EVO Groupe conseil

EVO Groupe conseil is a consulting and training company, based in Quebec City, Canada. EVO offers senior resources to support its clients in their business and systems architecture projects. It has recognized expertise in setting up Enterprise repositories based on recognized methods such as TOGAF, Fujitsu Macroscope, using UML, BPMN and Archimate modelling languages. Over the last 10 years, EVO has been involved in the adaptation of several system development methodologies. It is now developing expertise to support its clients using Enterprise Architect to build enterprise modeling frameworks.

VAR Services
EVO Groupe conseil offers consulting and training services for:

  • Introduction to using Enterprise Architect (version 9.3 and above)
  • Modeling BPMN process with Enterprise Architect
  • Workshop on advanced subject of Enterprise Architect:
    • Implementing Enterprise Architect in a central repository
    • Traceability management
    • MDG Technology development
    • Report generation development

EVO Groupe conseil support its customer to customize Enterprise Architect by:

  • Developing UML profiles and MDG extensions
  • Creating automation scripts and AddIns
  • Building report generator to automate the documentation process

Additional Services/Information
Strategic consulting services and training to help organizations:

  • To introduce modeling techniques into their practices with UML, BPMN, OOAD, SOA
  • To implement and customize the Fujtitsu Macroscope methodology

EVO Groupe conseil offre des services d'accompagnement et de formation en français.

Contact Details
Address: 20 Chemin de la Nyctale
Stoneham-Et-Tewkesbury, Quebec, Canada, G3C 1R2
Phone: 418-802-0507

IAG Consulting

IAG Consulting is North America’s leading specialist in business and software requirements. Over the last 10 years, our company has worked with 300 of the Fortune 500 companies, completed over 1,000 business and software requirements assignments, and trained over 15,000 business analysts. Our organization focuses on a practical and practiced approach that is efficient for all stakeholders across business and information technology. We pride ourselves in bringing measurable gains to our clients:

  • Reducing time needed to complete requirements
  • Ensuring completeness in documentation and reducing change requests
  • Issuing RFPs where vendors can bid accurately and clients get better terms
  • Reducing costs in systems development
  • Salvaging troubled projects

We endorse Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect to our clients looking for Model Driven Development or wishing to adopt UML standards. We assist these clients by providing:

  • Professional facilitation to elicit and document business requirements, including a complete process model and information requirements, and deliver these in an Enterprise Architect repository.
  • Turn-key capability to scope and organize stakeholders for large scale projects then manage requirements discovery, document and verify requirements models, manage requirements change and provide clear, complete and accurate business and software requirements.
  • Train business analysts in Best Requirements Practices™.

Please visit, or contact us at

Call Toll Free:
1 800 209 3616
42 Read’s Way
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: 800-209-3616

302 -1315 North Service Road, E
Oakville, ON L6H 1A7
Phone: 905-842-0123

Business Architecture, Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture and Software Architecture Consulting

Our practice leaders (BIZBOK, BABOK, TOGAF, OOAD) embrace the vision of delivering solutions are proven to accelerate your next project. Allow us to prove, to your team, how to avoid re-work with a focus on value, risk and quality.

We are committed to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect community in North America, to their immediate and long term success. Allow us to prove, to your team, how to avoid re-work with a focus on value, risk and quality.

Management Consulting, Project Management, Center of Excellence setup
  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Engineering Process Improvement

Enterprise Architecture Repository Deployments

Integrate iT provides our customers with a re-useable "integrated" Architecture Repository model containing role based stencils, modeling help screens, model patterns, framework structures, re-use catalogs and many resources you need to:

  • accelerate your projects
  • allow for project standardization
  • avoid costly project delays
  • deliver business value within weeks
  • empower your team to succeed the first time
  • guarantee a rigorous tools setup

Enterprise Architect Project Readiness Custom Training
Choose from courses developed and personally led by proven industry experts. You may select a training delivery option (Onsite, Public, Online and Self-paced) tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Contact us

IN2GRATE iT - A Sparx Systems Global Partner since 2001
Phone: (800) 542-1471 (toll free) or (703) 744-0095
Country(s) of Operation: USA and Canada


Abiztar Learning Technologies

Abiztar Learning Technologies is the best known specialized training company in software, system and business modeling in Mexico. Our commitment with our customers doesn't end with a course, it ends with their projects success. We integrate the face to face training of our experts with complementary online training and resources, as examples and tests. An expert is available online through a forum within the following few months after the training. We want to be sure that the best practices that we teach to our students will get the best results for their projects at work.

Abiztar provides Enterprise Architect training and licensing for the most important companies in Mexico.

Our training programs and expertise covers the following topics and practices:

  • System Modeling (SysML, UML)
  • Software modeling (UML, Use Cases)
  • System Modeling (SysML, UML)
  • Business Modeling (BPMN)
  • Software Architecture (TOGAF®, MDA®, and design patterns)
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Project Management Standards (PMP®, CAPM®, ACP®)
  • Software Process Models (CMMI®, RUP®, SCRUM®)
  • Project Management knowledge areas (PMI-RM®, PMI-SP®, software estimates)
  • Object oriented programming (Java, Groovy & Grails)

Our modeling courses are based con Enterprise Architect as the modeling tool, so you will learn how to model with this software.


Abiztar Learning Technologies es reconocida como el principal proveedor de capacitación en modelado de software, modelado de sistemas y modelado de negocios en México. En Abiztar nuestro compromiso con nuestros clientes no termina con un curso, sino con el éxito de sus proyectos. Integramos la capacitación presencial que le brindan nuestros instructores expertos con capacitación y recursos en línea, así como acceso a un asesor durante varios meses después de tomar la capacitación. Queremos asegurarnos de que las prácticas que enseñemos a nuestros alumnos se conviertan en resultados positivos para sus proyectos.

Abiztar es proveedor de capacitación y licencias de Enterprise Architect para las principales empresas y organismos de gobierno en México.

Nuestros programas de capacitación y áreas de expertise de nuestros consultores abarcan los siguientes temas:

  • Modelado de software (UML, Casos de Uso)
  • Modelado de sistemas (SysML, UML)
  • Modelado de Negocios (BPMN)
  • Arquitectura de software (TOGAF®, MDA®)
  • Pruebas y aseguramiento de calidad de software
  • Estándares de Dirección de proyectos (PMP®, CAPM®, ACP®)
  • Modelos y Procesos de software (CMMI®, RUP®, SCRUM®)
  • Áreas de conocimiento de dirección de proyectos (PMI-RM®, PMI-SP®, Estimación)
  • Programación de software Orientada a objetos (Java, Groovy & Grails)

Nuestros cursos de modelado utilizan Enterprise Architect como la herramienta de modelado.

Mexico City
Phone: +(52)-55-38710229

United States
United States

Armstrong Process Group

Armstrong Process Group (APG) is committed to providing proven and practical process guidance for aligning business strategies with IT capabilities. Our unique combination of integrated strategic process improvement consulting, customized classroom training, professional development products, and project coaching ensures our clients can practice sustainable development processes.

APG has partner relationships with leading vendors and industry standards organizations. APG is a member of The Open Group, the Object Management Group (OMG), and the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF).

APG has a comprehensive offering of professional services to provide a complete, integrated program that can be tailored to each organization's unique needs. APG provides consulting services to help organizations plan and rollout their process improvement initiatives.

  • Organizational and professional development
  • Process definition and process modeling
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Portfolio/program management
  • Systems engineering and software development
  • Industry frameworks (TOGAF™, MDA®, RUP®, CMMI®)

APG also provides project coaching services to help organizations practically apply new process and tool skills on real projects, as well as tool deployment, configuration and project import services to help plan and rollout tool implementation initiatives.

Contact Details

800.787.4028 (toll-free US)
+1.651.204.9282 (toll and international)
Business Address:
808 Carmichael Road #174
Hudson, WI 54016 USA

CC and C solutions

CC and C solutions (CC&C) is a boutique EA (Enterprise Architecture) consultancy, training and implementation organisation, headquartered in Sydney Australia. Having been a regional partner for The Open Group ( for over 5 years, and actively participating in all EA projects globally, CC&C has an ongoing and close relationship with TOGAF® (The Open Group Architecture Framework) with development and implementation internationally for fortune 500 multinational clients to create a strong process based EA foundation, which helps in standardisation, integration and rationalisation of multiple and divergent businesses globally.

VAR Services

  • Total Enterprise Architect implementation services using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
  • Enterprise Architecture training courses / implementation workshops/ hand-holding using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
  • Selection of the right architectural methodology and implementation using Linking between vertical industry architecture services ( Health/Telco/Retail etc.) and cross industry architectural frameworks using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Additional Services/Information

  • Strategic consultation for setting up Enterprise Architecture practice
  • Helping organization to create roadmap for adoption of Emerging Technology or business transformation
  • Selection of the right architectural methodology and architectural tools
  • Specialised cross-industry architecture services
  • Selection of Architects / Provision of architectural resources

Contact details:

CC and C Solutions Pty Ltd
7889 Golden Meadow Drive Mason, OH 45040 USA
Phone: +1 (513) 780-0054

Cephas Consulting Corp

Since 2001, Cephas Consulting Corp. has focused on helping its clients introduce state of the art modeling techniques into their enterprise development practices. Our training and mentoring practices cover notations such as UML®, SysML™, BPMN™, SoaML®, SOMF™ and ArchiMate® or frameworks such as Zachman, UPDM and TOGAF®, using the Enterprise Architect tool as the vehicle for capturing both business and system level models.

Our Enterprise Architect-focused services include:

(for details click "

Consulting and mentoring:

  • Model organization and configuration, within and across repositories.
  • Managing User access through version control and security features.
  • Workshops in advanced modeling and specialized artifact generation techniques.
  • Meta-data management, including migration in or out of other tools.
  • Migrating into a model-driven development paradigm.
For more information please click:

Tool customization:

  • Developing UML Profiles and/or MDG Technologies.
  • Building custom extensions, scripts and reports.
  • Integrating with third party tools.
  • Creating specialized templates for code generation, model-to-model transformation, documentation generation, etc.

For additional information please follow these links:

First level support:

Independent of the email support provided by Sparx Systems for its Users, Cephas offers an additional support service accessible via telephone, email and/or web sessions.

First level support covers usability questions, best practice recommendations and technical issues.
For details please visit:

To learn more about Cephas Consulting, or to request a free demonstration of Enterprise Architect, please contact us through any of the following channels:

Contact Information
Phone: 714-573-7112


Eversolve has extensive experience in Information Technology and Health Informatics as applied to information technology modernization and business process automation in the clinical/healthcare sector. The Eversolve team has a proven track record of excellence in developing cross-industry solution architectures and designs by working with standards development organizations and industry consortia.

Eversolve provides the tools, services, and methodologies required to implement standards and eliminate semantic ambiguity in communicating medical information between applications and devices. Our expertise in healthcare interoperability and standards uniquely qualifies us to solve the most challenging integration problems of both vendors and providers. Our products include Medi7, a leading HL7 and ASTM message parser/generator used by many device vendors in their products. Our standards expertise was also applied to development of message profile data packs used with Medi7 to give vendors turn-key, compliant parsing solutions.

Our services include:

  • Methodology and UML modeling support for industry collaboration projects (e.g. standards development, national guidelines, and interoperability specifications).
  • Business modeling to support the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture consulting
  • Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services using a variety of platforms and technology
  • Training for industry consortia using EA to analyze cross-cutting requirements (e.g. healthcare, manufacturing, etc.)

Contact Information
Tel: 603-548-5640
Address: 8 Woodvue Road, Windham, NH 03087
Countries of Operation: United States, Canada

integrate IT LLC

Business Architecture, Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture and Software Architecture Consulting
Our practice leaders (BIZBOK, BABOK, TOGAF, OOAD) embrace the vision of delivering solutions are proven to accelerate your next project. Allow us to prove, to your team, how to avoid re-work with a focus on value, risk and quality.
We are committed to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect community in North America, to their immediate and long term success. Allow us to prove, to your team, how to avoid re-work with a focus on value, risk and quality.

Management Consulting, Project Management, Center of Excellence setup
  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Engineering Process Improvement

Enterprise Architecture Repository Deployments
Integrate iT provides our customers with a re-useable "integrated" Architecture Repository model containing role based stencils, modeling help screens, model patterns, framework structures, re-use catalogs and many resources you need to:

  • accelerate your projects
  • allow for project standardization
  • avoid costly project delays
  • deliver business value within weeks
  • empower your team to succeed the first time
  • guarantee a rigorous tools setup

Enterprise Architect Project readiness custom training
Choose from Onsite, Online Interactive and Self-study options. You may select a training delivery option and Course below tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Please contact us for your complimentary consultation at

Integrate iT - A Sparx Systems Global Partner since 2001
USA, Canada and International Operations

Methodologies Corporation

Methodologies Corporation is a leading business and technology modeling company that offers methodologies, adoption best practices, and implementation of modern enterprise software and business architecture.

Methodologies Corporation facilitates business growth by providing strategy, assessment, training, and implementation services. These offerings are devised to foster enterprise assets reusability and consolidation, expenditure reduction, increase productivity and efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market.

The services that Methodologies Corporation provides are devised to facilitate business growth through modeling of organizational business and technological assets.

These offerings embody state of the art modeling best practices for enterprise architecture, business architecture, and application architecture initiatives, using the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modeling platform to facilitate the following service categories:

  • Assessment: Evaluation of business strategy, technology and architecture, business process automation, and application implementation
  • Strategy: Establishment of business and technology roadmaps, milestones, and goals
  • Training: Modeling seminars in the space of business architecture, enterprise software architecture, and application architecture
  • Implementation: Offering hands on development expertise in business and technology practices

Phone: 1(866) 653-8881
Business Address: Methodologies Inc. P.O Box 6586, Monroe NJ 08831
Fax: 1 (732) 875-0076
Country of Operation: USA

Robbins Gioia (RG)

Company Description

RG helps organizations successfully achieve their toughest, riskiest, and most critical initiatives through absolute integrity and professional excellence.

From strategic alignment and planning to implementation and execution, RG creates value for clients through thought-leadership, disciplined processes, acknowledged best practice methods, integrated support tools, and attention to the people side of success. RG works closely with its clients - transferring usable knowledge to the internal resources while delivering measurable outcomes. This "two for one" approach maximizes return on consulting investments.

VAR Services

VAR services provided by are RG include the configuration of Enterprise Architect and relevant MDG Technologies to support the specific operating model, culture, architecture framework and Solution Delivery Lifecycle of the organization. RG services built upon a proven methodology that combines architecture and business analysis in a way that links business objectives to solutions. The result is a significant reduction in project delivery costs. Deliverables include a configured toolset, "quick guide" references, training, and coaching / mentoring support.

Additional Services/Information

RG provides a full portfolio of capabilities including Legacy Systems Modernization, Intelligent Cybersecurity, Innovation and Technology Transfer, Program and IT Management, Production Planning and Control. All incorporate Sparx tools in combination with supporting services to improve operational excellence.

Contact Details:

Phone: 703-548-7006
Business Address: 11 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 100, Alexandria VA 22314
Country of Operation: USA

PivotPoint Technology Corp.

Company Description

PivotPoint Technology is a software and systems engineering services company that specializes in Custom Model-Based Solutions™ for tough business and technical problems. PivotPoint supports open modeling standards and provides premium training, consulting, and tool customization services for clients in North America, Europe and Asia. PivotPoint has helped clients improve their system architectures and business processes in a wide range of industries ranging from aerospace-defense and automotive, to financial services and healthcare.

VAR Services

PivotPoint can help you customize Enterprise Architect for your team and project:

  • UML and SysML Profiles for domain specific modeling: Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Devices, Cybersecurity, etc.
  • Documentation generation templates for Requirements, Architecture, and Design specifications
  • Scripts to automate Requirements Validation and Verification (V&V)
  • Scripts to check architecture and design integrity

Training Services

PivotPoint offers a wide-range of onsite and online training services customized for Enterprise Architect:
  • Agile Architecture & Design: UML 2, SysML, ArchiMate 2
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE): SysML
  • Business Process Modeling & Architecture: BPMN 2, UML 2, ArchiMate 2
  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks: DoDAF 2, UPDM 2, TOGAF
  • Cybersecurity Architecture & Frameworks: UML 2, SysML, CyberML

Contact Details:

Phone: +1.760.728.9747
Business Address:
Countries of Operation: North America, Europe, Japan

OAD Consulting, Inc.

OAD Consulting has been providing project and enterprise level architectural services for over 8 years. Founded by Terry Merriman with the purpose of leveraging his 5 years as an education professional and 25+ years designing systems for fortune 500 companies, OAD not only provides solutions but passes on the know-how through formal training and on-the-job mentoring.

This large quantity of experience has culminated in an approach to architectural design based on industry standards and supported by an extensive modeling framework built specifically for Enterprise Architect. The approach and framework provide the architectural views required by the various stakeholders and ensures consistency among the views. OAD’s flexible approach provides the enterprise with the ability to…

  • Define their architectural principles and capture their architectural assets
  • Align the architecture to the business objectives and processes
  • Guide development by making the architectural principles and assets readily available to development teams and providing a feed back loop
  • Provide the tools required to make conforming to the architecture the simplest path for development teams

OAD works with clients on projects to adapt the framework for their environment while training personnel on its principles and application so that they and the framework can grow together.

OAD Consulting, Inc.
1064 Kings Row Rd,
Oxford, PA 19363 USA

Soft Express

We speak the same language...

Based in Miami, Florida, USA, Soft Express Inc. offers IT products and services for the whole international IT market, predominantly the Americas. SOHO users, corporate users, designers and developers - everyone can now do their shopping and consultation online from anywhere around the world, at anytime, the whole year round, in English and Spanish.

"Hard-to-find" products receive special treatment amongst the services offered by Soft Express. Questions and consultation on products which are difficult to source through shops and stores, that challenge the expertise and knowledge of the market, are honored with the same single goal in mind: the customer's satisfaction.

As an experienced regional e-commerce vendor, Soft Express maintains a safe, reliable and efficient international logistics network which guarantees fast and secure delivery worldwide using an advanced tracking system. Throughout the whole process Soft Express treat their customers with professionalism and commitment.

Hablamos su mismo idioma...!

SOFT EXPRESS, establecida en la ciudad de Miami, estado de La Florida, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, ofrece productos y soluciones para todo el mercado internacional, especialmente dirigido a los E.U.A. y Latinoamérica.

Usuarios domésticos, representantes corporativos, diseñadores y desarrolladores, todos tienen ahora la posibilidad de realizar sus compras y consultas en línea desde cualquier parte del mundo, a cualquier hora del día, todo el año, tanto en inglés como en español.

Los "hard-to-find" ocupan un lugar destacado entre los servicios de SOFT EXPRESS. Las consultas y órdenes por esos productos que no se encuentran fácilmente y que ponen a prueba la pericia y el conocimiento de las claves del mercado, se las trata con un único objetivo en mente: la satisfacción del cliente.

Desde su posición como experimentado operador del e-commerce en la región, SOFT EXPRESS dispone de una red de logística internacional ágil, confiable y segura que le permite garantizar la entrega más veloz y eficiente de sus envíos, y su seguimiento durante toda la gestión, con la misma profesionalidad y solvencia.

Please visit us at or email

Soft Express Inc.
IT Products and Services
8525 NW 29 Street
Miami, Florida 33122
Phone: (305) 418-4424
Fax: (305) 418-4980

Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions is an international consulting company working with companies interested in realizing greater return on their information assets through use of an Enterprise Semantic Model (ESM). Xtensible’s Model Driven Information, Integration and Intelligence (MD3i) methodology provides a UML based information modeling methodology that allows enterprises to incorporate information standards while creating a semantically precise information model to serve as the basis for system integration and business intelligence initiatives. Xtensible has automated many of the MD3i modeling tasks by developing add-ins to Enterprise Architect.

Xtensible brings deep knowledge and experience in numerous technologies and standards to solutions that leverage MD3i and Enterprse Architect.

Technology Standards

  • UML
  • XML (including XML Schema (XSD), and XSLT)
  • Database and data warehouse design and deployment
  • Web Services (WSDL)

Information standards:

  • IEC Common Information Model (CIM) for electric utilities
  • MultiSpeak
  • GML

Information and Integration Architectures

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • Integration Competency Centers (ICC)

For further information about Xtensible Solutions and MD3i, please visit us at, or email us at

Xtensible Solutions
6312 S. Fiddler’s Green Circle, Suite 210E
Greenwood Village, CO 80111, USA