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Not very sure, but have you thought along the lines of 'EA Command' 'Element Usage' as a hyperlink?

My developer instinct says.. to have t as a custom stereotype and to handle the event.
I'll give it a go...  Thanks for reminding me, Nizam!


[Edit: I tried it, but it just brings up the Element Usage dialog.  That's not what we're after.]

Weird. The technologies that I made (and imported into the model) are sorted alphabetically among the others.

You may be thinking of the MDG Technologies Page, where they ARE sorted alphabetically.  I'm talking about the Add Package...  using (*) Select and Apply Model Pattern.


On out Neighborhood diagrams, we list all the diagrams that the main item (the Root Vertex) appears on (that aren't Neighborhood diagrams of the related items) as hyperlinks.

However, we'd like to open the diagram with the nominated item as the focus - Find in All Diagrams [Ctrl+U] Functionality.

Is there a syntax or property we can encode in the hyperlink to get it to move the focus to the nominated element?


Bugs and Issues / v14Beta: Local MDG projects at end of very long list
« on: March 23, 2018, 01:41:11 pm »
When you try to add a project with a local MDG specified pattern, it is placed at the end of a very long list on the Model Patterns tab!  Can we either have them at the top or in a separate tab on the dialog?


Bugs and Issues / Re: Behaviour of action pins
« on: March 23, 2018, 12:03:13 pm »
Geez, Uffe,

you're becoming a real troublemaker! ::)  Expecting EA to work in a reasonable manner!  ;)

Happy Friday everyone!

Bugs and Issues / setpenwidth() does not propagate to sub-shape
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:48:47 pm »
The penwidth() setting doesn't seem to propagate to a sub-shape, whereas the other pen related methods do.

Code: [Select]
setpenwidth(getUserPenSize()); //<-doesn't work
shape X
setpenwidth(getUserPenSize());//<- need to set it here!
Please rectify.  NOTE: this is also true of setpen()


Bugs and Issues / Re: v14 Beta: Dialogs losing file references
« on: March 22, 2018, 12:54:46 pm »
Compacting the EAP file was real easy in v13 and before.  The repository remembered the name of its source file and the default Compact dialog would point to the current file.  Now EVERY TIME I have to set it up (and run the risk of pointing to the wrong file).  Can this be returned to its previous functionality?  The new one doesn't make much sense (set to the last folder used by  the last file - most likely NOT this one!)



I think you can. Check the BPMN MDG for examples. (embedded intermediate events)

Thanks for the "heads-up", Geert!
Should have thought about that myself.  I had a quick look and it may be related to the xxxxEvents being both Events and ObjectNodes.  However before I (potentially) waste a lot of time over this, can a Sparxian confirm that's the kind of thing I can do?


We're finding asymmetrical problems with link:<relationship type> QuickLinker entries.

Code: [Select]
// Everything can derive (by traversal) from anything else
link:Abstraction,,link:Abstraction,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Aggregation,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Association,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Composition,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:ControlFlow,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Dependency,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Generalization,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:InformationFlow,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Nesting,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:NoteLink,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Realisation,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
link:Abstraction,,link:Substitution,,,,,Abstraction,Drvtn,to,derives from,derives from,True,,,True,Derivation,0,,,,,&#xA;
(we've n x n of these)

So in both directions, we should be able to derive one type from another.  However, it's not working under v14 (1405).  Sometimes it works in one direction but not in the reverse.  Sometimes in neither.  Information Flows seem to be the worst.

Works fine under 1352 (and prior versions).


We have decided that we want to attach details of the REST API endpoints to our Required or Provided Interfaces (as operations on the interface).

The problem comes when we want to render them.  Even if we create a shapescript which has both Rectangular and non-Rectangular notation forms, Required and Provided Interfaces are "special" - there is no Rectangular form as we usually know it (drawnativeshape() - ONLY draws a ball or socket).  In addition, the sizes are (pretty much) fixed. The scripts don't respond to defsize() requests (although, in typical EAUI fashion, Ports do!).

So my question is, is there a way to make an MDG item be defined as "attached" (aka embedded) directly in another item?  In that way, we could use some other form of item (which does support Rectangular notation) as the basis for our specific Required or Provided Interfaces?


You may need to set a package property to allow non-alphabetic sorting.  You need to do this manually in the browser, so maybe check how that works "under the covers".

Also, you don't seem to be updating the various collections (such as the Elements collection).

Finally, you may need to insert the elements, then re-iterate over the collection to reset the TreePos property.


General Board / Re: Problem with hyperlinks to EA models
« on: March 21, 2018, 01:36:16 pm »

I was hoping to find a way of creating a hyperlink in the EA model that tells EA to open an external EA model file directly at a specified package or diagram. It's a shame EA creates these proprietary shortcuts in EAP format, rather than normal Windows shortcuts containing a file URL.

EA creates them with the extension .eap,  but they aren't in EAP file format. 

We use shortcut files all the time, but trying to resolve the repository reference from them is PITA.

FWIW, we prefix ALL our shortcut files with the "@" symbol - so we know they aren't REAL .eap (MS_Access) files.


Bugs and Issues / Re: DB2 import: FK constraint connector target role
« on: March 21, 2018, 01:30:14 pm »
Hi Uffe,

I reported a bug with self-referential FK Constraints not being imported.  That was for SQL Server.



Also, I make it a policy to rather use a supplier's bad terms than make up my own good ones -- at least that way, explaining them isn't my problem.  ::)

That's OK when there's only one supplier.  In my "day job" there are several in many instances and they all tend to disagree. So, my experience is that it is better to use the correct term - with, of course, supplying the mapping.

Also, since I also have to create structured language and have now a reasonable idea of "how language needs to work" in order to communicate unambiguously, I get protective of terms.

"Composite Structure Diagram" makes sense, "Composite Diagram" actually doesn't.  The former means a diagram that is the composite structure (of something), the latter means a diagram of composites?


Hi Uffe,

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear enough.  I have no objection to the proposal, just the terminology.  "Composite Diagram" as a term (a contraction of Composite Structure Diagram) has a specific meaning.  EA can create such  (formal) Composite Diagrams and attach them to the item.  However, as I pointed out, not every attached diagram need be a Composite diagram (and in our repository the overwhelming majority aren't).  The chain link indicator hints at the difference between composition and linkage.

I've currently started working on our diagrammer to make it include the "embedded" items on our Neighborhood diagrams.  (Embedded is not quite the right term in my view, but I'll use it).  It's not rocket science, but it is a bit tedious.


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