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Bugs and Issues / SELECT * FROM t_genopt throws error
« on: October 31, 2012, 10:16:20 pm »
When I issue a Repository.SQLquery ('SELECT * FROM t_genopt') EA shows an error box:

Source Line : 0; Char : 0
Error description = (null)

But only in one model. The contents of t_genopt does not look suspicious when queried from inside EA.

Any idea before I send a bug report?


Bugs and Issues / Working with struc. UC scenarios
« on: July 15, 2012, 05:16:08 am »
Does anyone successfully work with structured UC scenarios? I'm currently playing around with that feature. I stumbled over a couple of issues at once almost immediately:
1) The Uses column does not really look like being formatted correctly. I added one value manually and the second via the Manage Uses Context List...
2) When a line is highlighted you can only read the Step and Action column. The others only by using a magnification glass.
3) Why is the tab "Structured Scenarios" greyed out as if disabled - which it isn't?
4) Why does the dialogue often open with the "Structured Scenarios" tab instead of "Description" where the list of scenarios is listed?
5) Why is the tab named "Structured Scenarios" and not ""Structured?Scenario Steps" since the scenarios itself are to be found under "Description"?
6) Why then is "Description" not named "List of Scenarios"?
7) Why this switching between these two tabs which makes me confused which steps I'm currently dealing with and which hides the alternates?


PS: Interestingly when you click onto one of those Uses references EA opens a second property window. If you have circle references you can open up the properties for a single class more than once. EAUI

Since how many years has this been release? Still looks like beta.

Bugs and Issues / ScenarioSteps in automation
« on: June 25, 2012, 08:35:37 pm »
I'm currently trying to manipulate scenario steps via automation but to no avail. I can create steps and the update succeeds, but looking into the GUI there is nothing (the t_objectscenarios is also empty).

Vice versa when I look into a manually created scenario with steps via automation EA tells me that Steps.Count is zero.

Is it me doing something completely stupid or is the Steps collection not working at all?


Bugs and Issues / Creation of ports in class instances
« on: May 16, 2012, 01:47:26 am »
This is a real nuisance:
  • Create a class with a port inside.
  • Now instantiate this class and remove the port inside.
  • Go back to the class and add a new port.
  • EA adds the new port in the instance (fine!)
  • But it re-creates also the previously deleted port(s)
And to make it even worse: EA does not fire OnPre/PostNewElement for any of the automatically created port instances!

The problem is that we have a lot of ports in certain classes and these are used in quite a number of sequence diagrams where we do not need the port instances (why we wanted to delete them). But each time  a new port is added to that class EA starts polluting the instances once again.

Will send a bug report.


Bugs and Issues / ExpansionRegion in toolbox
« on: April 19, 2012, 08:30:08 pm »
If you add a UML::ExpansionRegion in a profile toolbox EA displays an Action icon creates an Action. Is this an EA-internal typo? Or should I report a bug?


[edit:] @Roy: The help is missing Datatype in Elements Used in Toolboxes

Bugs and Issues / Modifying Stereotype in OnPost method
« on: April 04, 2012, 09:36:40 pm »
When you modify the stereotype inside a OnPostNewConnector EA ignores that change. It seems to write it to the database but keeps it in the diagram. Once you (need to) save the diagram chnges, the stereotype is written back again.

Trying the same with OnPostNewElement EA ignores ALL changes made. The same when trying to change the Type.

OT: How do the Sparxians test their software? Any time they add more functionality but it's not getting better. So many functions simply do not work. Time for another geert-around I have to say once again. It seems I'm turning in circles. Like love between hedgehogs. If you're approaching too much you get hurt.

Mea culpa. I was using the EventProperties as if it were the element itself. After fetching the element explicitly it worked as expected.

Bugs and Issues / Creating a self-message in a profile
« on: April 04, 2012, 09:58:40 pm »
I have defined a <<signal>> stereotype applying to Message and SelfMesage. In the Toolbox both appear correctly where the latter is defined as <profile>::signal(UML::SelfMessage). Dragging the Message works. But the self-signal does not produce a stereotype. Only a plain self-message is created.

What can of worms have I opened?

Btw: What for is a self-message in the toolbox? Drop a message onto a life line and it appears as self-message. A self-message however can not be dragged between lines. But both have identical properties. Well, that's just EAUI.


Bugs and Issues / Message metaclass in profile
« on: April 04, 2012, 08:37:13 pm »
The Message metaclass has two properties messageKind and messageSort. messageKind seems obvious, but what is messageSort? I tried setting messageKind to Signal but the message still appears as Call. messageSort also does not seem to change anything.

Another bug I'm too tired to send officially.


Bugs and Issues / MDG Toolbox elements
« on: March 16, 2012, 11:56:07 pm »
I have a further issue when trying to add UML::EntryState and UML::ExitState to the toolbox. EA won't recognize them and shows a guillemet at their location. The help states
EntryState (Entry)
ExceptionHandler (Exception)
ExecutionEnvironment (Execution Environment)
ExitState (Exit)
I also tried Entry and Exit but with no luck. Another bug and no geert-around? That's qwerty, so to say. I should have taken bugger as synonym.


Bugs and Issues / MDG creation
« on: March 16, 2012, 10:07:39 pm »
 Why is it that MDG cooking feels like black magic? You save a couple of profile data to (often) the wrong place and EA stitch these together to a MDG. (Sparx has already seen that this is suboptimal and accepted to work on an improvement.) Then when I load the changed MDG there are just two possibilities. A) it works. B) it has flaws like stereotypes not appearing or toolboxes not being bound to diagrams. One remedy is to carefully re-save all profile data (let`s hope for a soon improvement of this process). But if that was not the cause your are lost. EA simply swallows all diagnostic information while I guess it's available somewhere inside the guts of EA.

The same goes for loading add-ins.


P.S. The reason for writing this post was that a toolbox was not bound to a diagram. Now it looks like that the name is the reason. I called it Requirements and it did not work. After calling it Requirement (without s) it worked. Similarly for Activity. Maybe I did not read the FM carefully. However, why this constraint? My toolbox is inside my MDG. I should be allowed to call it at will.

(Another case for a "solution" 5 minutes after posting. But this time I don't delete the post.)

toolbox: string = ToolboxName (where ToolboxName is the name of the toolbox profile for the toolbox that opens automatically each time a diagram is opened)
is what the help says. Nothing about any constraints.

So I tried what Override Default Toolboxes tells:
For example, the profile diagram's Notes field could resemble the following:

RedefinedToolbox=UML::Class;Alias=Class;Notes=Structural elements for Class diagrams;
again with no success. The default toolbox still looks like the default toolbox.

P.P.S. Not adding insult to injury but the _defaultDiagramType does also not work. At least when you try to add your own diagram types. It goes without saying... The help says:
The following initial values for _defaultDiagramType should be used to refer to Enterprise Architect's inbuilt diagram types:
. If my English is not too bad then should is not must. It's recommended but not mandatory.

Bugs and Issues / Locked property
« on: March 09, 2012, 03:21:47 am »
Has anyone successfully used the Element.Locked property with Require Lock to Edit? A non-locked element returns 1 (true) while a locked returns 0 (false). I tried setting a non-locked element to 0 and update. But the lock did not change.

(I guess it's simply not working and I need to write a SQL by myself.)


Bugs and Issues / Importing a whole model from an XMI
« on: February 25, 2012, 02:30:13 am »
Maybe it's just me being too brain damaged. However, I just made the following observation: From a (not too small) model which I copied from somewhere I imported the root XMI which contains the whole model. Right after the import I ran a baseline compare and - oh wonder! - got a lot of differences. Not only the style of many connectors was indicated to be different (why? a fresh import of the very same file). There were also complete packages missing!!!

So I re-imported the XMI into that model - now not from scratch but with most (!) of the elements/packages already existing. This import also imported the missing packages! (The style of a couple of connectors still is indicated to be different, though.)

So what is this? Normal behavior? Strange earth waves? Has anyone else encountered this?


Bugs and Issues / Actor "lifeline" in sequence diagram
« on: February 23, 2012, 03:42:26 am »
I noticed that when using an Actor from the toolbox the diagram does not show the classifier but only the object name (and there without leading colon). Is that only for my installation or could someone confirm that behavior? If so I'll submit a bug report.


Bugs and Issues / Information Flow Realized in messages
« on: February 23, 2012, 04:30:41 am »
To show information items flowing at an association you need to combine a connector/association with information flow(s) via Information Flows Realized in the advanced context options. That will give you a filled triangle showing the item(s).

Now in sequence diagrams you seem to be able to do the same. The Advanced/Information Items Realized is available. You can also attach information items and this results in a dashed connector free flowing near the message. But each time you try to enable the flow again via the context it does not change anything.

I thought it would be a nice feature to show an information item flowing as message instead of an operation of the receiver. However, I haven't seen anything the like in Superstructures. So the EA implementation seems to be a bug.



Bugs and Issues / Moving association/information flow buggy
« on: February 10, 2012, 10:13:08 pm »
I just submitted a bug related to moving a connector with information flows realized. Here are the steps:

- create two classes A and B
- draw an information flow from A to B
- choose Add and create a class C and close the dialogues
- draw an association between A and B
- for the association choose Advanced/Information Flows Realized
(note that its quite annoying that both connectors overlay each other and you do not get the context menu for the association immediately. Instead often you must shift one connector to reach the other which is very user unfriendly)
- now check the C class
- create a class D
- move the source end of the information flow/association from A to D
- note that the displayed connector shows connected from D to B
- select class A
-> in the Relationships window you see that  the information flow has not been moved!

As a work around I hide the association, move the information flow too and unhide the association. I lost quite some information flows after deleting the A classes until I noticed the source of the problem.

This handling is by far not optimal. I think there could be much better solutions to handle realized information flows.

I guess not too many use this feature as it's really hard to create and handle these associations. But to those which are using it: what do you think? Are you happy with the current handling?


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