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I wonder if anybody has tried to use the EA MDG integration with products that are based on the Visual Studio 2010 Shells. I've had some sort of success with the Python Tools for Visual Studio. I now wonder if the integration would for example be also possible with AVRStudio 5 by Atmel which appears to be based on the Visual Studio 2010 Shell.


Hi, is anybody having an example data type description file that adds the C language stdint.h definitions to EA? The help info on the programming languages data type does not really explain all the fields.

I installed Visual Studio Integration 4.5 for EA 8.0.864.8 on a Windows 7 64bit system, however in the Manage Add-Ins dialog I find it only as administrator and not as standard user. Any hints?

Hi, is there any information available on the planned release schedule for Visual Studio Integration V4.5 ?


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Importing C source code
« on: August 12, 2010, 09:41:41 pm »
I have a couple of C structures that features conditional compilation, and that I would like to reverse engineer with EA. The problem is when I later generate source code from the diagram that was constructed while importing the code, I loose the conditional compilation part of it.


typedef union
    uint32_t    ui32;
    uint16_t    ui16;
    uint8_t     ui8;

typedef struct
    uint32_t    u32_id;
    t_DATA      u_data;
#ifdef (FLAG)
    uint8_t     u8_flag;

Is there any way to make Enterprise Architect understand such constructs?

Im trying to model code that will be implemented in good old plain C. For a start I did some tests trying to import exiting (but heavily simplified) code via Code Engineering->Import Source Directory. I run into problems however with code such as 'char *pc_name;'  I get error messages such as 'Unexpected symbol: *'

I tried to browse the forum and the white papers section on topics related to reverse and forward engineering of code, however all articles an posting focus on object orientated languages and not on how to proceed with the 'classical' languages such a C.

Is there any additional background information on possible limitations, or has somebody gather experience on possible limitation in this respect.

I'm currently using EA 8.0 beta 2

Thanks for any input

Hi, is there any news on the MDG Integration for Visual Studio v4.0 which was released as beta 1 back in January this year?

Hi, maybe somebody can help:
Is there any way to filter according to specific role types while defining tagged values? I know of


but I would rather prefer to allow selection from a list that corresponds  to a specific role type, such a Project Manager or Developer.

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