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Relationship to relationship QuickLink doesnít indicate selected target (like for elements).  This makes it difficult to ensure you're going to hit the right "target".
Please rectify.


Please allow Source & Target Dropdown in the arc's Roles page to access Operations as well as Attributes for (any arc type).

In these days of complex systems modelling, being able to access a Service object's operations and link to them in the arc in the same way as Attributes would be MOST beneficial (for example for the ArchiMate Serving relationship.


The Set Attached Links dialog needs an indication of whether the arc is visible on the diagram or not.

Otherwise, the user may check the box of a connector hidden on the diagram and wonder why the "Notelink" doesn't show on the diagram.

It is accepted that one can create a link to a hidden connector, but the user experience should be considered.


If you use the Link to Connector Feature functionality on a Note Element (say Link to Connector Note) and you have more than one connector attached to the Note, the displayed note will change (apparently arbitrarily).

However, it is NOT arbitrary, it appears that the Connector Note that will be displayed is that of the highest sequence number in the Set Attached Links dialog!  This is not appropriate!  There should be a checkbox against the Connector in the Set Attached Links dialog to indicate that a particular has been designated the one for the Note to be displayed.


Suggestions and Requests / Link to Connector Feature
« on: May 24, 2017, 10:22:30 am »
We can link a note to an element feature, but we're increasingly coming across situations where users would like to link a note to a connector feature (particularly the Notes field).

Can we please have Link to Connector Feature functionality?


When I try to create an arc between arcs, I have great difficulty.  Often, the connecting arc ends up connected to the WRONG target arc.  ALL TOO OFTEN, the wrong arc is the origin arc, so that I'm connecting the arc to itself!

I don't think such a self-connecting arc has ANY semantic meaning and therefore should NOT be allowed!


When I try to create an arc between arcs, I have great difficulty.  Often, the connecting arc ends up connected to the WRONG target arc.  You can't move proxy connectors between arcs (as you can endpoints (of standard arcs) between vertices.

We need to be able to move the end-points between arcs!


Bugs and Issues / Virtualized Connector End not resizable
« on: May 16, 2017, 05:23:06 pm »
The virtualized connector end is NOT resizable.  However, it DOES track the width of the "meister" object, but not the height.

We found that his behaviour was JUST as annoying as not being able to resize at all!  Diagrams can be just as messed up by this...

This seems inconsistent at best.  I see no reason why the object shouldn't be separately resizable from the meister.


Suggestions and Requests / Alignment functions for Arcs
« on: May 16, 2017, 05:14:17 pm »
We have alignment functions for vertices (shapes), it would be really cool to have alignment functions for arcs.

Unfortunately, this would require multi-selection for arcs (which may not even be on the horizon).

If there's support for it, I can put in a formal feature request.


In Movable? - In addition to Selectable and PrintableI (again -first mentioned in 2009!) talk about having the property Movable for vertices (shapes).  With the new line styles, it's now time to provide the same properties for arcs (lines).

In an enterprise situation, the diagrams can get very complicated.  It's really important to be able to "tie down" parts of complicated diagrams while another part id being worked on.


Bugs and Issues / Pinning ends and Line styles
« on: May 11, 2017, 05:10:10 pm »
I posted about being able to select a single segment of a multisegment line as the only part to move.

That got me thinking about the Pinning Ends problem.  It does seem (not fully tested) that pinning either end will change the line style to "Custom".  However, when that happens, the behaviour of the multi-segment line is different from the behaviour exhibited under the original line style.

It seems to me that some line styles have a "defined" pinned end (the lateral and tree ones for example).  So you can't change the destination end pinning.  However, even for these, the origin should be pinnable.  For the orthogonal styles, either or both ends should be pinnable.

Thoughts?  (before I submit a feature request)

The newer line styles are quite useful.  I particularly like the "orthogonal" styles.  However, changing the line can be problematic. 

It would be really cool to be able to say "only change the segment I'm moving."  The other segments would not move (but only adjust with the change in the moving segment). 

For example, say you had a "U" shape.  If you moved the base of the "U", the uprights would not move, but merely get longer or shorter as you moved the base.  That is, the ONLY waypoints to change would be the ones on the moving segment.


General Board / Apple Mac, ODBC to SQL Server under Crossover
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:26:20 am »
<disclaimer>I'm like "Sergeant Shultz" when it comes to Macs - "I know nothink!"  :)</disclaimer>

We're trying to setup Sparx EA on a Mac and have got Sparx installed under Crossover on Wine.  We've got EA installed and some (very) quick preliminary tests on a local repository suggest it's working.  However, when we try to set up an ODBC connection to our SQL Server we get nowhere.  is there some "secret sauce"?

An ODBC connection IS required for connecting to a server based repository is it not?


The [F3] key is wonderful for quickly drawing repeated instances of arc metatypes from the toolbox on a diagram.

We have a LARGE number of arc metatypes in our MDG and so we wondered if we could use [F3] with an arc we'd just drawn with the QuickLinker.

We found that sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.  Some of the don'ts appear to be caused by EAUI (we have various Notelink based metatypes - and they consistently don't work - you just get an unstereotyped Notelink.  BTW: it works consistently when using the Toolbox arc).  But some just seems to be inconsistent - sometimes it will duplicate and other times, it will do nothing.

Does anybody know if the functionality is supposed to be orthogonal - that is it should work for both Toolbox and QuickLinker originated arcs?

If it is supposed to be the same anyone hav eany ideas why it might not be?


I can guess the answer to this, but I'll ask anyway,

In the non-rectangular mode, you can define the area to be used for the vertex name using various spacer sub-shapes in a shape script.  However, these don't work in rectangular mode.  We have several widgets which expose vertex properties onto the vertex shape via shapescripting.  We need to expose these widgets in both views, but since some of them impinge on the vertex name area, it can get quite messy.

Is there any way to affect the sizing of the name area (analogously to the non-rectangular mode)?


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