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Anyone know if its possible to have a trace back as a link to a PDF or Doc file to a specific sentence?
If I want to scan a doc/pdf for requirements, i would like have some reference to the place inside the document (Doc/pdf) for trace back etc.

Is it possible in any way with EA??
Only thing I know today is a ref:link to external doc, but if large doc could be >100 requirements from same doc

I dont see how to use Virtual document when creating HTML reports??
Same with Report packages, cant select HTML templates
Maybe not supported or....

How do I (easy) create forms for editing selected fields (Notes, Tagged values etc) without a lot of clicking around EA standard GUI?
I have seen a form when using HL7 FM2 model that was having its own profile

We have a MS-SQL repository and ca 30 installed EA users.
The Floating license server dont have any useble management interface as i.e. logg-on user statitics. and its not possible for me to get the log-file for analys.
As we have security enabled on repository, is there any chance that users are registred in some tables when they login to the repository??

Hi all EA users.

I was testing the BABOK MDG/Pluggin from Sparx on my daily client/PC.
Normally Im connected to our repository, so this time also.
Then other EA-users couldn't connect to the Repository, They got error msg: " Required MDG BABOK is not available"
I got "Panic" .... WtF.. I have just installed BABOK, not started modeling ...
A day later I got answer from Sparx how to check the Models in repository for BABOK MDG requirement. So there I could remove it.
We lost 1 day of work for 10-15 users when they was not able to use the repository.

My question is how do you test new MDG, funktiones etc in real life??
- An other Sparx EA client-PC just for test?
- An other Test repository?
- Other test stuff?

General Board / Running script from an specific Element
« on: January 10, 2018, 03:52:20 am »
Hi all.

Is it possible to have a script in a element ie Artefact or variant of.. That can be started when needed?
that calulates some tagged values from actual diagram.

Or are scripts part of model aka in Database?
Or are script stored in EA client package? has to be deplyed to all EA clients...(as alternate Images..)

General Board / How get statistics from number of EA usages with key store
« on: December 02, 2017, 10:48:36 am »
Hi all EA modelers out there.

At my work we have 15 floating licenses i Shared Key store server and about 25 installed EA.
As owner of the EA system and all its infrastructure (DB-server, Key-store-server, Web publishing server and EA licenses) I whould like to get some statistics from the Key Store. I have asked Sparx support but they say I have to check the Key-Store logfiles my self.

Problem is that I donīt have access to the servers them self.
So I wonder if any of you have made any stand-alone script or a small program that reads the key-store log-files and makes the data usable??

I have no idea if I needs more licenses or if Iīm paying to much. (Sparx are missing the selling point here, stupid sales-dep)

The management interface of SparxKeyStoreServices just show what user have a key at that moment.
We have 15 Floating keys, but I have no way to check how many users was using Sparx last week, or what was the peek usage last week or month, so I can order more keys in advance, to be litle proaktiv :)

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