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Bugs and Issues / BPMN 2,0 Sib-process and Boundary Event
« on: January 10, 2015, 02:52:48 am »
Using EA version 11.1.1113

When an Activity is made in a Sub-process the usual symbol (the cross in a square) appears, however when adding a Boundary Event to this Activity, the Sub-process symbol disappears!

Even deleting the Boundary Event does not make the symbol re-appear, nor does changing the tagged values.

Other symbols like Loop are OK

In addition for Abstract Activities, adding a Boundary Event makes the text jump to left top, instead of centre centre

If the Boundary Event is added first, then setting Sub-process in the BPMN 2.0 tagged values has no effect, ie no sub-process symbol

Anyone else noticed this?

Bugs and Issues / SysML Derived Requirements Compartment wrong
« on: July 22, 2014, 01:32:51 am »
Hi All

In EA v 11 I have managed to show several compartments for SysML 1.3 Requirements elements on a Requirements Diagram, such as


However I have observed several errors (or what appear to be errors)

1) On the diagram Properties Elements tabs the checkboxes for these compartments are checked but these compartments DO NOT appear unless the compartments are turned on individually for each Requirement

2) The compartments for the derive relationship are the wrong way round, that is, a derive should be a derivedFrom and vice versa

Anyone else noticed this?



Bugs and Issues / Scripts not Running EA Version 11
« on: July 16, 2014, 06:19:21 pm »
Hi All

I have just been issued with a new laptop with a new build of Windows 7, Visual Studio 2012 Office 2013 and have installed EA version 11

Everything works OK, except scripting

Really odd, no scripts run, not mine or any of the Sparx examples

They all ran perfectly on EA version 11 on my old laptop (also Windows 7)

The Debug agent starts, then ends, so Console.Ouptut nothing

No error messages either

Sorry not much to go on, but I have ultimate licence and the full set of commands enabled.

Any clues? Any system files likely to be missing? If so any ideas as to what?

Any suggestions welcome


Bugs and Issues / IE Version 11 not supported
« on: November 13, 2013, 10:32:59 am »

Windows very kindly upgraded me to IE version 11 and now none of my HTML documentation will display

After allowing blocked content, a dialog appears stating

[highlight]Error: Access is denied[/highlight]

Any thoughts (apart from reverting back to IE 10 or trying another browser!)



Bugs and Issues / Simulating SysML Parametric Diagram - No Response
« on: April 20, 2011, 01:26:41 am »
Hi All

Not sure how many of you use SysML. I use it infrequently and the last tiime was version 7.5. Although limited, the simulation of a SysML Parametric Diagram worked just fine (including EA Example)

However, upon recreating the same Project example (and running the SysML 1.1 Example in EA EAxample) in version 8.0 ... nothing ... nada

Right clicking the Parametric Diagram and choosing Simulate Diagram... achieves precisely nothing, no dialog not errors just nothing  >:(

Haven't tried Version 9.0 beta 3, but the same happened in version 9.0 beta 1

I am using Windows 7

Anyone else experience the same, and if so has a formal bug report been raised. If not I will raise one



Bugs and Issues / Structured Scenarios and the RTF Generator
« on: May 13, 2010, 09:13:56 pm »
When producing structured scenario text I have noticed the following

Using in the RTF Template [highlight]Element.StructuredScenarioText [/highlight] the result is really unreadable. All scenario steps in one line, with the text as a number in superscript. (See the standard Use Case template)

When outputting the structured scenario text yourself using the Stuctured Scenarios iterator checkbox, the output for [highlight]Scenario_Structured.Name [/highlight]is doubled spaced, despite the fact that my template only has a single paragram marker. It appears that the text for the structured scenario name has a newline terminator which is being output.

This occurs no matter how the structured scenario is created, I have tried

1) Enter text manually
2) Create text from clipboard (sentence delimited)
3) Create text from cliboard (newline delimited)
4) Create structure from Notes (sentence delimited)
5) Create structure from Notes (newline delimted)

Bug report will be submitted for the second case

Bugs and Issues / Block Compartments in SysML EA 7.5
« on: April 20, 2009, 08:25:01 pm »
Hi All

When opening a legacy SysML model (that is created with the SysML V 1.0 as in EA 7.1 and the Example SysML model provided by Sparx), the Add-Ins menu is enhanced to include (amongst other things) the ability to expose the parts compartment for blocks on block defintion diagrams.

However, when creating a new SysML model, no such options appears and I can find absolutely NO WAY to expose these compartments. In fact it apears I have LESS functionality than before, this is despite Sparx saying that compartment visibility is supported in SysML Version 1.1

If it is can someone please tell me where! It's driving me frantic and I really have an urgent need to get this sorted.


Bugs and Issues / SysMLl 1.1 and EA V7.5
« on: March 04, 2009, 11:05:11 pm »
I am trying out EA v 7.5 together with the SysML v1.1 and have noticed the following observations compared with EA v 7.1 and the SysML  1.0 MDG Add-In

In EA v 7.1 there are options to view compartments for blocks (parts, parameters etc). These are global options, (I would prefer these options to be on a block basis like tagged values for instance). However this option appears to be missing from EA v 7.5 and SysML v 1.1

Similarly in EA v 7.1 there are search options for viewing Allocations and Requirements. This too appears to be missing from EA v 7.5 ans SysML 1.1

If I have missed where these are in SysML 1.1 / EA v 7.5 then please advise.


Bugs and Issues / BPEL in version 7.5
« on: February 23, 2009, 07:41:52 pm »
Hi All

Hope this is the right place for this post. In version 7.5 currently in Beta, BPEL is supported as beging generated from a BPMN diagram.

Does anyone know how?

For the life of me I just don't get it. I can create the BPEL diagram and are presented with the correct dialogs for connecting to webservices etc. But where is the BPEL generation?

Fot me, this one of the most attractive features of version 7.5 ... so help please!

Bugs and Issues / Scope of Attributes and MDA
« on: February 18, 2009, 11:32:33 pm »
Hi All

This has been around for some time and is also present in EA v 7.5

When using MDA to transform a PIM to PSM, there is a macro Attribute__Property called from the macro Class to generate Properties for attributes defined in the PIM class. Great and useful. BUT, this only generates Properties for attributes whose scope is Public, not Private which is the default (sensibly)

This means that the properties for the attributes are never generated, unless the transformation templates are modified.

Oddly, the role (linked attribute) is Public by default and this gets converted to Private and a Property generated during the MDA process

If the attributes are defined as Public in the PIM class, then all works as expected.

I would suggest, that in a Class if the language is <none>, then the default scope of the attribute should be Public and not Private.

Unless I have missed a method in EA of setting the default scope to Public for PIM classes?


Bugs and Issues / No code for Linked Attribute
« on: September 28, 2008, 11:15:10 pm »
Hi All

It maybe something wacky I have done with EA, but none of my projects generate code correctly in any language for a directed association.

I am using the latest build.

I noticed it when doing a demo for prospective EA users

I created a platform independent class model using directed associations and undirected associations.

I then transformed this model to C# (with the defualt templates)

All went well when I generated the code, no attributes none of the associations.  (This has worked perfectly in the past)

I am using the latest build of EA and none of templates have been modified.

By using the realtionship view and all associations are present and correct.

All language settings are default. I even tried re-installing EA!
Any ideas?

Bugs and Issues / Subversion and Non cached passwords
« on: July 30, 2008, 10:32:20 pm »
I am using EA version 7.1 build 831 and Collabnet subversion together with TortoiseSVN

I get everything to work just fine using the "standard" installation.

What i want to achieve is the ability to restrict different packages (views) to certain users. I can esily achieve this in Subversion by using the passwd and authz files.

These settings are ingored by EA, which uses the cached authentication that I specified when either using the command line or Tortoise

If I turn off the caching by modifying the Subversion auth config file

store-passwords = no
store-auth-creds = no

the command line and Tortoise still work fine, but EA just hangs, waiting for authentication, but not displaying an authentication dialogue

Is it that EA and Subversion will only work with cached authentication? If so, can we please get EA to work without cached authentication?

For testing purposes my subversion server is on localhost and I am using svnserve


Uml Process / Direction in operation parameters
« on: November 04, 2015, 10:37:24 pm »
Hi All

Just curious as to why EA insists on representing the parameter directions of in, out, inout and return incorrectly?

I my opinion the direction should be stated explicitly as shown in the generic example below:

+ myOperation(in para1 : String, out para2 : String, inout para2 : String, return String)

in of course can be omitted as it is the default (correct in EA)
out is represented incorrectly by * after the parameter name
inout is represented incorrectly by * after the parameter name
return is omitted (just like in) also incorrect

I am more concerned about out an inout, particularly in a Platform Independent Model.

Any thoughts as to divergence from the UML spec?


Uml Process / Generalization Sets
« on: October 14, 2014, 11:55:02 pm »
Not a feature I use very often, but I need to include Generalization Sets in a current SysML Model

I can create the Generalization Sets easy enough and set the options for IsCovering and/or IsDisjoint

However only the name of Generalization Set appears on the diagram, not the constaints for IsCovering and IsDisjoint

Anyone know how to show these constraints (without duplicating them in the Constraints property of each Generalization Relationship)?


Uml Process / Icon attribute for stereotype in a profile
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:31:31 am »
Hi All

Page 1483 of the current version of the EA User Guide states for the icon attribute of a stereotype element in a profile:

Contains the path to a bitmap file to be used as the Project Browser icon for all elements with the given stereotype. The bitmap must be 16x16 pixels. For a transparent background, use light grey - RGB(192,192,192).

I have created such an icon for my profile and set the icon attribute accordingly.

When I import and use the profile, the icon appears just fine in the Toolbox, but not in the Project Browser (which displays the icon of the metaclass instead)

I used the profile toolbox and created the element from the profile toolbox.

Am I missing something?

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