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In EA script, How do I specify which stereotype when there are more stereotypes with the same name?
They have different namespaces. But how do I specify the one I need in an assignment like: Obj.StereoType = "StTypName"

In an EA script, I want to move an element from one parent element to new parent element.
How do I do that?

In a UML profile, I have:
• A <<metaclass>> ”Class”
• A <<stereotype>> ”Obj” extending ”Class”
• Three <<stereotype>>s (”ProcessObj”,”ResourceObj”,”ReferenceObj”) specializing ”Obj”

Like this:

When I use the three <<stereotype>>s ”ProcessObj”,”ResourceObj”,”ReferenceObj”, they all have inherited the tags from  ”Obj” – so far so good.
BUT: the tags are not grouped according to the tag groups – in fact they don’t seem to have the tag groups (although the tags themselves are all there).

If I double check by including the ”Obj” in a toolbox in the MDG file, the ”Obj” does have the tags grouped properly.
I have many stereotypes sharing a common set of base tags. Is this not the proper way to do it?
I’m not familiar with how to use the Metatype, but have tried different variations without that solving this issue.
Does any body know how to do this (sharing a common set of tags)?
Also: Am I using the ”Generalization” connector in a wrong way in my UML profile?

Is it possible to open a (trusted) html page in EA and let it access EA objects?
I want to create special userfriendly searchresult pages in HTML in EA. And then have scripts in the result page letting the EA user navigate to wanted elements ('links' to EA elements).
Similar with other pages, e.g. a page displaying an element with related elements - in a manner meaningfull to misc. analyts.
The HTML page will be triggered and dispalyed within EA.
The HTML page will be generated from a web server (via SQL access to EA)

We need to update our EA repository (SQL server) from a Java web application residing on a linux server.

Using SQL to update EA with new elements, connections, diagrams etc seems far-fetched!

But can we use the EA Windows Automation API in this scenario from linux? - Somehow it MUST be possible - How?

[size=14]How do I exclude a package from an HTML report.
Packages can be excluded from RTF reports. Is there something similar that enables me to be selective of what packages I want to include in my HTML report? :question[/size]

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