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General Board / 2017 бесплатно л
« Last post by Josephdwend on Today at 12:09:07 pm »
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General Board / Re: Repository security
« Last post by Sunshine on Today at 08:34:13 am »
You can create a group and lock the package with a group lock. Then assign users to the group to grant read/write access to that package. There is no mechanism to hide content from users unless you have multiple repositories and prevent users from access a repository.
I am quite sure that it exists already.
I am looking for a script (VBScript), that replaces keyword (resp. appropriate search-statements) in MS Word with Sparx EA diagrams.
In other words, I write a document with Word and add keywords, which will be replaced by diagrams out of EA, as soon as I start the script.
Thank you very much in advance for your feedback, V.
General Board / Repository security
« Last post by Modesto Vega on Today at 03:26:04 am »
I think I know the answer to this but I will ask just in case. Is there a way to configure repository security on a package-by-package basis?
General Board / WSDL import
« Last post by Modesto Vega on Today at 03:24:56 am »
I just imported 2 WSDLs into a project. All worked well except for one annoying thing: EA imports all elements as a list without any relationships - i.e. associations - between related elements, it appears that I need to draw the associations manually. Is there a way to get EA to infer the relationships?
VBScripting ( ugh )

Well It looks like I can add a connector between Elements but when I try to use StyleEx to add an atttribute level link such..

   newStyleEx = "LFEP=" & oAttributeSource.AttributeGUID & "L;LFSP=" & oAttributeTarget.AttributeGUID & "R;"               
   'Session.Output("+:" & newStyleEx )
   set oConnector = oSource.Connectors.AddNew ("","Association")
   oConnector.StyleEx = newStyleEx
   oConnector.SupplierID = oTarget.ElementID

everthing looks fine in the database tables but it's not rendering the attribute linkage ends only the relation ship to the element.

Can anyone please tell me what am I missing ?

Bugs and Issues / Re: Basic Import to sysML blocks
« Last post by chris pearce on November 24, 2017, 11:25:19 pm »
This DOES work if i use the correct stereotype "ahem"  :-[

Code: [Select]
Fully Qualified Stereotype Name Notes Alias Type GUID Profile Metatype
block SysML1.3::block TestBlock50 Class SysML1.3::block
block SysML1.3::block TestBlock51 Class SysML1.3::block
block SysML1.3::block TestBlock52 Class SysML1.3::block
block SysML1.3::block TestBlock53 Class SysML1.3::block
block SysML1.3::block TestBlock54 Class SysML1.3::block
block SysML1.3::block TestBlock55 Class SysML1.3::block

The answer : SysML1.3::block  as fully qualified Stereotype and profile meta data does work and attaches the MDG functionality correctly :-)

Thanks Geert  ...
Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Odd QuickLink Issue
« Last post by Geert Bellekens on November 24, 2017, 08:14:12 pm »
In general you should always use the Association meta-type.
The Aggregation meta-type is an ancient reminiscence of UML 1.x back when Association and Aggregation were still different metatypes.
Since (at least) UML 2.0 the Aggregation meta-type has been replaced by the Association meta-type using the AggregationKind property to distinguish between Aggregation, Composition or (normal) Association.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Odd QuickLink Issue
« Last post by ADucci on November 24, 2017, 07:31:27 pm »
It seems that composition kind of the connector is set in the definition of the connector.

I have tried to get quicklink to work with the ArchiMate_Aggregation connector, however if you notice, its actually an association connector with the composition kind attribute = "shared"

There is no way to set this via the quicklink options, it must to be defined under the profile for the connector definition, meaning that if you extend your custom connector type, you will be able to set it on your stereotype. Specifically, add a compositionKind attribute to the Association metaclass element.
See Sparx help for details:
General Board / UML communication diagrams and messages font
« Last post by Guillaume on November 24, 2017, 06:41:17 pm »

A colleague has used UML communication diagrams and would like to increase the messages font size so it's more visible. I don't think this is possible ; any way round?

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