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Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Reload project event
« on: October 28, 2013, 01:57:57 am »
I've been looking through the events and can't find anything that is raised when a user performs a "Reload Project".

Checked potential candidates e.g. obvious File Open, context change etc
but nothing fired and can't see anything in readme file, so guess that it's purely internal - anyone aware of anything?


You could also check out which integrates with EA - there is a trial version you can download to check if it does what you need.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: How to close a tab?
« on: September 19, 2013, 02:10:17 am »
I agree - especially as the focus for "documenting" our systems is to use EA in which we have all the knowledge rather than in snapshot word documents.

I find having the Object Model (derived from the InterOp DLL) and AddIn model (hand coded :-?) in EA to be really useful.

When developing a new AddIn I clone a copy of AddIn interface, edit as needed and do my initial code generation - it forces me to do the "right thing" and document what I'm expecting at this interface :)

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: How to close a tab?
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:25:11 am »
Hi Ian

There is a Repository.RemoveTab(tabname) method - just not listed in the help file.

I've found it useful to do a code import of the EA Object model DLL (as suggested by Sparx tech support some time ago) to get a complete picture of the available operations.  Useful for keeping notes on usage and you can then use eaDocX to get produce the additional documentation you may need :)


Thanks a lot - forgotten about that method - my brain must be elsewhere.
And is the final piece in the jigsaw for my current workaround - the tagged values are updated as well as the diagram element remaining selected.

Best regards

is it possible to do that programmatically? I can't see any other selected objects collections.  Is there an API to do that or am I dreaming?

Hi Geert

Thanks for the prompt response - that did work - now I've seen it I can see what their sparse description in the help file means;-)

Now the challenge is to force the UI to focus on the selected item so it will show the properties / tagged values window; somehow I think that API is missing!

Best regards

I'm trying to select an object in the diagram.

In Diagram class it states that you do this by adding an item to its "SelectedObjects" collection, passing the ObjectID as a name (don't understand that)  and assume that the ObjectID is in fact DiagramObject InstanceID, but can't find a suitable method listed to perform this operation.  The collections AddNew method expects 2 strings (Name, Type)!  Not sure how I should interpret / translate this AddNew("ObjectID",InstanceIDasString)?

I've clearly missed something - anybody point me in the right direction.

Hi Geert

Thanks for this - if you don't know a method, I don't and nobody else has responded I assume it doesn't exist and my dream of an elegant solution goes west :(

Your approach looks like the way I'll have to go - I was trying to avoid keeping data in 2 places, just doesn't seem right.



Does anybody know if there is a event that is issued when a tagged value is changed on an element. And if so its signature?

Something similar to EA_OnElementTagEdit but for other tagged values e.g. enums, strings?


PS: I perhaps should have mentioned that EA_OnNotifyContextItemModified is called when a tagged value is changed but doesn't provide the details of which tagged value has been changed (or does it somewhere?)

Hi qwerty

Thanks for the information - had a quick look and nothing springs out.  As you say some decoding.

I'll have another look but in the meantime I think there will need to be a message to ask the user to get the window, place it where they want it and create a new workspace layout!

Not sure a feature request would appear within the desired timescales  ;D


I am using AddWindow to add a user control to EA - all works fine in that that appears OK under addIn windows and I can drag and dock as needed within the UI, however I can't see a method to dock the window programmatically and provide that better user experience of the window appear and visible to the user as expected!

I assume I have missed something - or perhaps its not documented or possible.  

Anybody know?


Thanks for the feedback - interesting that the menu may be licence limited;  I need to remember and as you say probably hardwired.

I've pinged Sparx for confirmation.

Now a few hours of fun seeing if I can master the subtypeproperties


many thanks - clearly missed this.
Also the information you provided in the other post on subtyproperties

I'll go and have a play :)

When adding a BPMN element to a diagram a menu is presented.
As an example if you create a BPMN diagram and then drag a BPMN activity - up pops a menu which represents valid values for the TaskType tagged valued.  Really cool - I thought that if I provided MDG tagged values with enumerations this what I would get as can't see why the mechanism cannot be generalised.

Similarly, if you then right click on the added activity you will see a BPEL menu item - only applies to BPMN elements - and I suspect this really is hardcode.

Looks like I'll see what Sparx come up with.

Thanks for your response.

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