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I'm using an MDG and adding elements to one of my existing element on my custom diagram i.e. so that they are owned by the existing element.  It all works fine however in performing this task I don't like that EA offers me the option to ADD or APPLY the type to the Element but I assume that somewhere in the definition I should have set something to enable / disable this behaviour.

I've clearly missed what is probably a very minor detail but in searching I can't find the information to manage this option. :-?

Can anybody direct me to where this information is likely to be.

Many thanks

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: RTF Report
« on: August 09, 2012, 06:05:34 pm »
The RTF generator can get pretty painful - may be worth having a look at other tools such as which make the report generation so much easier.   You could always download the trial to see if it makes your task a little easier.


Our organisation is now making significant use of EA primarily to assist with high-design and requirements capture.  However, one of the challenges we face is provide "non-expert" users capabilities to make queries or provide restricted changes to elements such as requirements e.g. they may propose some clarifications - add some detail based on expert knowledge within their domain.

I have used VBA in word and excel and have come to the conclusion that there are may situations where they would not be suitable.  My immediate solution would be to provide a web-based interface that non-experts can make queries/produce simple reports/make changes to existing items/propose new items (these would then be reviewed prior to including with the model - we want to manage these carefully to ensure the integrity of the model is not compromised).

I would be interested in your views on the possible/best approach.

Our ideas are:

1. Export a table from EA using the current AI using say VB/VBA and then use this as a read-only table accessed by a application for web-based access.  Inputs would be captured seperately and a back-end application run periodically to view proposed changes (there needs to be a manual check in anycase)  :-/

2. Understand whether there are methods within the AI interface that would support multi-user access.  Our team expert advises me that there is a iAutomation Interface that could be used by a VB.NET application to allow my task to be done using the EA repository if this interface is available.  Is it?  In that case we could elimiate the seperate back end application but post proposed changes into an "Import" folder to review.   :)

Your thoughts / ideas welcome. ???

Best rgds

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