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General Board / Re: GetRelationSet
« on: March 16, 2018, 01:37:38 am »
Thank you for your help, qwerty, Geert.

I am not at the point identifying the links of an element, just trying to find what elements are linked.
Thank you for the link to Git. However it seems that GetRelationSet is never used there? Perhaps it is the wrong idea using that one to find and later delete relations to other elements?

That is the code leading to 'Object required: '[string:""]' on line 18.

Code: [Select]
option explicit

!INC Local Scripts.EAConstants-VBScript
sub OnDiagramScript()
dim i
dim source as EA.Element
dim currentDiagram as EA.Diagram
set currentDiagram = Repository.GetCurrentDiagram()
if not currentDiagram is nothing then
dim selectedObjects as EA.Collection
set selectedObjects = currentDiagram.SelectedObjects
if selectedObjects.Count > 0 then
dim currentElement as EA.DiagramObject
set currentElement = selectedObjects.GetAt( 0 )
set source = Repository.GetElementByID(currentElement.ElementID)
If(source.Type = "InteractionOccurrence") then
dim all as EA.Collection
set all = source.GetRelationSet(rsDependStart)
Session.Output all.count
end if
end if
Session.Prompt "This script requires a diagram to be visible", promptOK
end if

end sub


After logging in, to the Sparx Systems Form
when clicking on "" I get the failure "Database Error: Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator."

It is the same behavior regardless of OS (tried Win10 and Debian Linux) or browser (tried IE, Firefox. With Chrome on Win10 I am not able to login.)

Also I would be able to search for latest entries of a certain person, without specifying a subject. Is that possible?

General Board / GetRelationSet
« on: March 15, 2018, 11:50:59 pm »
I am trying to write a script (VBScript) that deletes all dependencies of an element. I tried to use GetRelationSet, but can not understand what I am doing wrong: if I put the constant rsDependStart as a parameter I get the failure Object required: '[string:""]'. Shall I pass a string?

BTW: As a "sporadic scripter" in a number of scripting languages, I would like to have a big set of examples that I can search quickly - just to remember the syntax and basic sequences of statements. Currently I am only able to search one script at a time. Any recommendation?

General Board / Re: EA refuses to show diagrams
« on: March 15, 2018, 11:35:47 pm »
Thank you Sunshine and Cantoni, good to know that the size is not big.
However, I have not seen the obstacle for a few days now - since I converted to Win10.

On Win7 I used an eap file totally local, and repaired and compressed it from time to time.

General Board / Re: EA refuses to show diagrams
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:59:49 pm »
I can have 2 or 10 diagrams open - each should be selectable by its tab. Diagrams usually shall show a few to moderate number of elements (<20). However, the model is not small in size - 50MByte after compression.

I will monitor whether certain open diagrams are part of the open diagrams in order to follow the idea, that a specific diagram is causing this strange behavior.

However, I would like to know if any other has noticed a similar behavior of EA UI.

General Board / Exchange Elements by new Imports
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:51:00 pm »
By parsing existing code, I managed to import interfaces and data-types.
However, I found my current procedure to import a new version of the same interfaces and data-types too complicated and not automatic enough.

What would be your solution or recommendation to achieve a somewhat automatic solution?

Kind Regards, Rolf

p.s. for re-engineering I am using SRCML, as well as libclang, resulting in XMI for import.
My current procedure for exchange is: in the model flag old elements as "old" by changing the name, import new elements from XMI, and do the exchange manually. I am also omitting elements from the import-XMI that already exist in the model by the same name and type.

General Board / Not enough storage is available to complete this operation
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:31:46 pm »
I am using EA together with PTC.
Prior to checking out, I used to "Get All Latest" in "Package Control", in order to have all latest changes available.
Sometimes - most probably at times when I have worked some time with EA e.g. on other projects - I get the failure
"Error: Code=0x8007000e Souce=Line:0;Char:0 Error Description=Not enough storage is available to complete this operation."
The only way I found to get out of this problem - other error windows pop up when I close it - is, to kill the EA process using Task Manager.
It does not help to restart EA, but to restart Windows.

Sometimes after restarting, EA tells, that there is some data base problem an I have to repair the eap file.

I am using Win7 with 16GByte, Task Manager Performance show less the 8GByte have been used.

Any advice to avoid this problem (looks like a memory leak somewhere).

Kind Regards


General Board / EA refuses to show diagrams
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:15:53 pm »
Sometimes, ~ 2 times a day, I ran into the situation that EA constantly shows one diagram. If I click any other diagram a new tab shows up and seems to be selected, but the content of the screen does not change to the selected diagram. Still the same that is constantly shown.

I can click any other tab - representing an opened diagram - the tab has changed color, looks like if it is selected, but the content of the main area of the window has not changed - still showing the constantly shown one.

One exception is, when I select the "Start Page" tab, that one shows up - but now this is the constantly shown main window content. I am not able to change the window content regardless what I am doing in EA.

It does not help to close and re-open the project in EA. The only work-around I found so far is closing and re-opening EA. Is there any better advice?

I am using EA build 1351 on Win7.

Kind Regards


General Board / different sets of Default Types
« on: January 30, 2018, 08:00:24 pm »
Why are the default types used for parameters and returns in operations different from those used with action pins and object-nodes?

The problem:
I used to explain an algorithm designed for an operations by one or a tree of activity diagrams. Traceability "by-name" requires to have action-pins or parameter-object-nodes in activity diagrams as of the same name and type as those used for the definition of the explained operation e.g. in an interface specification.

Many of these data flows are of simple types. I would like to use default types as to be quick in specifications. Taken the two different sets of default types, this is not possible. I got forbit to use default types for all designers.

Alternatively - and even better - I would like to populate the default types selection drop-down menu, in order to use my own set of base types.

Example using default types:

operation(par: int): boolean

(input) action-pin: Integer
(ouput) action-pin: Boolean

This can hardly be sold as traceability, at least it would be needless added complexity.

General Board / Re: SCC interface to PTC of EA does not find Unique IDs
« on: January 27, 2018, 03:05:41 am »
Found two possible workarounds - seems like a complicated problem in EA, PTC, SCC, or Windows.

If your WIndows is very new using EA together with SCC-enabled PTC:
  • as a first step, do not try to rebuild an .eap file from a sandbox populated in PTC from some other Windows installation
  • instead: get an .eap file from a colleague which already uses the SCC-enabled PTC via some Unique ID (e.g. open it, -> get-all-latest), or
  • instead: create some new (toy) Unique ID by enabling a package for configuration control in some local .eap to PTC,
after that you are able to rebuild from any sandbox that is bound to a Unique ID.

a colleague analysed differences in the registry, and changed it on the Windows that shows the problem, successfully.

General Board / Re: SCC interface to PTC of EA does not find Unique IDs
« on: January 18, 2018, 04:17:14 am »
Yes, thank you Helmut for your contribution.
Sure, setting the SCC Integration in PTC - using admin rights - is the first step. Some colleagues and me, we are working successfully with PTC using EA.
The problem is - and I am facing this with several new attempts - that I can not get some of the PCs of colleagues to work with PTC for the first time.
If the link to SCC works ones - it works forever.
Somehow EA shall lookup already existing Unique IDs that come with the cloned PTC project, the sandbox, hosting EA packages.

I am looking for someone who knows the algorithm how exactly EA finds existing Unique IDs in order to narrow the problem.

General Board / Re: SCC interface to PTC of EA does not find Unique IDs
« on: January 11, 2018, 04:50:43 am »
Thank you for your answer, Simon.
However, it does not solve my problem.

On the link you provided there is another link:

In Step 2 it tells about "previously defined version control configurations". That is my case: I already defined the Unique ID on one PC, and - sometimes on other PCs - the drop down appears to be empty instead of showing already defined Unique IDs. Sometimes it works as described in the other link.

Why? What could be the difference? Where to look further?

When I do not solve this problem, I can not share the EA model that is checked into PTC with some colleagues.

General Board / SCC interface to PTC of EA does not find Unique IDs
« on: January 10, 2018, 06:26:46 am »
What I did:
check-in the top-most and other packages as items in PTC, PTC has an SCC integration by a Unique ID for this EA project.
in PTC enabled SCC integration on a colleagues PC (as win7 administrator)
created a sandbox of that PTC folder on that PC.
created a new empty project in EA.
tried to configure Version Control by selecting the local path of the sandbox.
selected "MKS SCC Integration" for the field "SCC Provider" (the only choise)
opened the "Unique ID" pull-down to select it for the given EA project stored in the given PTC sandbox.

What I expected:
a list with just the Unique ID to appear in the pull-down - as known by PTC and probably derived by SCC and EA from the sandbox.

What I got:
an empty list - I cannot have EA to link to the Version Control Settings of the EA project found in the sandbox.

What I checked:
I can - and some colleagues can do also - create a new project from the PTC sandbox on the original PC and colleagues PCs.
I checked every step on my and on the colleagues PC to be sure they are the same.
I restarted EA, I rebooted the PC, ...

Nothing helped.

It seems that sometimes or for some reason EA is not able to find the available Unique IDs associated with the PTC sandbox.

What could cause this missing linking?
Or: what would be a next step to find out?

General Board / Re: Plugin of Script?
« on: October 21, 2017, 06:21:02 am »
qwerty, Paolo - thank you for your helpful contribution: a script for processing all interfaces on the current diagram would do - at least in the first place.

Paolo - I looked around Shapescript examples. I understood that they are used to do other notations than provided by UML and they are bound to a certain stereotype. That is not what I want. I like to switch some Rectangle/Circle property somewhere, not to draw anything.

From Geerts scripts tutorial I found a Diagram script close to what I try to achieve. It is fairly easy to loop over all interfaces found on a diagram.
But how to determine whether the shape is rectangle or circle? And how to switch it? I could not find a certain property or function of the located EA.element. I also wonder whether this should be a property of that interface EA.element. It should show up as a circle on the one current diagram only! For my understanding it could be a property of the relation between the Interface EA.element and the Diagram it is located on. Hmm ... how to find that in the Automation Object Model?

I feel I am close but would like to ask for some help here.

Kind Regards


General Board / Re: Plugin of Script?
« on: October 20, 2017, 09:34:08 am »
Thank you for the question qwerty, let me explain:

My real problem is that I am doing re-engineering instead of SW architecture (guess that is the way 90% of all SW architectures for real commercial programs are created). The prototype works somewhat and the company (SW quality) likes to know what they got and have to maintain. External auditors also are more strict in this. Re-engineering leads to a lot of .h-files to import as UML interfaces for having tractability to the code.

Showing these interfaces on class diagrams for detailed view is no problem.
Showing these interfaces (and sub- and super-sets of them) in component diagrams is required in order to have a base for interactions (e.g. sequence diagrams), the basis of traceability to SW requirements, module requirements and integration tests.
On component diagrams I do not need the details of the interface - just the name. Usage of circle notation is the way we decided to do - as opposed to forks and lollipops. My task is to place the massive amount of interfaces - together with their sub- and super-sets - on component diagrams. As it is a big software I have lots of hierarchically ordered component diagrams - all with inner and external interfaces. Turning each of these interface to circle notation takes a fair amount of my time - too many clicks.

As I understood scripts do not help much to save clicks.

Therefore I have to learn about templates (not sure though if that helps) or have to apply EA-Matic to get an "Component Diagram Change" event for triggering (if that exists) to check all interfaces of that diagram for circle notation.

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