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Im trying to model code that will be implemented in good old plain C. For a start I did some tests trying to import exiting (but heavily simplified) code via Code Engineering->Import Source Directory. I run into problems however with code such as 'char *pc_name;'  I get error messages such as 'Unexpected symbol: *'

I tried to browse the forum and the white papers section on topics related to reverse and forward engineering of code, however all articles an posting focus on object orientated languages and not on how to proceed with the 'classical' languages such a C.

Is there any additional background information on possible limitations, or has somebody gather experience on possible limitation in this respect.

I'm currently using EA 8.0 beta 2

Thanks for any input

Hi, is there any news on the MDG Integration for Visual Studio v4.0 which was released as beta 1 back in January this year?

Basically I try to implement a profile that allows my modeling safety relevant software developments according to IEC61508. On of the things that one is supposed to do is a formal documentation of the requirements tracking and design process, including who performed the review and who finally verified the review. For each of these process only specific People will be 'qualified'. These have to be documented including their affiliation etc. I thus would have like to include the corresponding information into my people definition, and then later on in for example my FunctionRequirement stereotype add attributes according to my tagged values.
This could look something like below:

Role=Project Manager;

As you mentioned this is currently not possible, so I will just use the Authors keyword for the time being. It may however be an interesting feature for further revisions of Enterprise Architect to support such functionality. Also the possibility to enter company data corresponding to individual People may be a useful feature.

Thanks for the reply, though it does not appear to work as role types do not seem to be UML sterotypes.
Generally, when editing people working on a project, I'm missing that I can select from a predefined set of roles for People, and not for Resources (where on the other hand I can add company affiliation etc. to a particular resource. I have problems understanding the differences here between People and Resources.

Hi, maybe somebody can help:
Is there any way to filter according to specific role types while defining tagged values? I know of


but I would rather prefer to allow selection from a list that corresponds  to a specific role type, such a Project Manager or Developer.

Similar context, question from a beginner: When I export a requirements profile created based on the description the the Sparx Systems white paper, type, values, default, etc are not written into the generated UML file. What do I do wrong here?

Thanks, Martin

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