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General Board / Re: Convert a requirement to a <<Block>>
« on: May 07, 2018, 11:00:28 pm »
Design/Element/Manage/ChangeType should allow you to convert it to a class. Afterwards you can assign e.g. sysml:bock stereotype.

General Board / Re: Is UAF included in SysML1.5?
« on: May 07, 2018, 08:51:12 pm »
But then it is not reasonable for me, to have it included in the SysML technology.
By doing so, we could have all flat, just belonging to UML.

When updating my MDG based on SysML, shall I refer to SysML1.4 or SyML1.5 in V14.

Maybe we can get it back  ;D.

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General Board / Is UAF included in SysML1.5?
« on: May 04, 2018, 07:26:43 pm »
I admit, that I did not look jet in the SysML1.5 spec., but is UAF included in SysML1.5?

When I create a SysML1.5 diagram I can also select lots of UAF diagrams in the V1418.

Hi all,
I have the feeling that the issue is in general, overall just too complex to be remarkable supported by a kind of algorithm.
First some Remarks.
Models have typically the purpose to describe something that exist or should exist in future. The terms like As-Was, As-Is, To-Be, Might-Be, … can be applied to both, the model itself and to the thing it describes.
Both, "the model" and "the thing", might be mutable depending on one defines what mutable means, even in state "As-Was" depending on what "As-Was" is applied to.

Anyhow, I think the focus here is on changing a model.

How could a perfect  “seamless determination of the object state at an arbitrary point in time” look like in EA?

Well we could have two slide controls (similar to what we use for zooming), representing the time. Both sliders are on the right hand, representing the “now”. If the user moves the first slider to the left, she/he goes back e.g. five seconds, 3  hours or weeks and month. By doing so, the user sees in EA the model as is was at that time immediately. Further on, the user has a button to show the differences between the past chosen and the “now”. With the second slider the user is able to choose a second time in the past, to be able to compare two past states.

Sounds cool and maybe unrealistic, but it is maybe possible. The question is more, if someone is willing to spend the effort and if our HW is powerful enough.

The time represented by the sliders, needs not really represent the physical time, due to the fact that model changes are discreet events, rather than continues flows.

Having that “ideal feature” we could use it for “AS-Was”, “AS-Is” applied to the model but not all-embracing on the “thing” the model represents.
It would not help on model level, for “To-Be” and “Might-Be”, because that is in the head of the modellers and after transferring it to the model it is the “AS-IS”.

This means in model context, there is never a  “To-Be” and “Might-Be”, because it is future. However, a “AS-IS” model state, might contain “To-Be” and “Might-Be” model fragments, prediction the future of the “thing” those represent.

For that predicting “To-Be” and “Might-Be” , the “ideal feature” above, would not give any remarkable benefit at all.
It is just a different issue!
This issue is, from what I know, called “Variants”. Maybe one has in mind, only the same thing at the same time with different options are vatiants, like a car you buy with some nice assistance systems or without. But it is somehow the same stuff, regarding modelling of things in “states” As-Was, As-Is, To-Be, Might-Be, …

To be continued…!!!

What I miss is the ability to double-click slowly on a browser item to be able to change the name within the browser, like e.g. in MS Explorer. This feature just has gone.

General Board / Re: MDG Profile derived from sysml in V14
« on: May 04, 2018, 05:11:24 pm »
Yes, that Sparx answer was on my issue. However, 1.4 is still alive, you see it in the gui, when you have to create a sysml1.4 Block diagram within sysml1.5 MDG.
So I fear that sometimes I have to use 1.4 and sometimes 1.5.
Just one more inconsistency increase.

Hi Sparxians,
please give assistance.

For me it was very handy to edit names directly in the project browser without opening the Properties dialog. This feature seem to be gone in V14. But why?

General Board / MDG Profile derived from sysml in V14
« on: May 03, 2018, 11:37:54 pm »
I have a profile derived from SysML. Within that, I have derived stereotypes but also I use SysML toolboxes. Currently I refer within my MDG by “SysML1.4::” to the SysML version.

What do I have to do in EA V14?
“SysML1.4::” or SysML1.5::?

Yes, a picture might help.

Hi Masehappy,
SysML talk more about roles rather than instances. There is a slight difference between roles and instances, but this might not matter in your case.
I am not really sure if I understand what you want to achieve, but probably I would have just 3-6 SysML Blocks (1 Object,  2 Location???, 3 Switch cabinet position???, 4 Cabinet, 5 Device, 6 Configuration???).
Further on I would have a SysML Block called Objects to contain as many objects you have as parts later.

All of those blocks I would add some properties like, Device.type, ….. Probably also what is marked ??? above, would not be a SysML Block but properties of a SysML Block.

Instead of adding SysML properties (name, type, …) to the blocks, I would use UML attributes (just because of some missing EA features to overwrite and visualize property values).

After doing so, I would mount the stuff together (e.g. The Device block gets as many  part association as exist in a cabinet). Use role source name to differentiate the devices.
I your object structure is always the same, just do it once and make for each “object role” a part association from your "one and only Object Block" to the Objects Block. Again use role source names.
Finally use Structural Elements though all your elements and set the attribute values to your needs.

Bugs and Issues / Re: ActivityParameter _instanceType not honoured
« on: April 26, 2018, 07:17:54 pm »
Again issues with action pins and activity parameter!
From my perspective, there is really a strong need to make pin and parameter features in EA more clean.

General Board / Re: Where are user passwords stored?
« on: April 19, 2018, 08:53:10 pm »
Hi Boron, in my 1310 build it seems still to be stored in the table t_secuser.

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