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Uml Process / Re: [sysML1.4] How to type a connector with EA
« on: January 16, 2018, 11:44:10 pm »
I assume you want to type a connector between two properties in an IBD, right?
What you are doing, from my perspective is right but what EA does is wrong. You should rise a bug report.

Yes, I did that. However I look today in my e-mail exchange with Sparx and realizes that I became stuck in my communication. I try to restart that in the next days.

General Board / Re: Is there support for R language in EA/code/import ?
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:30:35 am »
I am almost 100% sure, there is nothing supporting R language in EA.

I may be wrong here as well; but I belief it is some kind of pseudo security to not allow e.g. things like DROP,… (Just a guess).

The SQL statements are at the end, performed by the DB behind anyway, and the different SQL SELECT dialects, are transmitted as far as I see.

General Board / Re: Show tagged value?
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:03:49 pm »
Yes, you can use a shapescript.

This below is one example I use to show my TAG "qualitativeFrequency":

label middlebottomlabel {

you cannot use WITH directly in EA because EA just ignores it for whatever reason.
In principle all but SELECT statements are ignored.

I use WITH in a MSSQL view and SELECT that view in EA.

Just do it this way, and you can meet your objectives.

Maybe your search engine gives you some alternatives when searching for MS Access and SQL WITH.

Hi Geert
I let some time ago a working student write a SQL query/view returning all packages enriched with 3 package path fields as ID, GUID, Name.
This view I use in EA to join e.g. with t_object and by doing so, I can filter out things on package level in a very flexible way. In fact this query is my backbone for many question I like to answer with SQL.

However if you focus on EAP files this will not work because it uses SQL WITH.
How this SQL Query looks like, see below:

Code: [Select]
WITH PathBuilder(Parent_ID, Package_ID, Package_Name, GUIDPath, NamePath, IDPath) AS (SELECT  Parent_ID, Package_ID, Name,
                           CAST(ea_guid AS VARCHAR(1000)) AS GUIDPath,
                           CAST(Name AS VARCHAR(1000)) AS NamePath,
                           CAST(Package_ID AS VARCHAR(1000)) AS IDPath
FROM   dbo.t_package AS pkg
WHERE (Parent_ID = 0)
SELECT pkg.Parent_ID, pkg.Package_ID, pkg.Name,
            CAST(pb.GUIDPath + '.' + pkg.ea_guid AS VARCHAR(1000)) AS GUIDPath,
            CAST(pb.NamePath + '.' + pkg.Name AS VARCHAR(1000))  AS NamePath,
            CAST(pb.IDPath + '.' + CAST(pkg.Package_ID AS VARCHAR(1000)) AS VARCHAR(1000)) AS IDPath
FROM    dbo.t_package AS pkg INNER JOIN PathBuilder AS pb ON pkg.Parent_ID = pb.Package_ID)
            SELECT Parent_ID, Package_ID, Package_Name, GUIDPath, NamePath, IDPath FROM PathBuilder AS pb

My work typically is not such simple that I can use best practices.

However this issue is just such simple that I want to meet some basic needs about traceability.

E.g. to trace what modeling elements satisfies which requirements, or what modeling elements provide more context e.g. by scenarios to use cases.
And those modeling elements are just of different kinds.

Assigning special tags to all relevant entities does not help me either.

So just another “disregarded or off-limits flaw” (doof).

I have created some search queries (located in My Searches) and I have some Views in a View Folder (let’s say MyViews) pointing to searches in My Searches.
Once I published and import a MDG which contains My Searches and MyViews in another project, I find the punished searches under a search container with name let’s say is “My MDG” and the "views" whithin a top level Model Views folder “My MDG”.

However the search folders within my imported "Model Views" still point to “My Searches” rather than to “My MDG” searches.

Trying out the trick to import the MDG to the source repository of the MDG to point to “My MDG” searches before publishing (what I do with success in some other scenarios) does not work here for whatever reason.

Any idea how to solve that with MDG?

Yes, from my perspective, this is among other things, some really rudimentary implemented stuff.

I personally did my own MDG to handle review stuff. In principle it could be well suited to our needs, but there are some sticky corners just because some implemented EA constraints not needed but disturbing.

Bugs and Issues / Re: RTF Template Selectors based on package stereotypes
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:15:11 pm »
After reviewing what I have done, I am pretty sure that template selectors does not work on stereotyped packages for whatever reason.
Has anyone a tricky idea how I can render packages differently within a package tree depending on its stereotype?

General Board / Re: Updating 11.1 to 13.5 -- any gotchas?
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:05:17 pm »
On my way, I had some issues with diagram layouts and action pins. These diagram issues are currently one major reason why we are not using V13.5. In V13.5 there is a bigger change with compartments, we use frequently on SysML blocks. I had issues where compartments visualizations had been enabled in 13.5 just because Sparx did some renaming or I saw compartments having a concatenation of two stereotype strings.

Regarding the model data itself I had no major issues.

However I hopped from version to version and you intend to do a bigger jump.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Action pin direction
« on: October 25, 2017, 12:43:01 am »
Yes, this behavior is there a least until build  1310, but I assume also in V13.5.

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