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General Board / Re: Where are user passwords stored?
« on: April 20, 2018, 08:22:10 pm »
To Qwerty
Is your book about Scripting in EA updatet to EA v 13.x ?

Steen Jensen

Anyone know if its possible to have a trace back as a link to a PDF or Doc file to a specific sentence?
If I want to scan a doc/pdf for requirements, i would like have some reference to the place inside the document (Doc/pdf) for trace back etc.

Is it possible in any way with EA??
Only thing I know today is a ref:link to external doc, but if large doc could be >100 requirements from same doc

Perfect, just what I needed for our internal web-publishing at SLL


General Board / Re: specify maximum size of a diagram in a report
« on: March 22, 2018, 02:57:38 am »
In Diagram properties, Page Setup, Advanced you can select page with or any scale

I dont see how to use Virtual document when creating HTML reports??
Same with Report packages, cant select HTML templates
Maybe not supported or....

Okey, thanks I check EAforms, Making my own MDG is a looong way ahead :)

How do I (easy) create forms for editing selected fields (Notes, Tagged values etc) without a lot of clicking around EA standard GUI?
I have seen a form when using HL7 FM2 model that was having its own profile

Hi all and thanks for all good suggestions.

I have requested a separate test-db as a copy of prod repository and a a separate test-client (Win-PC) where I can test new EA builds & MDG/plugins and let some selected users be the acceptance-test group before production deployment, prod-repository & prod EA-client

I start with some process modeling in EA and some instructions & routines for me and my colleagues to have a documented solution for this.  ;)

We have a MS-SQL repository and ca 30 installed EA users.
The Floating license server dont have any useble management interface as i.e. logg-on user statitics. and its not possible for me to get the log-file for analys.
As we have security enabled on repository, is there any chance that users are registred in some tables when they login to the repository??

Wonder what BABOK-MDG did? as it was a msi packet with no import instruktions.

I be more careful next time I want to test a new MDG,

Hi Arshad.
How do I install a MDG in user mode??
And how do I restrict other user to make my mistake again, ie make repository model have requirement of unnecessary MDG:s

Nope I just installed the BABOK MDG in my client. Then I did some other work in the model in Repository with builtin Archimate 3.x
I did not start any BABOK modeling

But I have learned that I need a Real test environment and process as I requires from other part of the organisation :)


Hi all EA users.

I was testing the BABOK MDG/Pluggin from Sparx on my daily client/PC.
Normally Im connected to our repository, so this time also.
Then other EA-users couldn't connect to the Repository, They got error msg: " Required MDG BABOK is not available"
I got "Panic" .... WtF.. I have just installed BABOK, not started modeling ...
A day later I got answer from Sparx how to check the Models in repository for BABOK MDG requirement. So there I could remove it.
We lost 1 day of work for 10-15 users when they was not able to use the repository.

My question is how do you test new MDG, funktiones etc in real life??
- An other Sparx EA client-PC just for test?
- An other Test repository?
- Other test stuff?

General Board / Re: Security users - windows authentication
« on: February 02, 2018, 08:56:31 am »
Hi Uffe.

How do you make a EA shortcut for a DBMS-project? with correct connection params. ???

General Board / Re: Running script from an specific Element
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:43:14 am »
Perfect Uffe.
Vi hörs  ;)

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