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General Board / Re: Diagram Details hide when publishing
« on: January 17, 2018, 10:47:59 am »

Is there an option or setting where I can show Diagram Details in Enterprise Architect but when I copy to clipboard or publish that I can hide the details?

Eamonn J.
Hi Eamonn,

We have forsaken the Diagram Details feature for the use of the Diagram Note Element.  We make it non-selectable and so it WON'T appear in the clipboard (unless we want it to by making it selectable).

It's been SO long since I use the Diagram Details that at first, I wasn't sure what you were talking about.   ::)


General Board / Re: Hyperlink as an element in Project Browser
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:45:05 am »
We would like to make a list of hyperlinks, and refer to these hyperlinks from multiple diagrams, like other elements. Is this possible?
You can collect the hyperlinks you want to share into one or more diagrams and then get your users to copy and paste into the relevant diagrams.  As qwerty says, you can't "see" them directly in the browser, but this can be the next best thing.


General Board / Re: SQL to find mult connectors between to elements
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:40:11 am »
That will output all elements with more than one connector. I guess the OP is after a list of connectors for two distinct element?

No it won't, see the grouping.
It will output all element/connector details for all elements that have 2 or more of the same kind of connector to the same element (which makes them a candidate for duplicate connectors, although there might be valid exceptions)

Candidacy is relatively easy.  Actually determining whether two connectors are semantically the same (and perhaps consolidating properties that are not semantically significant) is non-trivial.  We have a version which we are testing as part of our element consolidation process.


General Board / Re: Running script from an specific Element
« on: January 10, 2018, 06:03:33 pm »
Hello Paolo,

We can use context item event to get the script from an element.

We can execute the script using Script Control Class (there are certain limitations)


Thanks, Nabil,

so it's not via the UI directly.


General Board / Re: Running script from an specific Element
« on: January 10, 2018, 05:32:48 pm »
As geert mentioned scripts are stored in model.

but if necessary, you can store scripts in a tagged value of that element.

Best Regards,
Interesting!  How do they get executed?


I guess in the latter case I did not provide a name for the action, so it just has a type.
Have you tried deleting the name in the former case?  Now that you've observed the latter behaviour?  If it's consistent good, else maybe another EAUI?


Hi Geert,

Now I have found the reason of my problem. When I am using the "distinct" in my query, it returns only 255 characters of the Note file of the Object. This looks strange to me.
But now I have to modify my query in order it returns a single row for one object.

Thanks a lot for your support
Hi Andreas,

Not so strange...  I believe what is going on is that when you use "DISTINCT" it needs a key mechanism in order to determine uniqueness (distinctiveness).  You can't have a normal key on a Notes field (Memo etc) so it creates a transient key - which can't be longer than 255 characters (since it's a string field, not memo).  It returns the key value, NOT the Notes value.


I was dropping ValueType elements, so I have changed and dropped a Property on - all works now.

If anyone else comes across this in the future, it is necessary to change the Type by opening the Property element and in the dialog under Properties - Property selecting a Value Type. Confusingly, the Type in the Properties window (not the dialog that is visible when opened from the element in the Project Browser) is not editable. That's too many uses of the word Type in windows/dialogs labelled Property but doing different things for my mind to cope with!
Welcome to EAUI...


You should understand what Paolo said. You're living a wrong life here. Version control is fine for code text, but not for UML models.


Yes and No.
I use version control only in the case that I have different repositories sharing the same part of a model.
We only go forward, never go back, and we never (try to) merge.
In these circumstances using version control is perfectly possible.
This is just a bug. If the users always uncheck all the checkboxes in the dialog there is never a a problem.
For this particular client I'm not even interested in fixed the bug. Some kind of option to never restore external references would be find for me.
There is an option in the version control setting with regards to external references, but that does not have the effect I thought it would have. The dialog still appeared despite turning off the setting.

Having agreed with Simon, under this scenario, I also agree with Geert!  (Nothing like having "two bob each way"!)

Sounds like a reasonable request.


General Board / Re: model IDEF0
« on: January 08, 2018, 11:08:46 am »
Sparx EA does not really support IDEF0, because..

*In Sparx, a line MUST connect two boxes*, whereas IDEF0 ICOMs have only one connected end, except for transitions (which are at once an output and input).

 ICOM arrows are objects, but Sparx uses boxes (i.e. classes) for objects. 

I have created a form of IDEF0 using MDG, but it's tortured.

The beauty of IDEF0 is that you can use a very simple set of shapes to convey a ton of information in a very small space.  You really cannot do that if you have to create a box for ever object.

Don't really see a way of doing this in Sparx without a major deviation from the core program model.
With the later versions and certainly v13.x, lines can connect lines or connect lines to objects.  We are increasingly using this feature.


I can imagine having safeguards for situation where I would be editing package B in a model that doesn't contain Package A, but in this case it the diagram object is part of Package B, so whether or not it is deleted has nothing to do with external references.
But that's exactly what it is. ClassA is a reference to an element external to the package that is being checked in.
Have to agree with Simon here...  (No raucous cheering please, Sparxians!   ;D)

It's a conceptual problem with version controlling repositories; hence why we gave that away years ago.  Repositories ONLY "roll-forward", if you make an error, you need to rectify it by either rolling back the entire repository or merging the last good portion (from a snapshot) with the current bad potion to rectify it.  The decision (as to which option to use in a given situation) is a cost-benefit.


General Board / Re: Package template - update existing elements
« on: January 08, 2018, 10:46:57 am »
Having looked at EA behaviour, I found out that when you enable the Package Template, EA applies the style on the element's associated diagram objects (backgrnd, font, etc.)
However, it only works with elements that were created after enabling the Package Template so I can't figure out how EA differentiates elements that can be rendered according to the template (new elements) from the old ones.

I looked at the t_object content and there's nothing different between a new and an old element. I suspect EA stores something hidden somewhere, though I didn't find anything in the t_xref.
Out of interest, why do you need to know the difference?  We ended up using the Bjelke-Petersen "Duck Principle".  If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it'll get shot like a duck, my word it will!

We treat all elements that look like X as an X and set the Metatype accordingly.  Thereafter they are treated identically.


don't forget that a NULL value will also trigger type issues.
The query already has that check.
But only on a specific column.  We get caught bu NULL values in the other columns!  We then have to exclude (or at least handle them).


General Board / Re: UI Suggestion - Option to Locate on Current Diagram
« on: December 13, 2017, 11:03:05 am »
Then I have to go through several clicks to locate it.
No need. Just do CTRL+U while the element is selected in the project browser.
If the item is on 25 diagrams, Ctrl+U is more difficult, besides, I don't believe that's answering Rich's problem.

The problem occurs when pasting the element that already exists on the diagram.

BTW Rich, if pasting a number of elements, dismissing the dialog also dismisses the REST of the pasting set, yes?


(oh, and +1)

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