pace layering which describes three types of system.

Systems of Record Established packaged applications or legacy homegrown systems that support core transaction processing and manage the organization's critical master data. The rate of change is low, because the processes are well-established and common to most organizations, and often are subject to regulatory requirements.

Systems of Differentiation Applications that enable unique company processes or industry-specific capabilities. They have a medium life cycle (one to three years), but need to be reconfigured frequently to accommodate changing business practices or customer requirements.

Systems of Innovation New applications that are built on an ad hoc basis to address new business requirements or opportunities. These are typically short life cycle projects (zero to 12 months) using departmental or outside resources and consumer-grade technologies.


Yes, I saw a post recently mentioning that eapx files are now jet 4.0 (Access 2003 and later) and the eap files would still use jet 3.5 for Sparx EA V14.
If memory serves I think it was Access 2013 that was the last version that could open Jet 3.5 access files.

I understand that Access 2016 no longer supports jet 3.5 so can't open the older eap files or even convert them.

Sparx did provide an eap file that was based on jet 4 and if you name it EABase.eap and put it in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\ then all your new eap files will be on jet 4 with earlier versions (before v14) of Sparx EA.

I guess that Sparx are just correcting errors as ArchiMate is how its supposed to be.

I used Wine on a Mac and its been a while but from memory I used winetricks to install extras needed by apps like .net, mfc etc. Not sure if Crossover has similar things. Perhaps ask Crossover support.

General Board / Re: Stereotype bulk change
« on: April 01, 2018, 05:35:45 am »
Here is a full script listed in JScript I've posted before.,30653.msg223132.html#msg223132

Just change the conversions[] array part of the code. Can add many conversions by adding more elements
Code: [Select]
var Conversions = new Array();
// sourceObject,sourceStereotype,targetObject, targetStereotypea
//Add Array of conversions here
Conversions[0] = new TypeConversion("Class", "ArchiMate_Requirement", "Class", "Requirement");
Conversions[1]= new TypeConversion("Class", "ArchiMate_Principle", "Class", "Requirement");
Hope that helps

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