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Ok, Simon,
I was expecting a modal window as in < V14 and did not realize that the Interaction Points tab is selected.

it might depend on the level of details you intend to model, but I thing Activity diagrams are the first place candidates for doing that.

General Board / Re: Sysml Nested ports in EA V14
« on: April 03, 2018, 10:25:15 pm »
Why do you think it is not Interaction Points?
For me it seems to provide the same functionality.

What is the difference between an action pin “Classifier” an action pin “Type” and an action pin “Behavior/Parameter”?

When you drag an Activity with classified parameters as Invocation (Action) with “Structural Elements=All” action pins are created.

When selecting an action pin on the diagram, in “Element Properties/Element” you see under Advanced in property “Classifier” “name:Classifier” fitting to the parameter of the activity. Further on, in “Element Properties/Pin” you see under “Argument/Parameter” the right activity parameter for the pin. However the "Type" of the pin is empty.

When you do the same Parameter/Pin synchronization later by “Element Properties/Behavior”, in addition to the “Classifier” and “Argument/Parameter” properties the "Type" property is set as well.
Further on you are allowed to set the "Type" to something different as “Classifier”/“Argument/Parameter”.

In this case, the properties “Classifier” and “Argument/Parameter” point to the Activity parameter but the Type of cause not. In the diagram, the pin label part showing the classifier, shows the type rather than the “Classifier”/“Argument/Parameter”.

And finally you can even change the “Classifier” to something else to get a pin:
Having Classifier A, Type B and Parameter Argument C 

What is the sense of all that?

This or similar stuff exists in V13 as well.

When you have an Activity with unnamed but classified parameters and you drag and drop it in a activity diagram as an “Invocation (Action)” with “Structural Elements= None”, and you press “Synchronize with Parameters” in “Element Properties/Behavior” all parameters (named and unnamed parameters) get pins on the action.

But in cases of unnamed parameters the error message “Encountered an improper argument” is shown (I even saw an EA crash).

Further on, even unnamed parameters are now show with labels, but “Call.:Classifier”
From my perspective the label should be ":Classifier".

When you have an Activity with unnamed but classified parameters, and you drag and drop it in a activity diagram as an “Invocation (Action)” with “Structural Elements” (Parameters -> Pins).

These pins do not have any label, neither name nor classifier.

Once a “Space” is added as name of the Parameter the pin gets the label “Space”:Classifier.

Showing the classifier within the label of the pin, should not depend on empty/not empty names of the parameter!

When you have an Activity with named and unnamed but classified parameters, and you drag and drop it in a activity diagram as an “Invocation (Action)” with “Structural Elements = All”, only one but not “All” of the unnamed but classified activity parameters are copied as action pins.

When you have an Activity with several parameters and you drag and drop it in a activity diagram as an “Invocation (Action)” with “Structural Elements = Select….” No activitiy parameters can be selected.

When you try to create a SysML1.5 diagram under “Activity, Block Definition, Requirement, State Machine”, the different diagram kinds offered are prefixed with SysML1.4 rather than SysML1.5.

seen in Build:1413

Another option could be YAKINDU (a commercial tool)

Bugs and Issues / Re: Behaviour of action pins
« on: March 23, 2018, 07:24:21 pm »
Hi Uffe,
I use activity parameters and action pins quiet often and the situation is even worse.

In addition to what you have written, I often use unnamed but classified parameters and how those are shown as pins varies from version to version (currently I have to add a space character to the pin name to get “:classifier” shown correctly) , what however is some kind of indication that Sparx at least try to improve something.

Hi Simon,
it seem I have more privileges than you!

Just create two state machines let’s say “Main” and “Sub”.
Insert a state in Main (e.g. State1).
Use context menu “New Child Diagram”/”Select Composite Diagram” on State1 to select the diagram under Sub.
And "voila”!

This works as long as you have not assigned a classier to State1, and from my opinion this should work if a classifier is assigned before as well (just because I belief this is a navigation feature).

Oh my god! Regard it as a feature!

If you regard it as a bug, you have lots of bugs in this direction since years.
If you would fix them, my navigation facilitations for users would be gone.

From my perspective, an element having a component diagram, and double clicking on element to open any diagram are two distinct things.

Just realized that this problem has gone in V 14 Beta.

To your question regarding special properties:
You do not need special properties, standard packages are enough

The security functionality you refer to, is what you need (at least from my perspective)

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