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Enterprise Architect Training with Craftware
Our "Craftware Training Programme" is designed to enhance our clients' skills in software development, based on object-oriented methodologies. Combining the theoretical base (OOA&D, Design Patterns, OO Principles, UML, Software Development Process courses) with some practical issues (developing Windows DNA/.NET/J2EE software systems) we believe we can effectively strive towards our goal. Because of its completeness and low price we have chosen EA as our main teaching tool.

Our "Using Enterprise Architect" course includes 5 sessions with a total duration of 10 hours. Four hours are for EA demonstration, with the remaining six hours for hands-on learning of EA. Craftware teaching methods include interactive games, homework with instructor's feedback and real-world project simulations. Our courseware includes a printed "EA User Manual" (in Spanish), session summaries and a CD with trial or registered version of EA. The course is currently conducted in Spanish.

About Craftware
Craftware Consultores Ltda. is a small software firm founded in 2002 in Santiago, Chile. We specialize in consulting, training and mentoring services as well as software systems development.

We believe that our maturity in object-oriented methodologies and our experience in applying it in all areas of software development craft makes us different.

To learn more about our vision, philosophy and strategy, please visit our web site at www.craftware.net.

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Contart is a Brazilian consulting firm devoted to making their clients more productive and competitive by strategically applying Information Technology to boost business performance. From inception to deployment and operation, Contart offers multiple competencies to transform your plans and needs into effective business results.

To help IT organizations, Contart devotes a special line of business to software engineering.

The course “Specifying and Developing Software Applications with UML and Enterprise Architect” has been created for professionals looking for knowledge in UML projects. It introduces the CASE tool and practical exercises. During the workshop, students will work on a case study using EA and UML.

(Portuguese-speaking only)

Contart - São Paulo - Brazil
URL: www.ctgi.com.br
Phone/Fax: +55 11 3722-2335
E-mail: info@ctgi.com.br

Contart é uma firma brasileira de consultoria dedicada à produtividade e competitividade dos seus clientes, aplicando estrategicamente a Tecnologia da Informação ao aumento do desempenho de negócios. Desde a concepção até a implantação e operação, a Contart oferece múltiplas competências para transformar os seus planos e necessidades em resultados efetivos para o seu negócio

O workshop "Especificação e Desenvolvimento de Software com UML e EA" foi criado para atender a profissionais em busca de sólidos conhecimentos em análise e projeto orientado a objetos com UML. O curso apresenta a ferramenta CASE e exercícios práticos. Durante o curso é realizado um estudo de caso em que o aluno especifica e documenta um sistema utilizando o EA e a UML.

Contart - São Paulo - Brasil
URL: www.ctgi.com.br
Fone/Fax +55 11 3722-2335
E-mail: info@ctgi.com.br

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Epidata Consulting

Epidata Consulting was the first Latin American company specializing in software architecture and is now a market leader in Argentina. Epidata Consulting offers consulting, development, training and mentoring services as well as integral solutions for corporative systems, adapted to the needs of each client.
From its beginnings, Epidata has gathered a team of highly qualified professionals, with proven experience and a strong emphasis on quality.

Added-Value Training and Mentoring Services
Epidata Consulting offers a wide variety of training on Enterprise Architect, related to the use of the tool at each stage of the development lifecycle, including:

  • UML and Enterprise Architect: introductory and advanced
  • UML extensions for WEB Applications
    • Best Practices
    • Process diagrams (Business Process Modeling)
    • Requirements diagrams
    • Use Case diagrams
    • Traceability in Enterprise Architect
    • Documentation - RTF and HTML
    • Activity diagrams
    • State diagrams
    • Sequence and collaborative diagrams
    • Class diagrams

Epidata Training Process is an exclusive service which consists of a training process adapted to the business needs and the specific requirements of each client. It is a formal and certified process, which guides the training project from research to development, including training and its evaluation.

For further information please contact us:
E- mail: enterprise.architect@epidataconsulting.com
Phone: (+5411) 5031-0060
Business Address: Maipú 521 1°A
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
Fax: (+5411) 5031-0061
Web: http://www.epidataconsulting.com/site/pages/partners/Enterprise-Architect

URL: http://www.eteg.com.br

Eteg Tecnologia da Informa

Eteg is a technology company providing software development, training and consulting services. We develop custom web and desktop software solutions to meet each client's unique needs. We help our customers make the right technology investments by first assessing their current environment, and then recommending and implementing the technology solutions that improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Our team is experienced in several technologies and works with CMMI and PMI aligned processes.

Among others, Eteg offer the following courses:

  • UML Design and Analysis: Complete UP and UML approach to systems design and analysis using Enterprise Architect.
  • Enterprise Architect: Presentation of the main features of the tool with practices and theory.

A Eteg é uma empresa de tecnologia especializada em desenvolvimento de software, treinamento e consultoria. Nós desenvolvemos aplicações para ambientes web e desktop adequadas para as necessidades únicas de cada cliente. Nós auxiliamos nossos clientes a fazer os melhores investimento em tecnologia primeiramente avaliando seu ambiente atual, e então recomendando e executando as soluções de tecnologia que elevem a produtividade de sua equipe. Nossa equipe tem experiência em várias tecnologias e trabalha com processo alinhados às prátiacas do CMMI e PMI.

Entre outros, a Eteg oferece os seguintes cursos:

  • Análise e Modelagem com UML: Abordagem baseada em UP e UML para o desenho e análise de sistemas utilizando o Enterprise Architect.
  • Enterprise Architect: Apresentação dos principais recursos da ferramenta com teoria e prática.

URL: http://www.gnosisbr.com.br/


Basics and Fundamentals
This course teaches the basic concepts of Enterprise Architect, such as how to draw diagrams, to define objects, to create and to execute reports.

In the theoretical section, the instructor explains or revises concepts of Object Oriented Languages and demonstrates Enterprise Architect’s functionalities for Object Oriented Modeling.

In the practical section, the pupil has the chance to exercise what he has learned with Object Oriented Techniques (using UML Notation). More than 50% of the lesson time is dedicated to practical exercises.

The main objective of the course is to make the student totally familiar with the Tool.

Este curso ensina os conceitos básicos do Enterprise Architect, como desenhar diagramas, definir objetos, criar e executar relatórios.

Na parte teórica o instrutor explica ou revisa conceitos da orientação a objetos e demonstra como usar as funcionalidades do Enterprise Architect para modelagem de sistemas Orientados a Objetos.

Na parte prática, o aluno tem a oportunidade de exercitar o que foi exposto com as técnicas da Orientação a Objetos (Notação UML).

Mais de 50% do tempo de aula destina-se a lidar com o CASE. O principal objetivo do curso é fazer com que o aluno se torne totalmente familiarizado com a Ferramenta.

URL: http://www.liveware.com.ar

LIVEWARE Ingeniería de Software SA

LIVEWARE ISSA is a consultancy firm specialized in Software and Systems Engineering with over 30 years' experience on the Latin American market. A pioneer of the implementation of Software Process Improvement associated with technology management, LIVEWARE ISSA identifies and applies a combination of methods, tools and innovative practices such as ISO, Six Sigma, Agile Methods, ITIL and CMMI, helping organizations to obtain the best benefits from the use and implementation of Information Technologies.

LIVEWARE ISSA extends the support to its customers by providing complementary services, from coaching activities to a wide set of training courses, all of that, which help them to increase the productivity and benefits of using Enterprise Architect as main modeling tool.

Training Courses

In addition to customized training programs, specially developed to align the contents with customer´s needs, LIVEWARE ISSA offers the following in-house courses:

  • Enterprise Architecture based on TOGAF by using Enterprise Architect
  • Business architect with Enterprise Architect
  • Enterprise Architect and the Software Development Process
  • Modeling with UML
  • Processing Modeling with BPMN
  • SOA: Approaching Service Architecture by using Enterprise Architect
  • Applied UML with Enterprise Architect

For further information please contact us:

Tel: (+54 11) 4802 1700
Fax: (+54 11) 4802 1700 ext 12
Website: www.liveware.com.ar

URL: http://www.oatsolutions.com.br

Oat Solutions

OAT Solutions is a brazilian company focused on consultancy, training and providing tools for improving the software acquisition, development and maintenance processes.

The services and products provided by OAT are result of the combination of state-of-the-art and pragmatic methods that produce predictable and proven results in the following areas:

  • IT Mentoring (UML, Object Oriented technologies, SOA)
  • Software process definition (RUP, Iconix, XP, DSDM)
  • Quality improvement (CMM, CMMI, ISO)
  • Project Management (PMBOK, PRINCE)
  • Corporate Governance (SOX, ITIL, COBIT) and best practices adoption (requirements management, configuration management, quality assurance, testing, visual modeling).

Over the years OAT Solutions has been continuously improving its level of support and knowledge related to Enterprise Architect and its complementary products. OAT Solutions has successfully trained over 300 professionals in both Enterprise Architect and UML.

Contact details

OAT Solutions
Director: Álvaro D'Alessandro
Fone: 55 11 5594-4891
e-mail: ea-info@oatsolutions.com.br

URL: http://www.proagile.com.ar


proagile® S.A. is an IT service company that provides solutions to a great range of industries in more than 10 Lantin American countries. Our business units are:

  • mentoring & coaching, on the best Software engineering practices, projects, quality and processes.
  • services & consulting, through professionals specialized on Software engineering, with experience on formal and agile methodologies.
  • project & development: IT project management and software development on the last technologies.
  • tools & products: Own products and third party tools.

Training Services/Courses

Our intensive and gradual training program will allow you to be an expert in Enterprise Architect. You will be able to train yourself according to the role you have in the life cycle:

  • UML: How to use UML in an agile way?
  • Business modeling with Enterprise Architect
  • Requirement engineering with Enterprise Architect
  • Analysis and design with Enterprise Architect
  • Development team management with Enterprise Architect
  • Project management with Enterprise Architect
  • Work method supported in Enterprise Architect
  • ... and a lot more ...

Additional Services/Information

proagile® participates in the Enterprise Architect translation into Spanish. Besides, it develops customized add-ins to its clients, assuring to complement and strengthen Enterprise Architect usefulness and its connectivity to the Legacy systems.

proagile® provides Spanish support to the Hispanic speaking market.

Contact details

Email: info@proagile.com.ar
Phone: +54 (261) 4235178 - 4649800 - 4649801
Business Address: Av. Mitre 617 Piso 5, Mendoza, Argentina.
Fax: +54 (261) 4235178
Web: www.proagile.com.ar

Country(s) of Operation: Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, República Dominicana, Paraguay, Bolivia, México, Panamá, Perú, Uruguay.

URL: http://www.solus.com.ar


Solus S.A., the Sister company of Sparx Systems, in addition to producing the Spanish Edition of Enterprise Architect, is one of the most qualified companies in South America in the key areas of software engineering and consultation via its coaching and mentoring programs

Many companies across South America have improved the quality of their processes thanks to the techniques and tools provided by Solus. Its knowledge on research activities emerges from its integration with leading universities and uses the real experiences obtained from daily company challenges in complex scenarios. This produces a vital body of knowledge, present throughout its coaching, mentoring and training services.

The courses cover the entire software engineering discipline:

  • Using EA: introduction, advanced and supporting the process of Software Development
  • UML: introduction and advanced
  • Systems analysis and design with UML
  • Software development processes
  • Quality Standard supported in EA
  • Software development project management
  • Frameworks for software development on Java and .Net technologies

URL: http://www.unisul.br


UNISUL (University of Southern Santa Catarina), established in 1964, is located in the state of Santa Catarina - Brazil, having over 39,000 students on three campi, plus about 100 distance education centers, spread over 140,000 square meters of built area.
UNISUL is an innovative and creative University doing management and education in the process of teaching, research and extension, in order to form, throughout life, citizens capable of contributing to develop a better society, synchronized with the permanent advances in science and technology.

UNISUL provides EA training courses included in a Software Engineering certification program. This means that Software Engineering students are prepared for use EA in all the processes involved in software development. Students receive at the end of the course a UNISUL certificate in Software Engineering. For graduate students in Computer Science and Information Systems such courses are parts of their regular programs.

UNISUL also offers Enterprise Architect training and distance learning programs. Several major companies and government institutions have experienced the benefits of in company training and consulting and in also distance education programs.

UNISUL has a group of lecturers and consultants formed by doctors and masters with experience in teaching and use of Enterprise Architect in various scenarios.

Contact Details:
Prof. Jean Hauck, Dr.
Email: jean.hauck@unisul.br
Phone: +55 48 3279 1000
Business Address: Avenida Pedra Branca, 25, Cidade Universitária Pedra Branca, CEP 88137-270, Palhoça, SC
Fax: +55 48 3279 1000
Web: www.unisul.br
Country(s) of Operation: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina.

URL: http://www.unitty.com

Universal Technology

Universal Technology EU is a company dedicated to the analysis, development and implementation of information systems with end technologies, being strong in design of distributed applications, following strict quality standards, for which it has developed its own models and patterns, combining suitable technologies such as XML, XSLT and J2EE.
Universal Technology EU currently has five training lines:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Software Development Process
  • Modeling languages
  • Processes Modeling
  • Enterprise Architect
These five lines are divided into “Topics” and “Training units” that could be chosen individually in order to customize the whole course fitting the specifics needs for a given group of trainees. Each “Training Unit” (TU) has its own duration, prerequisites and complexity.

A training course is composed of a set of TUs carefully chosen and applied to real projects in order to maximize the benefits of the course accelerating the comprehension of concepts.
Universal Technology EU also offers training and support for projects in order to ensure their success, providing full packages that contain training (methodologies, modeling and tools), support, management, advising and auditing.

Universal Technology EU
Cra. 9 # 113 - 52, Of 101
Edificio Torres Unidas II
Bogotá - Colombia
Phone: + (57 1) 486 3356
Fax: + (57 1) 282 9790
Email: ea@unitty.com