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Now that's out of the way ... are you gonna answer my original question?  ;D

I did answer your question in my first post.  You're in web template territory.  I've never bothered with them because they seem to be hard work.  Here's the help link

No, in my experience business stakeholders are generally after something that is more PowerPointy.

You're in the realm of writing your own templates.  Can you explain why you're using the HMTL report for a business stakeholder audience?

Depending on the size and package structure rather than writing a script, it may just be easier to open the package in list view and edit the elements directly.

General Board / Re: Refresh model tree after deleting a package
« on: March 23, 2016, 09:31:27 am »
Beware of help vampires. Instead of RTMF they ATBFM (ask the bloody forum members).

Even as a native English speaker with a larger vocabulary than usual I often struggle to find the answer I need as I am unable to guess the correct sequence of words that will make the dumb search engine spit back the pages or pages that may contain the full or partial answer to my question.

Whereas Geert is able to use his NLP capacity to establish the context of the question and provide the right (and complete) answer.  He does so via this forum that Sparx provides as an adjunct to the online help.  You'll notice that there are no off topic or conversations boards provided; indicating particularly strongly that this forum is strictly for the purpose of helping people use Enterprise Architect.

To my mind, it's tidier all around to specialize Archimate elements than to add attributes to them.  I don't think that Archimate element extension is well supported or properly analogous to stereotyping.  See

Hi there, in my experience if something doesn't appear you probably have a spelling mistake.  If it appears and doesn't work, you are probably extending the wrong UML type in a toolbox definition.

Maybe the option below it needs to be on also (for the whimsey)


Exclude image from Documentation:  Select this checkbox to exclude this diagram image from any document report generated on the parent Package or element.

Document each contained element in Documentation:  Select this checkbox to include documentation on each element in this diagram, in any document report generated on the parent Package or element.

Well that isn't helpful  :'(

What happens if you go into that Diagram's properties, and in Diagram | Document generation Properties, you "exclude image from Documentation"?

General Board / Re: EA supports ArchiMate import
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:38:13 am »
Ahhh thanks.  The UI bug should be obvious :-)

General Board / Re: EA supports ArchiMate import
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:23:01 am »
This is the Archi view and this is the resulting EA diagram

Not quite sure how to display these inline from dropbox.

It would still be nice to know how EA is deciding which entry to use.

Richard, that's probably part of the whimsey feature set :-)

General Board / Re: EA supports ArchiMate import
« on: March 21, 2016, 07:10:10 am »
I deliberately didn't mention this new facility last week as I wanted to see how long it would take for someone else to notice.

[logged my first UI bug with it this morning :-)]

<ob nitpick>"You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment"<ob/>

Or possibly "wouldn't say that".  Francis Urquhart hs excellent grammar, and wouldn't improperly use "could".
I see your nitpick and raise, Sir!
<ob nitpick2"> Urquhart is characterised by his habitual breaking of the fourth wall, his quoting of Shakespeare, and his usage of the catchphrase, "You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment", or a variation thereon, as a plausibly deniable way of agreeing with people and/or leaking information. </ob>

You miss my point.  Unless I'm mistaken (it has been a year or so since I watched it) he never said "I couldn't say that".  He also wouldn't as he knows he is physically capable of the act of saying - he wouldn't or he shouldn't but he most definitely can.  The tag line also hinges on "comment"; another politician would say "no comment".  FU says something that you might well think is "no comment", but you might well think is the total opposite.

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