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OK - I understand that. I don't understand how the first diagram, then, comes about, perhaps like ZuluTen, but that is well outside my comfort zone too. But not necessarily Sparx's!

Ummm - it looks to me as if the two diagrams are identical, and show that the Widget Painter has no impact on the shipment of unpainted widgets. Am I missing something?

It would perhaps be helpful to know why you would set up extended elements in an MDG and then, apparently as a significant action, want to take the defining stereotype away again.

As Simon meant to say, if you want Tagged Values that don't belong to a stereotype, EA allows them to be created. You can define the element containing them in an element template, so that when you drag the (non-stereotyped) element type from the Toolbox it uses the template as a reference and includes the Tagged Values.

If someone deletes a stereotype by accident, I think you can restore the stereotype and the Tagged Values by dragging the stereotyped element from the Toolbox over the 'broken' element in a diagram.

What version of EA are you using? In EA 11 there is a Charting facility that should do what you want and a lot more besides.

What version of EA are you working with?

Sorry about the missing link. I have put a request in to have the link redirected to the correct section, which is:

UPDATE: The link is now working properly.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Can't see TOGAF/Zachman
« on: July 07, 2014, 09:41:12 am »
I don't know anything about this problem, but Simon M has recommended that people install MSXML4 to resolve difficulties with these technologies. Do you have this installed?

By-passing this whole issue, do the Team Review and/or Element Discussion facilities not give you the sequenced review comment function you want?

This information is in the integrated Help for build 1107 , released on June 5th.

I can't locate it in the Help for Release 11 on the website, so try this:

Bookmarks provide additional facilities:

All .Begin and .End bookmarks that enclose a labeled field will hide the label in the report if the field has no content; for example:

  • The bookmarks Element.Keywords.Begin and Element.Keywords.End enclose the Keywords {Element.Keywords} report field, but if an element has no keywords, the Keywords label in the generated report is hidden and the space closed up.
All .Begin and .End bookmarks containing the string _LIST_ will add a comma to the enclosed section, so that all values extracted from the model for that section will be presented in a comma-separated list; for example:

  • The bookmarks Pkg_Element_Meth_MethParameter_LIST_Begin and Pkg_Element_Meth_MethParameter_LIST_End in the parameter section set a comma that, in the report, is inserted between the multiple parameter name/type pairs in the section.
All .Begin and .End bookmarks containing the string _TITLE_ will add a line break and a value title to the field, and present the values extracted from the model as a vertical list underneath the title; for example:

  • The bookmarks Pkg_Element_Meth_FeatTagVal_TITLE_Begin and Pkg_Element_Meth_FeatTagVal_TITLE_End in the tagged value section insert a line space and the heading Properties underneath which is printed, in the report, the names and values of the parameter Tagged Values.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: QuickLinker Groups
« on: May 19, 2014, 02:23:40 pm »
Would you need a menu group? Dragging from an element into space creates an element (so a menu of possible element types) AND a connector (so a menu of connectors for each type of element). But dragging between two existing elements creates just a connector, so you would have only one menu (of possible connectors).

But I'm just talking off the top of my head, so there is every possibility that I am missing something!

Creating the actual Tagged values, follow Geert's advice. Incorporating them into a Profile, read around this set of topics:

If you are using Release 11 of EA, perhaps try and locate the equivalent topics in the integrated Help (click on a Help icon anywhere in the application). I don't think the topics are different, but there might be changes to the menu paths, displays or descriptions.

(We are working on loading the EA 11 Help on the website.)

You can't edit Linked Document templates through the Document Template Designer - they have their own template editor.

However, there does seem to be a problem specifically with TOGAF Linked Document templates, so perhaps you could submit a bug report to Sparx Support? Thanks.

The Quicklinker really has nothing to do with your issue. As qwerty says, it offers suggestions for the type of connector and the type of target element you can use for a given source element type, but this is not restrictive and - as far as the Quicklinker is concerned -  you can create any connector to any type of element by any other means you like.

What you need to do is either create a script to check that your source-connector-target combinations are within the constraints you set (as qwerty also suggests), or create your own Model Validation module within an MDG Technology (which also contains your Profile). For the second option, see:

(Note step 10 of that second link)   and

Is the yellow box the shadow itself, or around the shadow? I ask only to establish what the box ISN'T. On Tools | Options | Diagram | Standard Colors, what have you set the Shadows color to? And does your shape script redefine that color?

Perhaps send the shape script in to Sparx Support?

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