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Ctrl+drag Block X (from Project Browser) onto Block Y (on the diagram) and EA will create a part of type X. If Block X is a constraint block then the part will be a constraint property. (Note that the constraint property can either be shown as a part or in a compartment, not both, so to show the compartment you will need to remove the part from the diagram.)

General Board / Re: Modelling Data Hierarchy with SysML
« on: February 16, 2018, 04:33:58 pm »
was thinking I could use a bdd to describe a hierarchy using Part Association connections.  But when I try attach the elements, I only see control flow connections.

Compositions are certainly legal between SysML activities. If they aren't available from the Quicklinker or the Activity diagram Toolbox, grab them from some other Toolbox (e.g. Block diagram).

General Board / Re: Link an User Interface element to Table/Column
« on: February 15, 2018, 10:02:16 am »
I tried it on all available connectors for UI element to Table (Inf Flow, Trace, Dependency, Realization)

I just tried it on all four of those and it was available, as long as you right-click close to the end of the connector (EA 13.5.1352)

General Board / Re: Link an User Interface element to Table/Column
« on: February 15, 2018, 09:11:05 am »
hmmm,  ... I'm somewhat embarrassed but have to ask for help again. Why the "Link to Element Feature" option is not on the menu when I right-click on the end of connector/relationship? It was there when I tried initially but not now! Is there anything to do with the new Diagram or connectors properties?

It won't be available for all connector types. For example, I wouldn't expect to see it for generalization, state transition, control flow, note link, ...

Hi Gus

Its not possible to show the attributes compartment in diagram if you replaced it with an image.
Without image , you use AddCompartmentText to make attributes visible in shape scripts.


No, you can't show attribute information using AppendCompartmentText in a shape script. It's used in either a shape RelatedElement which is called once for each connector attached to the element, or shape ChildElement which is called once for each owned element. There is no shape that iterates the owned attributes.

Of course you can manually add a tagged value to any element in your model without using stereotypes or profiles or MDG Technologies. And if you want to add the same tagged value to every element in your model, you can write a script to do that. You might need to let it run overnight.

General Board / Re: How to define classifier behavior in SysML 1.4
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:17:12 am »
New for EA 14, which isn't available yet.

Uml Process / Re: Partition of Sub-Classes - Generalization Set
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:15:44 am »
To create a Generalization Set, right-click one of the Generalizations and select "Advanced | Generalization Set | New..."

(left + right)/2  ,  (top + bottom)/2

Ah yes, ArchiMate 3 quicklinks will only appear on ArchiMate 3 diagrams. Nothing to be done in EA13, I'm afraid.

Now Archimate2::Business is something you can try to extend. I don't know if it works fully for diagrams like it does for elements.

Not yet (EA 13)

but this is not exactly what I want.

Can you be more specific please. Why isn't your extended class diagram exactly what you want? Why can't you just use an ArchiMate diagram?

Look in the DiagramLinks collection for the Diagram.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Legends on Diagrams - Forgets correct TagedValue
« on: December 19, 2017, 08:44:48 am »
Do you mean your tag name is 'MyTag' and it is defined in the profile 'Domain', or is it really called 'Domain::MyTag'? Because if it's the latter, EA will assume it's the former and things won't work. Not a good idea to put '::' in a tag name.

General Board / Re: Labelled connectors
« on: December 05, 2017, 08:39:12 am »
I guess you could then apply (visual only) markers at or near the dangling ends for human readers.

Or if you name the connector, the name will appear at each dangling end.

Uml Process / Re: Action pins and instances of artifacts
« on: November 28, 2017, 08:47:55 am »
Why does UML prohibit this connection? (Or, why does EA claim that it does?)

It sounds like EA's validation code saying "it's an artifact" and using the artifact rules rather than "it's an instance" and using the instance rules. Probably worth a bug report.

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