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General Board / Re: Search for *connections* ... ?
« Last post by Nizam on Today at 11:44:52 am »
Just to clarify, i intended to mean, which way of using SQL queries ('cos there are zillion ways of using SQL queries in EA) as you were comparing this with Scripting (which is a tad more complex)

EA's Search functionality has been working with SQL queries for most use cases, however you can try requesting a predefined filter option for 'Connector' like we have for elements, attributes, etc.
General Board / Re: Search for *connections* ... ?
« Last post by matthew.james on Today at 11:28:27 am »
Not sure what you refer to by 'SQL Queries'

LOL - I meant exactly what I said.  I wanted to search for connections without having to use SQL Queries like the one you sent me.

Seems to be a deficiency if the product doesn't allow people to search for something as core as a relationship in a model. SQL is fine but the result is just a list of text, it's not 'connected' to the tool, and many people using Sparx won't necessarily have SQL skills (plus the additional overhead of managing / sharing scripts around).

If there is nothing in the product to do this I will raise a feature request and see what Sparx have to say (just wanted to check first to make sure I hadn't missed anything obvious).

In the meantime, I do have SQL skills so I have used your script to get me past my current problem (thank you :-)
General Board / Re: Search for *connections* ... ?
« Last post by Nizam on Today at 11:01:24 am »
Not sure what you refer to by 'SQL Queries' but you can define your own search  to find the connectors. you might have to use the sql query to find the right connections.
(AFAIK there isn't one out of the box)

One of the recent query i shared.. (replace Name with Stereotype for your need)
Code: [Select]
select c.Name as Name, ce.Name as ClientName,  ce.Object_Type as ClientType, se.Name as SupplierName, se.Object_Type as SupplierType   
from (( t_connector c
left join t_object ce on ce.Object_ID = c.End_Object_ID )
left join t_object se on se.Object_ID = c.Start_Object_ID )
where c.Name ='<Search Term>'
General Board / Search for *connections* ... ?
« Last post by matthew.james on Today at 10:38:00 am »
I feel like I'm missing something, but is there any way in Sparx to search for Connections ? (*without* resorting to scripting or SQL queries)
The search options seem to cover a wide variety of Element attributes and a wide combination of strange element types, but nothing for connections (as far as I can see)

Specific use case - find all connections in project / package with stereotype of <whatever I choose>

I'm worried that this feature might be missing due to the quasi nature of connections (ie that they are part of the model but not actuallly in the model)

General Board / Re: Replace element
« Last post by Nizam on Today at 10:03:44 am »
I ran to this question a lot of times.
I feel that question of KevinMcClusky and i4mdone has not been successfully addressed yet.

Couldn't be there a script or plugin helping with boring task of moving all links from on element to another. Restrictions may apply like "the new element should be kind of same classifier".

Shouldn't be hard to create one, but there must be some way to do auto lookup (e.g. elements having same name, or someway to get the IDs of the old and new elements)
General Board / Archimate model validation
« Last post by matthew.james on Today at 09:41:16 am »
EA has support for validating models - which appears to utilise standard UML model rules and is not aware of UML profiles, correct ?
Given that EA implements UML profile awareness for auto-connectors and 'strict' syntax, is there a way to do a package level validation of a UML profile? Specificallyl for Archimate ?

Bugs and Issues / Re: Toolbox toolbar missing...
« Last post by Nizam on Today at 09:02:40 am »
There is a significant diff between 13.5 to 14 (9 must be a different product).

however, for 'Find Command' you have to enable the Office 2016 Theme (visual Style) else you find it in the 'start' equivalent in EA.
General Board / Re: Replace element
« Last post by Glassboy on Today at 07:30:58 am »

Well, how about when you import a whole bunch of Visio pictures and suddenly end up with dozens of copies of the 'same' element.
Bugs and Issues / Re: Frames in Statemachine Diagram
« Last post by Glassboy on Today at 07:23:51 am »
I tried to submit a bug report, however the captcha link seems to be broken. Hopefully somebody from Sparx Systems reads it here:

email support.  Let them know about the captha as well.  I've seen a few forms recently with broken captha.
General Board / Re: Connector Label Text  - Can't change font / size
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 06:56:13 am »
Yeah, I switched that off some time ago because people started asking me directly rather than posting on the forum. Just send me a mail:

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