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But it would indeed be a great help if a locked diagram was ... locked(!). And it should be a very minor and simple change in Sparx.

That's a diagram centric view, not a model-centric view.  A diagram is a representation of a number of elements in the model.  Elements that can belong to anyone, not just the creator of the diagram.
As Glassboy says, the diagram is merely a specific view into the underlying model.  The question of derived relationships is also more complex than ArchiMate proposes.  And regardless of EA's internal architecture, as qwerty says "definitely not that simple"

In our methodology, we distinguish between at least 4 types of derived (from canonical) relationships:
By Traversal - the "classic" ArchiMate mechanism: grandparent_of(x) => parent_of(parent_of(x))
By Union - the aggregation of a number of separate semantics between the same two classifiers:  knows(x) => parent_of(x) | child_of(x) | works_with(x) | is_friends_with(x) | (etc.)
By Projection - a binary relationship that is a "projection" of an n-ary relationship (usually an Association).
By Generalization - where the derived relationship is the Generalization of the relevant canonical relationships (whether by reverse inheritance or reverse restriction).  Typically, this is because one of the relationship ends of the derived relationship is a Generalization of the appropriate ends of the canonical relationship. 

Any given derived relationship can be a combination of the above if more than one traversal is involved.

In addition, there is the problem of explicit versus implicit "Association". 

Explicit Association is where we REALLY mean the classical Associative Relationship - an n-ary (typically binary) relationship with defined multiplicity at the destination AssociationEnd.  This specifies the number of instances of the destination classifier (under that AssociationEnd) for each instance of the origin classifier under the semantics (via name) of the Association.

Implicit association (on the other hand) is like the "association" (note the small "a"), that Lise Gerd Pedersen mentioned.  What we in Oz would call the "Clayton's association"  (aka "the association you have when you don't have an Association").  These types of "associations" are not explicit (as above). Instead, they represent an unspecified relationship between the two classifiers, but since ArchiMate doesn't have the «Unspecified» relationship, they fell back on "association".  However, since you can't specify the explicit semantics of the relationship (and therefore you can't name it); by the Bjelke-Petersen "Duck Test" - it's not a duck ("Association").

Our shapescripts handle derivation in a consistent way, indicating the types of derivation and providing consistent rendering (so that it's clear on the diagram that the relationship is derived).  In addition, with the recent ability to have relationships between relationships, we can explicitly model which relationships are involved in any specific derivation.

So, the decision of whether or not to render the derived relationship is highly dependent upon the viewpoint and the specific view of the diagram.  I don't think it can be automated.

Bugs and Issues / Re: EA 14.0: Find in Browser odd behaviour
« Last post by KP on Today at 10:35:23 am »
It's full of sheep, snakes, and poisonous spiders.

We have never to my knowledge had a sheep in the office. We've had a couple of Redback spiders though, and one of the guys downstairs claims they saw a snake disappear into the skirting board near Roy's desk but I reckon it was more likely a Blue-tongue Lizard. You're right about the utes. I don't know what "tight stubbies" are but they sound like a 70s fashion so probably only found in Sydney.
General Board / Re: Can't insert basic operation signs into Element labels.
« Last post by KP on Today at 10:17:23 am »
I think that just setting the tick mark is not enough. You need to transfer to an empty Jet-formatted EAP (it's somewhere on Sparx site available for download). Check this forum for Jet4.


EA now comes with a Jet 4 base model: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\EABase.eapx"
Bugs and Issues / Re: EA 14.0.1419 Exclude Package from Report missing
« Last post by RoyC on Today at 10:13:09 am »
Ah - and I have looked more closely at what Arshad was talking about, and he was actually referring to the drop-down menu on the 'Hamburger' icon in the Project Browser toolbar. This does contain a 'Document Generation' option, but (still) not an 'Exclude Package from Reports' option. So use the ribbon.

If there is no Package panel on the Design ribbon, perhaps you have a customized ribbon where the Package panel has been specifically excluded. Let us know if that seems to be the case.
General Board / Re: [DOC] Element atributes using Connector
« Last post by Nizam on Today at 10:12:50 am »
For more flexibility, such as what you are after, please consider introducing a fragment (SQL) to fetch the right fields and render them in a table.
General Board / Re: Archimate shapes and composition
« Last post by matthew.james on Today at 10:07:13 am »
Here is the outcome I am looking for:
- Visually show a composition or aggregation as elements embedded within another element, bonus if that creates a relationship between the elements
- Ability to expand and collapse that view, in the same way as UML composite elements can expand and collapse in EA
- Have this captured in the model *not* just the diagram so that if I add the composite element to a different diagram I can also expand or contract with the same composed elements

Ok, so here is where I got to ...

Option 1: use the standard EA auto-grouping behavior.
- Works with archimate shapes and shows the visual grouping I am after
- Sometimes nests elements sometimes doesn't (depends on type and package)
- Doesn't create a relationship automatically, but does auto-hide composition and aggregation relationships if they have been defined (nice)
- Doesn't support collapse / expand of the group
- Only does this per diagram, if I drop the same 'parent' element on another diagram there is no indication that there are sub-elements, the sub-elements need to be dropped and laid out again

Option 2: use a composite structure diagram
- Shows the internal sub-element structure with the visual grouping
- Is captured in the model so works across multiple diagrams and supports collapse / expand
- Doesn't work with archimate shapes as the parent, need to use a standard UML shape
- Is a bit more stuffing around

Neither is quite what I'm after, but either can be good enough, I'm using both variants as appropriate.

Now just need to work on getting derived relationships ... (no -  I'm not holding out for this one anytime soon)
Bugs and Issues / Re: EA 14.0.1419 Exclude Package from Report missing
« Last post by RoyC on Today at 09:59:24 am »
In the Project Browser, click on the Package.
Select the Design ribbon.
In the 'Package' panel of the ribbon, click on the Edit icon.
In the drop-down menu that displays, click on the 'Advanced' option.
In the sub-menu that displays, click on the 'Generated Report Options' option.
The Generated Report Options dialog displays.
Click on the 'Exclude Package from Generated Reports' radio button.
Click on the OK button

The Package you selected will be excluded from any reports generated on the hierarchy that contains that Package.

If you want to add the Package back in to the reports, go through the same process but select the 'Include Package in Generated Reports' radio button.
Bugs and Issues / Re: Pro Cloud Server Performance
« Last post by Simon M on Today at 08:45:58 am »
Not sure if it would help with Pro Cloud Server but there is a WAN optimiser for Sparx EA.
Pro Cloud Server is a replacement for the WAN optimizer.
General Board / Re: Default to not show connectors in other diagrams
« Last post by Glassboy on Today at 07:56:12 am »
But it would indeed be a great help if a locked diagram was ... locked(!). And it should be a very minor and simple change in Sparx.

That's a diagram centric view not a model centric view.  A diagram is a representation of a number of elements in the model.  Elements that can belong to anyone, not just the creator of the diagram.
General Board / Re: SPARX EA Enterprise does not start after last time
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 07:54:42 am »
Not much left than guessing. But if re-installation does not work it might be some strange security issue with Windoze (Registry).

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