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No, no. They are actually two persons. Dr. Uffe and Mr. Hyde.

I've suspected that for a while!  ;D

Besides, so long as you get the right answers, talking to yourself is fine...


The "Recent Portal" on the Start Page lists Open and also Recent Diagrams.  It would be good if the Node Path of the Diagram were made available as a tooltip.  Similarly, the file path to the "Recent Source Files" could be provided as a tooltip.


Using the Query Builder, is it possible to create searches that can use more than one tagged value?
Unfortunately, no. It can only build queries using a single record for each table used.

Adding for example the Element Name more than once will make the query not work (I guess it will create a AND in the SQL, but of course you'd expect an OR here; except when using wildcards you might want an AND).

That depends on whether you have marked both entries as required or not.
Thnaks Simon,

I guessed as much from the behaviour, but it was worth clarifying before expending effort "rolling my own".


Using the Query Builder, is it possible to create searches that can use more than one tagged value?  (Property=P1, Value=V1) and (Property=P2, Value=V2) - Don't need to use <search Term> for the present.

When you try to add the second TV, the editor gets confused.


Suggestions and Requests / Re: Diagram Memory - Recently Closed Diagrams
« on: November 06, 2017, 12:13:58 pm »
Doesn't the Recent portal ('window' icon on the Start Page) do that for you?
No Roy, it doesn't (if you mean the Recent files list on the left-hand side of the Start Page)

But you don't! You mean the assemblage of shapes to the right of the recent files list.  Which are quite cute, but have NO labels or tooltips to tell you what they do.  After clicking around for a few minutes (which I'll never get back! ::))  I discovered one which had the recent diagrams list.  I'll see if it does what I need it to do, but first impressions are that it's what I'm after.  So thanks for the pointer, but please make it more obvious!


General Board / Re: Swimlines attribute
« on: November 06, 2017, 10:46:59 am »
Instead of the swimlanes (which anyway have no defined semantics) create a pool (from activities) or a boundary which allow thicker lines.

There's a trick to create arbitrary lines by connecting two boundaries with an association and make the boundaries invisible by assigning an alternate image with a tiny dot.

Learn something new every day!

Thanks, q!

Suggestions and Requests / Diagram Memory - Recently Closed Diagrams
« on: November 03, 2017, 06:15:35 pm »
In most application programs there is a Recently Used list of things.  EA provides such for the last so many Repositories (or Shortcuts) opened.

With enterprise-wide repositories, you often open diagrams from "all over the place".  We also have a lot of diagrams open simultaneously.  EA provides a dropdown list of currently opened diagrams.

It would be REALLY cool if an additional sub-menu "Recently Closed Diagrams" were added so that as you close a diagram, it would move to that sub-menu and allow you to re-open it easily (rather than having to traverse a (probably quite deep) hierarchy to get to the diagram in the browser.  As with the Open Diagrams list, at this stage, it need not survive a session.



Bugs and Issues / Re: Whiteboard mode - white text
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:01:15 am »
It's not called Whiteboard drawing by a six year old mode tho' :-)
"You might well think that.  I couldn't possibly say that!"   ;)

Happy (well, you're obviously not!) Friday...


Now the question: how is it possibile to show within a diagram in which communicating pools are pasted as link, all the message flows between them (the message flows flowing from one activity of the first pool to another activity of the second pool.
we tryed it but doesn't show nothing, justh the pool only.
The obective is to use the same pool inside different diagram to design different processes and finally to show at high level all the overall messages flowing between them.
Don't. A Pool is the behavior of a Participant within a Process.

You re-use the participant by setting the participant tagged value in your pool. If you leave the name of your pool empty, EA will automatically display the name of the participant on the diagram.
Hi Fausto,

Long time no see on the forum!  (I was in, and near, La Spezia, a couple of months ago).

Simon is right.  Perhaps you are trying to answer the question: "For this participant, what messages do they send?"  If so, then placing the activity (from which the message emanates) in the lane is implicitly creating a relationship between the participant and the message.  With the later versions, you can create relationships between the participant and the message directly, and then aggregate them on the high-level view.

Does that help?


Bugs and Issues / Re: Whiteboard mode - white text
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:50:45 am »
Whiteboard mode.  Wouldn't you think turning a diagram to black and white should ignore the "default appearance" font colour setting for an element and not render colour behind the text labels of relationships?

I don't remember version 12 being as bad as v13 is.
But not all relationships are created equal...  Some have labels with a background and some do not.  IIRC it may be related to the drawing style ("SOLID" vs "DASDOT" etc.)


Uml Process / Re: Class Attributes: How can I delete the {...} field?
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:48:02 am »
{bag} was replaced by {nonunique} for UML 2.2. EA hasn't caught up yet.

(I prefer bag. Why use a big word when a diminutive one would suffice?)

I don't like bag.  It's not descriptive and it has negative connotations.


General Board / Re: Free: Pro Cloud Server Express (with WebEA)
« on: November 01, 2017, 05:59:10 pm »
Hi Paolo,
Yes the Corporate Academic and Educational Site Licenses qualify. :-)

Excellent!  We'll be in touch!


General Board / Re: Free: Pro Cloud Server Express (with WebEA)
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:10:49 pm »
Hi Uffe,
You are correct - we have labeled it as an offer, however for the foreseeable future we will continue to offer and support the Pro Cloud Server Express.
The general rule of thumb is, if you have 5 or more  EACORP or above licenses that are in maintenance we will supply a Pro Cloud Server Express key to you that matches the EA maintenance expire date. If you renew sooner (say to co-term your licenses) then you are eligible to apply for a new PCS-Express license to match the new expiry.

To request a new PCS-Express license (or renew an existing one) you can use the following form:

Hope this helps!
Hi Tom,

What about Academic Licenses (such as for teaching institutions)?  Do they qualify as Corporate Licences?


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Technopedia and EA
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:06:18 pm »
Hu. Pun intended ;-) Or just on the bus?

Bus (as usual), but since punning (paronomasia) is "the highest form of literature"(1), I'll "take the nod" also!


(1) According to Alfred Hitchcock.

General Board / Re: Types of relationships allowed between elements
« on: October 31, 2017, 10:51:52 am »
Thanks qwerty. I have followed your advice and hit a new problem.

All of this was part of profile which, in turn, is part of an MDG. I changed the profile and tested it by saving the package as a UML profile and importing it under resources. The import ends with an internal application error although the import appears to be successful, the new stereotyped relationships are visible under the resources with the correct type. The end result appears to be that the new stereotype relationships are not visible under the corresponding profile.
<Caveat=I may be completely wrong>
While not formally deprecated, I don't think Sparx maintain import into Resources as they do MDG support.  Other than some initial attempts at importing profiles into the Resources, we gave it away in favour of just loading MDGs.  If you can package up the profile in an MDG see if that improves matters.


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