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I created a SQL search query. What I need from that query is a CSV file export.

Due to the fact that I need the notes of my elements, I defined “Note as Notes” to get rid of that “special treatment of the note field”. But there is another “special treatment of the note field” when it contains some text formatting stuff like Bold, List, … . In this case those parts of the note filed are not going in my notes column when exporting to CSV, but in one to many additional rows below the element.
Does anyone know a way to get rid of this “special treatment of the note field”?

Uml Process / Re: "Stakeholder" in ArchiMate
« on: August 04, 2016, 09:02:23 pm »
Well, I am not a ArchiMate guy (at least not up to now).
The different contexts I know, a stakeholder is always the individual, team, organization and not a role.

I would say a stakeholder is a special actor (a “relevant actor”) and a stakeholder can play several roles.

But maybe in ArchiMate is : Stakeholder=Role.   

Hi Simon,
yes, but I am pretty sure I have never filled out that form, because EA was kindly enough to do that for me (at least partly). Now I am looking for the answer why not completely?
Look also at „Add User to Authors“ checkbox in „Security Users“ Dialog (V13).

General Board / Re: decision table editor in corporate edition ?
« on: August 02, 2016, 11:57:38 pm »
Cannot tell you what minimal edition you need, but with ultimate it is activated.

I looked on that feature some time ago and decided for me that it is useless, just because missing features to rearrange things like moving something up or down.
I am not sure, but I guess there are not many improvements in V13 on that decision table stuff.

General Board / Re: Complexity is not changeable in General Types
« on: August 02, 2016, 10:23:04 pm »
same do I!

General Board / Re: Complexity is not changeable in General Types
« on: August 02, 2016, 09:11:52 pm »
Is there at least since V12.

General Board / Re: Complexity is not changeable in General Types
« on: August 02, 2016, 08:13:16 pm »
Yes, you are right! Complexity is somehow fix. The only thing what you can do, is adding 'Extreme' and 'Unknown'.
See here:

Within my project I have security enabled with some groups and users.
Today I realized that some of the users are selectable in the Author field within the properties dialog and others are not.
By giving a missed user all permissions I verified that what is shown in the list has nothing to do with permissions at all.

Using V13 I find out that there is a new Checkbox “Add User to Authors” in the “Security Users” dialog. This Checkbox is checked for all users. I even unchecked and checked on again for a user not in the list (without success).
Any idea?

I do not have an example on extending ArchiMate 3.0 but I did some extensions on SysML.
The way doing that might be similar. What kind of extensions do you have in mind? Just adding some tags, or?

General Board / Re: Show/Hide SysML Diagram Frame
« on: July 29, 2016, 02:08:07 am »
I do not regard it as odd not having the frames on diagrams in EA, for me this is a good thing. Even UML define diagram frames (ok with less rules) which are not shown in a diagram. The information provided by the frames you get (even better) by the EA GUI (e.g. Project Browser, Tool Box,…). So the frame is just noise what would disturb me.
In diagrams were the frame has some additional meaning (ibd, act) the frames are there.

Ok, now I might got you.
Let’s say you call a method in your class and within this method you call another method of your class, this is a “self message” extending the activation time of your “fist method call/first message”  because of your first method cannot end until your second method is finished. If you “call” within your fist method an method of another class it is quite the same and that is what EA calls a call.

I assume you want to know the difference between call an signal.

Calls are always calling something e.g. a method in a class, or e.g. if you type something on your keyboard. Such a call can be synchronous (stop the world) or asynchronous (doing something else while waiting for response).
Signals are always asynchronous. If e.g. your PC gives you a beep or sound when booting is finished it is a signal, the PC is not calling a functionality you provide.

Information you find here:
In other words you need to generate your virtual document.

Maybe you can ask Sparx to get them.

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