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Bugs and Issues / Re: EA14: Archimate shapescript / rendering issues
« on: June 06, 2018, 08:00:05 am »
You DO mean that the Sparx ArchiMate 3 scripts are the 3rd Worst, yes?  What are the other two?   :-\

Mind mapping and DFD.

BPMN would seem to be the best, but I haven't used all of the MDGs.

Bugs and Issues / Re: EA14: Archimate shapescript / rendering issues
« on: June 05, 2018, 08:32:54 am »
There are several renedering issues withe Archimate3 shapes in EA14 (many / most of which trace back through earlier EA versions and Archimate MDGs).  From what I can tell many people are accepting these or working around the (eg by creating their own shapes) - I can't find any mention of bugs or issues being explicitly raised in this forum.  However givan that Archimate is obne of the major reasons why we are using EA I thought I would formalise the issues we are encountering.  I will raise a formal bug report for these also.

3rd worst shapescript in the product :-)

I usually take the approach teach them the modelling notation as I teach how to do various diagrams with various notations. Examples seem to be the best way to get them up the learning curve quickly. For enterprise architecture using archimate I start off with motivations then move through the various domains such as business, application, infrastructure etc. Each time introducing something new that Sparx EA can do.

I get people to start modelling and tell them not to worry about being correct.  Then I read their model back to them and get them to confirm whether what I read is what they intended to convey.  ArchiMate especially should break down into a series of statements, and be able to be read like a story.  Story telling is a fundamentally human activity and we train children to do it in schools so I find that people pick up how to improve their modelling this way.

EA can' parse DDL. Since it internally seems to have a SQL parser (the SQL you send from EA to a DB are mangled in the one or other way) there should be ways to get EA eating a DDL. However, times for seeing feature requests being implemented are no longer in the range of a couple of weeks.

I think that this sort of functionality would be best community produced.  Sparx should be responsible for the parser and documentation about it and the community could craft for the particular database technology.

Make sure the ODBC driver is the Oracle driver and not the "Microsoft ODBC for Oracle" driver.
Will do, when I get in to work.

I should get both the columns AND the FK relationship, yes?


It's been a few years since I reverse engineered an Oracle DB but I remember getting everything.

General Board / Re: How to get a connector without an arrow head
« on: May 29, 2018, 07:45:48 am »
There's also some General Setting (no EA at hand momentarily) which allows to default to (non) directed associations.

Would it be the other way?  Preferences | Links "Association default = source -> target".

Mine is off so I wondered why the OP was getting a directed association.

I had the reverse experience. Quicklinker showed more relations available than I have in my MDG. In 13.5 it worked fine showing just my relations, in 14 it shows a number of addional relations.

Simon explicitly stated ArchiMate is using new functionality.

General Board / Re: How to get a connector without an arrow head
« on: May 29, 2018, 07:02:40 am »
In the class diagram I want to create a association connector from one class to the other without an arrow head on the line.  I have tried choosing the choosing the straight line in the class relationships, but each time it put the arrow on the line.  Is there some way to remove the arrow from the line.  Thanks

If you look at the properties of the association you will see a value called Direction.  If you set this to Unspecified you should not have any arrowheads.

Because I have users, quite a few of them, who understand the long form better.

Perhaps there are other ways for your users to understand directionality?

General Board / Re: MDG on V12+++
« on: May 28, 2018, 05:34:00 pm »
It's actually more like we've been actively trying to release a new build with any minor fixes that are available at a rate of one a week. The question isn't when it will stabilize, but how long we can keep it up.

Some of us have to make long phone calls to a chap in India to get software updated.  Once we get a fairly newish copy installed we stick on it for a while.

It appears that this is not (or no longer?) an empty model, but the example model. "Views" is just the root. Remove all of the views inside "Views" manually. Rename "Views" to "Root" (or whatever you like) and run a Project/Data Management/Manage .EAP/Compact. That will give you an empty template. (Basically for the model transfer these steps are not needed as the transfer will replace the entire model.)

In 13.5 it's simple to chose the feap option in the create a new repository dialog.  I eventually found the project transfer hiding under configure.  I was sure it was going to be in publish, but there you go.

General Board / Re: About Domains
« on: May 24, 2018, 08:52:00 pm »
Arent these conceptual data entities? We either use the UML Class or an extended type to create a catalogue of these.  when working on


ArchiMate based Information Architecture we've used the 'Data Objects' or 'Business Objects' to catalogue these

Data Object realises a Business Object, it's much closer to a physical model than the conceptual model.

Plus, I'm just old, and I don't want to change my ways!   8)

Come now, I've met you, you are quite sprightly :-)

Visio is basically a desktop publishing application not a modelling application.  There is nothing close to syntactical checking in it.  Every diagram is an island.

When you import diagrams you end up
  • altering the diagram to follow the actual syntax of the notation
  • comparing all of the diagrams that touch the same areas trying to work out which one is the most accurate
  • trying to work out how up to date they are
  • visually reformatting everything to make it readable
  • merging x copies of the same element and trying to work out which relationships need to mve too

It's much easier and takes less time to print them all out and put a line through the elements on them when you recreate it in your model.

And it is MUCH easier to hide a connector that you can see than show a connector that you can't see. If you open a diagram and see that a new connector has suddenly appeared, that means that there is new information in the model that the person who created the diagram wasn't aware of. If it belongs in the diagram, great; if it doesn't, hide it. Better that than opening a diagram and not knowing if there is new information that may need to be shown.

That's certainly pragmatic.  The ArchiMate shapescript is probably the second or third worst in the base product, but the most worked on by your more knowledgeable customer base.  It would equally be as pragmatic to ask for their improvements and fold them into the product.

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