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Bugs and Issues / Synchronise Stereotype via API odd behaviour
« Last post by ADucci on May 23, 2018, 07:10:50 pm »
Hi, I have created a function that can synchronsise an individual element (using the SynchTaggedValues ( string Profile, string Stereotype) api function.

On my MDG Profile type, I have extended a requirement base class 4 times to create 4 new elements (lets call them A, B, C , D) each of these elements have the same 4 tagged values assigned to them in the MDG  And the MDG has been working successfully for a while.
I am having an extremely strange issue, where if I delete the tags from existing elements (of stereotype A, B , C or D) and run the sync on each item.  Sparx returns all the deleted tags, except for element A in the above profile.
Does anyone have any clue, why the sync is failing on that one specific type, ( I can create new elements of that type or try with older elements of that type) however in all cases , the tags do not return to that specific element.

Really Confusing! 
General Board / Re: Cannot download my licensed version of EA
« Last post by Geert Bellekens on May 23, 2018, 06:42:56 pm »
You cannot download anything without a valid username/password.

Best to contact

General Board / Cannot download my licensed version of EA
« Last post by rdallarmi on May 23, 2018, 06:31:03 pm »

 Two years ago, I purchased Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition.  I had last week a computer meltdown and I wanted to re install EA in my new system but I need the binary  and my login details are not valid anymore, how can I then download the most up to date EA I purchased (I know I have the right to any update produced during the year free update policy)?
Thank you for any help you could provide.
No. Messing with the QL is blood, sweat and tears. Start with a simple QL, Add a slightly modified record, Test it. You need to restart EA for each new test (I guess that still needs to be done).

General Board / Re: Wii System Menu Updates?
« Last post by qwerty on May 23, 2018, 06:04:49 pm »
Wong place. Go here:

All of the add-ins I know of are written in C# (except maybe eaDocX. Ian is kind of hush-hush about that ???).
So although it should technically be perfectly possible to write an add-in in VB.Net, I think you are much better off using C#.

- There are a lot of open source add-ins available in C# => lots of example code.
- C# in general is used a lot more nowadays than VB.Net (and personally I like the syntax a lot better), so you'll find a lot more solutions online for the problems you will be facing.


PS. You can find some of the open source add-ins on my Github page
Hi Rich,

The language itself shouldn't really be an issue. The EA API doesn't utilize any modern language features, it's all very basic. You can write Add-Ins in C++ if you like.

I'm not sure which examples you're referring to, but if they're telling you to run regasm manually or set your project up to auto-register the DLL for COM interoperability and you don't know what this does, then the problem is in the deployment space, not the source space or build space.

Are you developing an Add-In solely for use on your development machine, or will it need to be distributed to others?

If the latter, my best advice is to bite the bullet and add an installer project to your solution. I use WiX, which is what Microsoft recommends, and it's pretty easy to set the installer project up to harvest the necessary information from your DLL during build. Meaning you can set it up once and then forget about it.

Even if you're just doing something for yourself which you will never ever want to move to another machine either now or at any time in the future I'd advise you to set it up properly. Might as well do it right.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Quick Linker: Add other Type Connection
« Last post by marku on May 23, 2018, 05:28:53 pm »
I tried add other type of connection:  Control Flow, in QuickLinker. I want use it to connect  between Application Component (in Archimate).
I have EA 14 and 13, tried add it like on this site: or (page 15)

Unfortunately I still doing something wrong. Is any simple solution to add only one type relationships to QuickLink?  (it should be for all users)
(Later I will describe it in more detail)
GetByName only works for a limited set of EA.Collections.

But I wouldn't use it anyway if I were you. It will only return the "first" element with the given name, but you don't know in which order that will be.

Better to pretend GetByName doesn't exist and always "for each" the collection and test for the name.


Okay good

What is "the same problem"? Any error messages?


I had the following error : "Action is not suported" by using GetByName on EA.Attributes

Thank you
Bugs and Issues / Re: Cloud Services logging bug
« Last post by crequena on May 23, 2018, 05:15:33 pm »

Thanks for your replies.

Cloud Services requires that the password is saved in the DSN: (page 12 and following).

The DSN is then logged fully.
Using Windows Authentication could be a workaround in this case, but not with other databases.

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