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As many will know, we "roll our own" MDG, semi-manually.  It has now grown to over 10Mb and will continue to grow.  We suspect that some of the anomalous behaviour we are seeing around MDGs (which I won't list here) is caused by the file being so large.

We tried to split out the QuickLinker section into a separate MDG (since the QuickLinker doesn't need a specific MDG name for the entires).  It almost worked!  The link appeared to be formed correctly except for the multiplicity specification (which it didn't pick up from the main MDG.  Is this actually a bug (if it apparently picked up everything else)?

In any event, it doesn't work NOW!

So is there a way to split an MDG file into multiple files?


Bugs and Issues / Model Search: How to inhibit null <Search Term>
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:55:08 pm »
Is there any way through the normal Model Search mechanism to stop the user running the search with a null <Search Term>?

A user accidentally did that and the search returned a result set and it took us a while to figure out why.  Because the result set with the <Search Term> and without the <Search Term> were the same it looked like a bug, but it's not (just a coincidence).  However, the lack of the <Search Term> might not be noticed.  This particular search NEEDS a <Search Term>.  How can we make sure the user provides one?


Bugs and Issues / Model Search : Metatype/Class return is “Pot Luck”
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:47:59 pm »
We have an extensive set of metatypes and the Model Search will use the metatype as a synonym for the type field.  The problem is that the rendering appears to be "potluck".  For the same search with the same result set (in terms of objects returned - in this case, ALL of the same metatype), a varying number of the entries will have the type set to the metatype and others to the base class.  Run the same search again, a bit later and a different subset of the same result set will have the metatype and the rest the base class.

Anyone else seeing this?


Suggestions and Requests / Matrix Profiles: Tooltip for Search name
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:58:47 am »
We have meaningful and fairly explicit (and therefore long) names for our enterprise-wide model searches,  many of which are used in Matrix Profiles.

However, the name text box in the matrix profile dialog is quite small and the names overflow more than one "line".  This is particularly annoying when the same search is used with different search terms as the <Search Term> is the "first to go" and disappear into the second line.  On my machine, I can teasingly see the tops of the characters of the second line.

Can we please have a tooltip for the search specification in the Matrix Profile that provides the entire name?


Bugs and Issues / Model Search: One Of.. - trap for young players
« on: September 19, 2017, 05:21:19 pm »
The Help for Model Searches - says when using "One Of.." use a comma-separated list.

However, this is not actually the case for strings.  The set members need to be enclosed in the appropriate quotes.  Otherwise spurious errors will be generated.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / ProxyConnectors - where to store?
« on: September 18, 2017, 05:19:39 pm »
We have grouped all our elements by metatype into specific branches of our repository.  We have automation to move elements around between folders when EA or our users don't put them where we need them.

EA now has t_object entries of type ProxyConnector (actually ConnectorProxy).  These are related to the end of a relationship that is NOT an element.  That is for relationships from relationships to elements and relationships between relationships.

We have folders for those items that don't end up in the browser and we manage those in a similar way behind the scenes.

My question is, where should we place these Connector Proxies.  They are placed somewhat arbitrarily as far as we can make out.  We suspect we run the risk that if we purge a folder that doesn't appear to have any objects within it we will inadvertently purge any ProxyConnectors.

Should we place them in the same folder branch as the origin object of the relationship or with the destination object of the applicable relationship?  Does it matter?


Bugs and Issues / Tooltips: Consistency of display
« on: September 11, 2017, 05:04:59 pm »
EA will generate tooltips for elements and also for relationships.

One shows Metatype then Stereotype, the other the reverse.  They should be the same.  My preference is for Metatype then Stereotype, but consistency is more important than order.

If Sparx is working in the area, it would be useful to (optionally) suppress stereotypes (since these days metatypes RULE OK!)


As we refine our relationship matrices, the semantics often changes.  Accordingly, the semantically correct name (as opposed to the original name) needs to track the changed semantics.  There appears to be NO mechanism (I stand to be corrected by "Sir Roy of the C") to change the name of the Matrix Profile after the initial save of the new profile.


If a Search is specified with an "&" in the Search name, it will display incorrectly in the Source/Target display boxes, but they do display correctly in Selection drop-down to pick them in the first place!



There is no context menu item to allow you to add a Matrix Profile in the Resources browser.


If a relationship element is in a subpackage, the package path precedes the element name on the Relationship Matrix.  It is also sorted by the complete string.  I have already requested that the package path be, optionally, supressed.  However, if not suppressed, there should be an option to sort by the name of the element, ignoring the path.


It would be useful if the "Source" and "Target" names could be replaced with meaningful names, specific to that Relationship Matrix.  They could then appear on the printout (where even the "Source" and "Target" values are suppressed).


Bugs and Issues / Relationship Matrix: Can't always delete relationship
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:32:53 pm »
It turns out that if the Direction is set to both, the delete relationship functionality is disabled.  At a minimum, this should be mentioned in the Help.  Better still, just as one can Add Source->Target or Target->Source, the appropriate cell contents should be available for deletion.


Am I correct in understanding that there is only one relationship matrix allowed at a time?

We're only just getting into relationship matrices and it might be useful to "flip between" different matrices as one does with diagrams.


Bugs and Issues / Relationship Matrix: Can't add inverse relationship
« on: September 05, 2017, 05:26:05 pm »
I mentioned elsewhere that I get why the Relationship Matrix uses directionality rather than navigability.  When you have an empty cell, you can add either the Source->Target Relationship or the Target->Source relationship.  However, once a relationship is entered, you can't add the other (via the matrix) - in order to get it in, you have to go to a diagram and create it there.  The Relationship Matrix then shows the symbol for the inverse relationships.


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